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Happy Sunday everyone. It’s 4,000° outside, but grey and drizzly – typical British weather. However, and I don’t want to jinx it, I’m looking forward to ahem, ‘working from home’ for the next three days … in my bikini … in my back garden … with a jug of Pimms.


So this week, I increased my exercise even more by trying out a new Zumba class, in addition to the two I already do. I wrote about my experience HERE, but suffice to say, it was incredibly difficult. But I kept up and didn’t die, as the title of the blog post may have suggested! My best friend and I are going to go to this new Zumba class twice a week now, and the old one once a week for, what now feels like, a gentle workout after the horrific battering we got on Wednesday.


On top of that, I played my first tennis match yesterday – the first one in 30 years. My lovely old school friend, Debbie, kindly invited me to her tennis club on, what turned out to be, the hottest day known to mankind. I was partnered with an older lady who  has ‘only’ been playing for 50 years, but between us we made a good team, and I surprised myself by actually playing really well. I think we won that match 6–2. Rookie error though, it was now 3.30pm and I had forgotten to have lunch, so by the time we played our second match, this time partnered with Harry (81), I was officially dead. There was no escape from the sun, but we started out really well by being 4-0 up, but the heat and lack of food was too much and I flagged really badly, ending up in a 6-4 defeat. Bad times.


Post-tennis face:


tennis face


However, it was absolutely brilliant and I loved every minute of it. I would never ever have thought that I would play tennis again, let alone be any good at it, but it just goes to show – life can continue to surprise you, even at the grand old age of 45.


Looking back at the week, there are probably a few things I did differently. Firstly, as I’ve said, I significantly increased my exercise. Secondly, I missed out on a couple of lunches, not on purpose, but just because I was busy, I had a late breakfast and then had an early dinner instead of a late lunch, so I didn’t eat as much as I should have done. And finally, although I do drink quite a lot during the day, I don’t think I drank as much as I should, especially considering how much extra exercise I did this week.


So let’s just get onto the results for the week.




I put on 1lb. So I’ve gone down from losing 3 stones to 2 stone 13lbs.


No-one is more surprised than me, because I had a great week, was 100% on plan, ate all my syns, and have been feeling really good. In fact, I had to throw away two pairs of trousers this week. One pair of blue capri trousers I wore to Dexter’s school to watch him in his drama and music performance (pic below), because by the end of the production, my trousers were half way down my legs. Not a good look, especially when one is at one’s son’s school.


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


Secondly, even though they are a size 20 and meant to be loose, these old pyjama bottoms became a health risk – I kept tripping over the legs because they had got so big they literally wouldn’t stay up any more.


pyjama bottoms


And I’m telling you this for a reason. I checked my measurements again, even though it had only been two weeks since I last looked, and I have lost at least 4.5”. In 2 weeks! I’ve lost 2.5” from my waist! So that’s why all my clothes are getting too big – I seem to be going through a phase of losing inches, not weight. It would be ideal if both came off together but I think it may just ebb and flow, depending on how much exercise I do and whether I eat and drink enough.


I want to talk quickly about the bikini photo above. I recently came across the picture on the left and thought I’d do a comparison. It’s 2 years old I think, and the photo on the right was taken this morning. And I’m showing you for a reason. Clearly, I don’t look like Beyonce (yet), but i never wanted to put my life on hold whilst I lost weight – what a waste of time, to pause your life just because you’re on this (twatty word alert) … journey. Life is for living! Whether you’re fat, skinny, or in-between. It makes me so sad to hear/read women say, “Oh I’ll wear that when I’ve got to target,” or women posting in Facebook SW groups asking if something ‘looks alright at this weight.’ Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they do it – the media, pressure from all angles (oooer) and perhaps a lifetime of not being made to feel beautiful, just because they don’t conform to the conventional standard of beauty.


But it’s bullshit. Seriously. Wear the goddamn bikini already!  I look at that photo above and choose not to see the stretchmarks and thick thighs. I mean I can see them, I’m not blind, but instead, I see definition beginning to show in my stomach, less cellulite than the last time I looked and shoulders beginning to round off rather beautifully.  I see strong arms that are a little less wobbly each day but, even more importantly, I now see a happy, determined and confident woman that is changing her life. And everyone else that is on this … path with me, I see you the same way. It takes a lot of determination to change your life the way we’re changing ours, and if we can do this, anything is possible. I mean I bloody played tennis this week for goodness sake! 


So overall, I’m delighted with this week’s result, which sounds a bit odd bearing in mind I put weight on, but it’s important to be honest with you and show you the gains as well as the losses, but there is a greater context. My bra size has gone down another cup. I bought two dresses in the Marks & Spencer sale, both size 16… and remember, I started this journey on the brink of being a size 22. So when I talk about context, sometimes it’s important to look at the bigger picture and not get hung up by a small gain here and there. I’m confident it will come off next week.


I’m off to Bristol next weekend with Dexter so will probably weigh in a day early on Friday, but we will just see what happens. I will be doing three Zumba classes a week now going forward, as well as some cycling (I can’t believe how much petrol I’m saving by cycling everywhere!) – I’ve cycled 13 miles this week as opposed to last week’s 18 miles, but still a ruddy good effort if I say so myself.


Have a great week everyone, and do come and follow me over at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Well done Kate! weight means nothing by a certain point. especially when you’re doing so much exercise! I must get back on plan soon before I undo all the hard work – but haven’t got your motivation! Keep it up!

  2. WOW you look absolutely incredible. WELL DONE!!! I Love slimming world. I think it’s fantastic. 1lb gain is nothing as well. I find that I retain a lot of water when the weather is warm so that might be something to do with it? I started slimming world after having my daughter and went down to 9st 5lbs. Silly me decided on a goal weight and didn’t take into account my body and my lifestyle and maintaining such a low weight was just too difficult. I have since regained 1 stone, BUT I am finding it much easier to maintain and I’m a lot happier as I can be a bit more flexible with what I eat. You should be so proud of your slimming world journey. To have the dedication to lose 3 stone is an admirable trait and you are an inspiration

    1. Thank you so much Christina! What a lovely thing to say, and many congratulations on your journey too – I can’t even begin to think about getting anywhere near target, whatever that is – I never set one lol x

  3. Congratulations on losing 3 stones, dont worry about the 1lb gain, it must be muscle from all that excercise, did you know that muscle uses calories even when you’re at rest? So cant be bad at all 🙂 I came across your blog searching for a scotch egg recipe, I need to get back on track, I gained 4lb this week after being on holiday taking my weightloss down to 19lb but hey ho I had a ball on holiday, loads of wine! Thankyou for posting the recipe, Michelle xx

    1. Hi Michelle, and thanks for stopping by! Hope you like the blog – I really must put some more recipes on here soon! 19lbs loss is fantastic, so no need to beat yourself up. Feel free to message if ever you need a gee up 🙂 x

  4. You’re looking amazing, and wow at all that exercise you’re doing, that’s incredible.
    I’ve stepped up my exercise a bit, I went for an hour’s walk on Sunday to catch some Pokemon!

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