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It’s Tuesday and I’ve finished work for the day. I’ve put my feet up, put the TV on (Long Lost Family FYI) and am contemplating what to cook for dinner.


Except … I know I need to cut the grass and it’s really bugging me. Every time I look out of the window, the weeds are mocking me. “Haha, we’re long and yellow, and everyone is laughing at how awful your grass looks!” That went a little weird there, sorry, but suffice to say, if the grass doesn’t look nice, it makes me a little edgy.


Here’s what it can look like!


front garden


I’ve always been in charge of the gardening, even when I had partners – I think it was probably borne of two things … lazy men and a dad who loved gardening and instilled that in me from an early age. So I just always took charge – at least the gardening got done then.


But now I’m a little older. Fitter and thinner, granted, but older, and busier, and quite frankly, I find it harder and harder to find the time to cut the grass these days. I’m always glad I’ve done it afterwards because the result is great – that’s 25 years of cutting grass for you, but there must be an easier way! (Other than making Dexter do it!)


In fact, a lovely blogging friend of mine, Katie from MummyDaddyMe must have been thinking the same thing, because she recently had artificial grass laid in her back garden and it looks glorious! So green, but not ‘too’ green. Neat, easy to manage (ie. not much managing needed at all) and a great choice for her little family of 5.


artificial grass


I should have done the same thing years ago!


And with that in mind … let me tell you about a competition that Artificial Grass Direct are running, which you can find HERE. You could be in with a chance of winning a £100 Homebase voucher, just by following their Rafflecopter instructions. Simple as that. And whilst you’re over on the site, why not see if artificial could work for you and your family. No watering, no cutting grass, no guilt!


So good luck, and just think of what you could do with a £100 Homebase voucher! Note that the competition closes on 1st September 2016.


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* This is a collaborative post.

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