Today’s guest post is all about how to use wallpaper in your home – enjoy.


Incorporating wallpaper into your home can be a tricky thing to do. In this post I will outline my top tips for the best way to use it in a design and also give some stylish examples of prints that are out there.  Whether it is a new home you are moving in to or that you’re just looking for a change, designer wallpaper can be the perfect way to put your personality into your home. It’s one of those great things, like painting a wall, that is a relatively simple change but can make all the difference. If you’re a trend follower and constantly changing things then papering a wall can be an easy fix for your creative mind.


A statement wall is a typical example of this and is a simple way to bring some pattern into a room.  When choosing a wall and a print it is important to be aware of space.  A bold, dark print on the wrong wall can actually make a room look cramped.  For an interesting statement print then try a faux design.  These can range from bookshelves to marble and are an inexpensive way to create a luxurious look.  NLXL have a beautiful range of natural materials such as concrete, wood and marble to liven up your space. You can find them at The Longest Stay.



A trend emerging this year is to wallpaper your ceiling using a patterned or textured print. Using something busier on the ceiling can actually help a minimalist, sparse room design feel a little warmer and cosy without cluttering the aesthetic.  A contemporary floral design like the Mandala by Mockbee and Co could be the perfect twist in a light and airy bedroom. Luxury wallpaper on a ceiling or behind a bed head can provide a lift of colour and a touch of interest.



If you feel like being a bit bolder than just a statement wall then perhaps papering a whole room is for you.  This is when it is very important to choose the right design.  An easy tip is to go for a busy pattern that has a toned down pastel or neutral colouring.  This should keep the room from looking too hectic but still allow for a lot of imaginative decorating.  Mineheart’s Delft Baroque wallpaper in beige would be just right for papering a tranquil bedroom and has enough detail without going overboard on colour.  Wallpaper is a fantastic way to lift your interior scheme and a great first step into design, whether you go for subtle hints or a complete paper makeover.

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