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Today’s post is being written on the train on the way home from Bristol. I’ve just taken full advantage of my First Class ticket and had a cheese and ham panini, cup of tea and a slice of fruit cake. Not big or clever, but I just can’t say no to free food!


Food has (yet again) been the focal point of this weekend away, as is usually the case, because PRs want me to test out local restaurants and report back, and who am I to say no – it’s just rude. And delicious. But did I need to go to the Gelato shop three times this weekend? Probably not. However, in my defence …


lemon gelato


As per, I was very good in the week running up to our weekend in Bristol. In fact, I found I had to force myself to eat on more than one occasion. Maybe it was the heat, but I just didn’t fancy much to eat at all. Had salads and fruit most days (with banana pancakes for breakfast every day of course.) How do you cope in the heat when it comes to eating? Not that we’ll probably need to worry again for another year mind you, but I just wasn’t hungry at all. And the thought of cooking … URGH.


slimming world before after


However … more and more, I’m looking at food differently and seeing food more as fuel for my body, instead of something to eat to make myself feel good. Bristolian gelato aside probably. So I forced myself to eat because I was going to Zumba that night, or because I was going to cycle to see Dad. Bit of a turn up for the books really, eating food because I need it, not because I want it. I’m wondering if that’s just a passing feeling, or whether, after six months, I’ve finally turned a massive corner and put my emotional eating behind me. I’m not sure it’s that ‘easy’ to be honest, I’ve done it for years, but perhaps it’s the beginning of a change in me.


Put it this way, I was so hot and uninterested in food this week, I had to force down my two Tunnocks Teacakes every night!


Exercise wise, I’m pretty impressed with myself that I went to Hardcore Zumba on Monday and Wednesday, when it was actually hotter than hell on both nights. The sweat was literally dripping off my chin. Pretty gross, but I felt amazing for going! Felt like I lost a stone or two that night … I mean I didn’t, but it’s the best workout I’ve had in years. Only did a little cycling this week (3kms) because OH GOD THE HEAT! But just worked out that Dexter and I walked 15 miles over this weekend in Bristol – thanks Pokemon Go!


slimming world before after


Oh and talking of good workouts (and heat), I actually had a date on Friday night – sort of a datenotdate, because I’ve seen him occasionally on and off for three years. That type of date. But it was fun … from what I can remember! (That’s my date face on the right above btw!)


Had my hair cut and coloured, Dexter finished school for the summer, and I’ve been preparing for an interview for more work, which is happening on Tuesday … and that’s about it really. Not the most thrilling week but I made it through in one piece, so quite frankly, I’ll take that as a win.




So last week I put on 1lb after I ramped up my exercise, and this week I took that 1lb off. So I’m back to a total weight loss of 3 stones. Which is great, but I really hope I don’t end up in that cycle of putting a little weight on one week, and taking it off the next. Eating three lots of gelato and a big pizza will do that though, so we’ll see what next week brings.


Thought I’d also just show you a couple of outfits I wore over the weekend. Nothing fancy, but I can really start to see my figure looking better (in my eyes) in clothes now, and so it’s nice to show it off a little. Oh, and the jacket is my first Boden purchase … lovely isn’t it?  (pardon the toilet showing in both pics)


slimming world before after


slimming world before after



Don’t forget, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – have a fantastic week! Oh, and please send me good vibes for my interview on Tuesday!


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  1. Hi Kate
    Just have to say that I love your ‘date face’ but that your face is looking rather lovely and slim! I can really see the changes in your body for the better – keep posting the photos 🙂
    Lots of luck for the interview

  2. You look fabulous Kate. Well done. I know how hard and frustrating losing weight can be so keeping it up all this time is amazing

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