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Happy milestone day to me! It’s the official six month mark following Slimming World today, and I celebrated … with a Chinese last night. The meal, not a random Chinese man I found on the High Street.


I digress. Six months is a massive (pardon the pun) deal for me. I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter… losing a stone and then putting it back on, plus extra for good measure, so the fact that I have successfully changed the way I eat for this long is pretty impressive.


I’ve had a really busy week, so busy that I didn’t get to see Dad, and so The Guilt has been gnawing away at me all week. It’s funny, when I rang him today to explain why I haven’t been round, the thought that he could’ve called me at some point instead fleetingly crossed my mind, and then I went back to feeling like a guilty child again. But I am seriously trying to do it all at the moment and often feel quite overwhelmed. I’m sure lots of you feel like that too – so many hats to wear, trying to be everything to everyone and not always succeeding.


(Side note: I’m writing this in bed and just felt a lump under my bottom sheet. Upon investigation, it’s a quarter of a rice cake. Don’t even ask.)


So, other than The Guilt, it’s been a really good week. Oh, I’ve just remembered I was ill for two days mid-week with a weird vertigo thing I’ve never experienced before. I was cleaning the bathroom on my lunch break (as a treat) and the room span so much it felt like I had downed a bottle of Southern Comfort. Alas, I had only drunk half a mug of tepid coffee, so I took myself to bed for a while, but the room still span for the next hour. This happened on and off for two days and it was coupled with a mild sickness too. I’m not ill very often so if I feel quite out of sorts, I know something is up. I’ve put it down to a bug, blamed the kids and got on with the week.


So on Tuesday I broke my dating seal (now there’s a vision), and went on a date. With an actual real-life man. I don’t think I will blog about him so all I will say is, nice enough bloke, has a lot going for him, but when he went in for the kiss at the end of the evening, I uttered the immortal words, “I don’t kiss on a first date.” I mean of course I do, I just didn’t want to kiss him. So I knew there was no point seeing him for a second time. Back to the drawing board.


I also went to two evening blogging events – one in Maidstone near me, and one in London. Food was put on at both events so that was a bit of a temptation. Lovely platters of Marks & Spencer sandwiches, fresh cream cakes (my nemesis) and, thankfully, fresh fruit skewers. I had a couple of mini cream tartlets, a quarter of a sandwich and a few fruit skewers… not too bad really. The London event was in a most glorious hotel opposite St Pauls Cathedral and there was unlimited Champagne, popcorn, and bags of sweets. An unusual mix, granted, but I was quite restrained – had one glass of Champagne, a few bits of popcorn and brought the sweets home for the boys. Unfortunately, the Drumsticks didn’t make it home, and they fell in my mouth on the train. Drumsticks aside, I picked up another pot of fruit and yoghurt and had that with a Teriyaki salmon and rice salad from M&S – 334 calories, low-fat, no idea how many syns, but a healthy choice.


m&S platter



teryiaki salmon


Exercise wise, I cycled to Zumba on Monday, did the class and cycled back. Fell ill Tuesday and Wednesday and couldn’t then make Zumba on Thursday, so I went for a bike ride on Saturday – to the shopping centre (where Zumba is), and then rather than go straight home, I took a bit of a detour and managed to rack up 7km on the way home. So that brought my total for the week to 23km, which is 14.5 miles. 5 miles less than last week but that’s just because I was ill, so I’m not going to beat myself up about that. Oh, AND, I swear to God, when I was lying in bed last night, I could actually feel some stomach muscles underneath the flab. It feels like they’re ‘re-activating’ again and my six-pack should be here by Wednesday.




I’m still loving my big elastic band that I use for bicep curls, shoulder raises, that type of thing – the best £2.50 I’ve ever spent I reckon. I’ve increased the amount of reps and all exercise is just feeling easier every week, the stronger I get. And bearing in mind, I’m still around six stone overweight, getting fitter and stronger is possible, no matter what your size.


I STILL have banana pancakes and some fresh fruit for breakfast every morning. Lunch has been a bit up-and-down though… I tend to have breakfast late because of work and sometimes skip lunch, which I know I shouldn’t do. Salmon is still prevalent in the Sutton household for dinner.


I love this new-found feeling of energy, it’s rather addictive. I was booked in for Cardio Tennis and tennis lesson today (Sunday), but it ended up as a bit of a farce and I didn’t play at all, such a shame. But the intention was there! I still like the occasional veg out on the sofa but I often have ants in my pants and want to get up and do something.




I needed to lose 3lbs to reach the all-important three stones mark and … I didn’t make it. BUT, I did lose 1lb, and the feeling of losing weight, no matter how much or how little, still thrills me so I’m over the moon with that. It’s consistent, it’s more likely to stay off and I’m in no hurry. I mean ideally it would all drop off overnight, but it took years to put on so it’ll take years to take off.


So that’s a total loss, in six months, of 2 stones 12lbs.


slimming world after six months


I always have a treat at the weekend and I’ve promised Dexter and my best friend that I will take them for afternoon tea when I reach the three stone mark. I know it’s a bit of an oxymoron, celebrating losing weight by eating ‘naughty’ food, but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I think it’s a nice idea.


In some ways, it feels like from today I’m starting again. I had the six-month mark in my head from the beginning – wondering how much, if anything, I could lose in that period of time, and now I know. Had I been 100% on plan for six months, never eaten anything I ‘shouldn’t’ have done, I know I would’ve lost more. But I can tell you this, I would probably be utterly miserable and I’d be amazed if I was still following Slimming World were that the case.


slimming world after six months


I’ve done it my way, as Shirley Bassey would say, and it works for me. I always try and be as open and honest as I can be with you, my readers. I’m inspired every day by other womens’ stories of weight loss and fitness journeys and I just want to thank each and every one of you for the support, motivation and laughs we’ve had for the last six months. Writing everything down each week has been invaluable for me because it’s enabled me to take one small step at a time, rather than think about the bigger picture and well, without getting soppy, thank you.


Here’s to the next six months, whatever that brings. I know one thing, my weight loss journey is ongoing and it isn’t over yet.


Have a great week everyone and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. ‘My six pack should be here by Wednesday’ made me laugh out loud. I’ve started cycling too but I’m SO scared of the traffic – most of the roads round here are country lanes and I hate the feeling of cars whooshing past me. I need to find some nicer places to cycle! Good jawwwwb, though.

    1. Oh God traffic is SO scary! Luckily the routes I cycle on (to Dads and shopping centre) have, albeit incredibly overgrown, cycle paths. Make sure you wear a helmet. And kneepads lol x

  2. Woohoo congrats Kate! That’s great going.
    It is so hard to do events, blog, have a life, see family, and then still eat well and exercise… hence my love of chocolate and coffee oh and white wine!
    Stirling effort.. keep it up!

  3. Great motivation Kate thanks!! Am back on Slimming World (most of the time!) and lost 3lb in my first 4 days!! Im on a roll now and determined this time to stay on track. Look forward to reading more of your posts xxxx

      1. of course! weigh in day is Friday, but I started on a Monday so wanted to log a start weight from the beginning. Every 7 days from now 🙂

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