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As a long-term single woman, I often daydream about being woken early on a Sunday morning by Michael Fassbender gently spooning me from behind, and then making me a lovely big fry up, with pancakes and Nutella spoon-fed to me afterwards. Instead, it’s 8:52am, I’m in bed, alone, as per, and I’ve spent the last 20 minutes Googling “padded women’s cycling shorts” after yesterday’s rather uncomfortable bike ride.


Living the dream people.


But this is my life right now and I’m still feeling pretty motivated, if a little sore. Last week I made a conscious effort to exercise every day – some days were more successful than others, but it’s all about routine isn’t it? It’s the same as food, once you create good habits, they should (technically) last for life. So every Monday I now cycle 12km to and from my Zumba class. Tuesday I cycle to Dads. Wednesday I … well, Wednesday I spent the day shopping at Bluewater, and rather nice it was too. Thursday I did another Zumba class and Friday, I don’t think I did much at all.


Sounds like a Craig David song … but without the sex.


This week I cycled 18 miles, up from last week’s paltry 13 miles.




Get ready to be shocked. I didn’t eat salmon every day. I know! I actually mixed it up with Slimming World pulled pork, roast chicken and spaghetti Bolognese. Check me out! I mean, I’m having salmon for lunch today, but still… it was nice to actually mix things up.


I found a couple of new products that I’m really enjoying and I think will work really well if you’re following Slimming World. Now the first one is basically just salad and fruit in a box, but anything that’s pre-prepared and easy to eat is good by me – plus, it’s also got a small pot of dip in it so #winning. It just makes it easy to pick up and eat with a packet of chicken or ham for a quick and easy lunch. I had mine with sushi, because that’s the kinda gal I am.


salad and fruit pot


The other thing is this multi-pack of chocolate rice cakes, meant for children, not 45-year-old women, but there are four mini rice cakes in each packet. It’s 69 cal per pack, low-fat, gluten-free and whenever I get a craving for a biscuit, this is a good alternative. I mean it’s no chocolate Hobnob, sure, but it’s still really tasty. Probably be 3.5 syns per pack?


chocolate rice cakes


And finally, I chose this when I was at Pret the other day – salmon, rice and weird Japanese veg. Lovely it was.


salmon pret


Talking of syns, I know I’m not super strict about counting them – I’ve mentioned that several times before and I just want to talk about it again. I still have a lot of weight to lose. Technically, I’m allowed 20 syns a day, and so I am a little laissez-faire about syns sometimes. For example, I’ve never synned cooked fruit, I think that’s a bit mental in my honest opinion, but I understand some women, perhaps with only a small amount of weight to lose, need to be uber strict about how many syns they have. And also, personally, if I become really strict about losing weight and find myself having to count every last morsel of food that passes my lips, I get bored… and annoyed, and that’s when I stop following the plan. It’s happened before, with a certain other plan beginning with W, and I know what I’m like, and so by giving myself this leeway, and balancing everything out with exercise and general healthy eating, I feel that having more of a relaxed attitude towards food works for me.


So, I’ll do me, and you do you. If you want to syn your cooked banana, or think that using Smash as a coating for chicken is against the law, we can still be friends, don’t worry.


You’ll be glad to know I’ve moved on from Googling padded cycling shorts and I’ve now moved on to sexy bikinis for my upcoming holiday, and I think that is a good metaphor for my life right now. I’m in this in-between phase of working really hard to get fit, but also testing out clothes that could potentially fit my new changing body shape … but also worrying whether I’m kidding myself that a size 16 would fit me, let alone look nice. My body feels like it’s changing every week. I notice something new every time I look in the mirror – some bits are good, some not so much. My face, although not sagging per se, is perhaps not as full and smooth as it was before. Which, don’t get me wrong, it’s good insofar as it’s thinner, but I think I look a little older. The lines around my mouth are more pronounced and I have resting bitch face on point.


I doubt anyone else would notice, but I can see it. Some stretchmarks are a little more pronounced now, but equally I’ve gone down another bra size. Losing weight gives with one hand but takes with the other, and I think you just have to decide what’s more important. I’d rather be stronger and fitter but maybe look a little older, and my skin be a little looser, than be the fat and miserable woman I was six months ago.


I mentioned on Facebook that a few months ago I had started to measure myself, I only wish I’d started six months ago! But anyway, in the last month I have lost approximately 8″ (nice round number) … above my knees seem to be the most rapidly shrinking part of me lol! So I would advise all of you who are losing weight to measure yourselves – I only lose a small amount of weight on the scales each week but looking back to how many inches I’ve lost in a month really spurs me on.




As I said last week, which was my official six months mark, I had hoped to have lost 3 stones then, but missed it by 2lbs. I was confident that if I did everything I should this week, I could lose that weight and hit the three stone mark today.


And I did!




slimming world before after


My best friend just came round to see me and bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate – gorgeous aren’t they? The four of us are also going out for dinner tonight to Pizza Express (review to follow), and it’s lovely to have such a milestone to celebrate. With pizza and cake.


pink and white roses


Officially, I’d say I’m 1/3 of the way in my weight-loss journey. BMI charts say I have another 6 stone to lose but I don’t really want to think about that now – I’m just going to carry on doing what I’ve been doing, and that’s take it one week at a time, and enjoy each small milestone and change in me that happens.


I can honestly say that I’ve loved this last six months. Perhaps not the first two weeks, but, as challenging as some weeks have been, my mindset has changed completely about food and exercise and that’s the remarkable thing. I still listen to my Slimpod every night (click the link to find out more), I amaze myself by how strong I’m becoming, both mentally and physically, and I can’t wait to see where I end up.


Hope you’ve all had a good week – you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I was showing this to my 17 yr old son and telling him how you’ve lost 3 st in 6 mths. His reply ” That’s a crazy amount in a short time” when I said in theory for Bmi you could lose another 6st he said ” No way, she doesn’t look like she’s got anymore to lose”

  2. Congratulations Kate – you should be really proud of yourself.
    What’s a couple of lines between friends??

    Love that you celebrated at Pizza Express too

  3. Well done Kate!
    I lost a massive (for me!) 4.5lbs last week earning me a 3st 2lb loss at week 25 – to say I’m over the moon is an understatement.
    I’m now working towards a 50lb certificate for my birthday in September when I shall be 49 and I hear you about looking older as our faces get thinner but like you I would rather be healthier than younger looking.
    Keep on keeping on 🙂

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