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There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a roast any day of the week if you wish. These meals don’t have to take too much time to prepare, and once the meat is cooked it will last you for the next few days in the form of curries, salads or any other imaginative dishes that incorporate cooked meat.


As long as you prepare the vegetables in advance, and even here you won’t have to go to too much trouble, you should cut down on time. Roasting vegetables entails peeling carrots, and other root vegetables, adding some herbs and placing in the oven for around 40 minutes. For the ultimate treat have some McCain Roasts handy, these are so easy to cook and will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend preparing your meal.


Small Sizes Available:

When most people think of a roast, a table packed with family and friends comes to mind. But you don’t have to buy a large joint if you want a small mid-week dinner. Most butchers and supermarkets stock mini roasts that are ideal for fewer numbers of diners. You can make the dishes more exciting by rubbing mustard over the beef, adding rosemary to the lamb and making a delicious tarragon, lemon and garlic stuffing for your chicken. All of these succulent flavours will add to the taste of your gravy.


Exciting Gravies:

If you add some water to the base of the dish that you’re cooking your chicken in, this process will keep the bird succulent while roasting. You can, of course, use gravy granules, but nothing beats the taste of a homemade one that will enhance the taste of your meal and will be ideal for dipping your roast potatoes in. After you’ve removed your joint or chicken you can add flour to the juices and prepare a roux to which you can add some stock. Or you can put the pan and the juices on a high heat and deglaze it. Simply add some wine to all the herbs and meat juices, boil vigorously and you’ll have a fantastic gravy.


Roasts for Vegetarians:

The mid-week pleasures of a roast aren’t simply for omnivores. There’s no reason why vegetarians can’t enjoy a splendid meal of roast vegetables accompanied by a delicious sauce. Beetroot, broccoli and cauliflower all roast extremely well. And squashes and peppers are sensational when cooked with caraway seeds, garlic and some olive oil drizzled over the top. 


Buying Time:

When you come home from work you’re often too tired to concentrate on preparing an elaborate meal. This is where roasts come into their own – once you’ve placed everything in the oven, you can relax, have a bath, play with the dog or sit and shut your eyes for a while. Roasts cook themselves. As long as the oven isn’t too high, and you’ve set an alarm to remind you about cooking times, a roast allows you to buy a little ‘me’ time at the end of a busy day.


The fact that you can use any leftovers to craft another meal the following day is a bonus. Think of salads with cooked meat, chicken curries with lots of spices added or even a cold beef sandwich with horseradish (of course) for your office lunch.


If you haven’t already got the mid-week roast habit – now’s the time to start.


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