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I’m home from a weekend in London, the third consecutive weekend away, and although I feel quite tired and I ‘may’ be watching series 3 of Orange Is The New Black in my pyjamas, I still feel pretty good and energised overall.


Last weekend was spent in Brighton where I dabbled in several shandies and a pizza the size of my lounge. If you think I’m kidding, look at this:


big pizza


(The egg is a long story.)  But I need that ability to relax at the weekend and partake in (mostly legal) things I probably ‘shouldn’t’ – that way I never feel like anything is forbidden. Because once someone tells me I can’t have or I can’t do something, that’s it, I have to have/do it! I’ve said it before, but as long as I’m on plan Monday-Friday, and I’m exercising a decent amount, it seems to even itself out. It feels like I’ve found a good balance that works for me but the one thing I’d like to improve on is making sure I increase my exercise every week.


With that in mind, I’m starting to track how many miles I cycle each week – this week was 20 miles.  I always forget to wear my Fitbit so I’m not quite sure how many miles I’ve walked during the week, but I know that, for example in London this weekend, I walked 7 miles (Health app on my iPhone) … although that was mainly down to the fact that I couldn’t find my hotel and got lost. I stopped for a restorative G&T and paid £9.80 for the privilege! Lesson learnt.


I blame Brexit.


Anyway, I am approaching the six-month mark following Slimming World and milestones like this make me a little twitchy. I could easily think, “Oh I’ve lost nearly 3 stones, I’ve done well, I’ll just sack it off now,” (I mean I won’t of course) but the quicker I get through next week, the better. I can then almost ‘start again’ and think ahead to the next six months because I know it’s going to take at least that to shift the amount of weight I need to lose.


Actually, if I’m honest, I did just have a slight wobble and needed to give myself a metaphorical bitch slap around the face. Popped to Tescos, which is never normally a problem – I know the things I buy every week, bananas, eggs, mushrooms… and I even treated myself to a packet of rice cakes! Really pushing the boat out. But as I walked down the biscuit aisle to pick up a box (or two) of Tunnocks Teacakes, my syn of choice right now, some packaging caught my eye. I just saw the words ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ and ‘Half Price’ and my head was definitely turned! I actually said out loud, “Don’t do it Kate, don’t do it Kate,” which definitely cleared the aisle.


This week, I’ve also invested a hefty £2.50 in this:


resistance band


That’s what I’m going to look like a week after using it.


I don’t know whether it’s an age thing, a losing weight thing, or a horrific combination of both, but the tops of my arms are, shall we say, not quite what they used to be. They are firming up a lot because of the exercise I’m now doing but the texture (is ‘texture’ the right word?) underneath my arms is… questionable. I’m not sure if it can be toned or whether I need to resign myself to the fact that I’ve just got old lady arms now, but I’m not going down without a fight! This resistance tube is great for just picking up several times a day and doing bicep curls with. I do other exercises with it but don’t have a name for them! Anyway, just thought I would share that with you, especially as it’s so cheap. Not that I’m saying you’re cheap, but you know what I mean!


Talking of exercise, I definitely did too much on Thursday. A 10-mile bike ride (with a few breaks in between to pop into shops and eat a skinny lemon muffin), and then I did a Zumba class in the evening. The hall was the busiest and hottest it’s ever been and when I came out I thought I was going to throw up. An attractive vision, granted, but a lesson that perhaps I just need to be aware that I’m still building up my stamina and shouldn’t go too mad … and that I’m 45, not 25.




I can’t say I changed up my dinners and breakfasts much (ie. not at all – banana pancakes and salmon salad FTW), but I find when I’m out and about the hardest. So I’m always looking for healthy snacks or alternatives to my favourite food while I’m away from home. For example, this weekend after having some Prosecco with a group of fellow bloggers, I really fancied grabbing a takeaway pizza from Pizza Express and taking it back to my hotel room. Thankfully, two things happened to ensure I didn’t do that. Firstly, my feet were so sore after walking around London looking for my hotel room, I couldn’t quite manage the extra trek to Pizza Express. And secondly, I walked past the Tescos Express on my way to my hotel and bought a ham and egg sandwich, some Metcalf’s skinny popcorn and a diet Coke, and had those instead. But I’m human, I really fancied a pizza and I’m sure has it been nearer, I would’ve eaten it! Also, I sure know how to live don’t I?


But I chose to have this as a snack on the train (instead of the Pain au Raisin I used to have):


fruit and yogurt


Oh, and when I got home from my conference, too tired to cook, I went and got this – bloody delicious:


lamb shish kebab




I had to do an early weigh-in again this week, and weighed in on Friday instead of Saturday, and I lost 1lb! Which, considering last weekend’s pizza the size of my lounge thing, and accompanying beer, I’m quite pleased.


That brings my total loss to 2 stones 11lbs.


I really want(ed) to lose three stone in six months (six months officially being next week), but it could still happen and, if it doesn’t, I’m still happy with my progress.


playing tennis


‘Action’ shot of me playing tennis this weekend (I’ll be blogging more about tennis later this week), but it was the only full length body shot I have of me this week. Actually, that’s a lie. I have this shot – which I sent to my best friend because that’s how we communicate with each other.



It’s a sign of affection – I was asking her if she liked my outfit 🙂 


I feel stronger now that I have upped my exercise and have been inspired by a fellow Slimming Worlder who follows this page, who is at target, and who is an absolute biking legend – suffice to say I’ve seen her before and after photos and although I’m bigger than she was, it’s still given me a boost to know that (I think) I’m on the right (cycle) path. See what I did there?


One more thing I wanted to mention was that I want to start writing a newsletter for you all, and so if you have ever entered your name and email address when visiting the blog, expect to see something soon(ish). Your personal details will always be respected and not shared and I hope to bring you useful tips, interesting reads, and general all-round good stuff via the medium of a newsletter.


I spoke to one of my blogging friends who was at the blogging conference I was at this weekend and she said, “Oh my Mum follows your blog and is always asking when is Kate going to post another new recipe?”  So Victoria, if you’re reading this, I promise I will post something next week, just for you!


Have a wonderful week everyone and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Well done Kate. I lost just over a stone last time I joined SW then got pregnant and ruined it all 😉 but I hope to be back on plan come the end of the year. You’re doing bloody brilliantly!

  2. Love your blog Kate,I often find myself nodding in agreement & you always raise a smile.
    I’ve been at WW for almost 6 months & have currently lost 41.5lbs.
    Keep on keeping on you are doing great x

  3. I think you are doing really well and are an inspiration to all your readers especially to me!

    I have been avidly following your blog since January this year and although I have been wobbling for the last few months, I am now back on track and am determined to keep going. I am getting rid of all clothes that are too loose on me and am wearing things that are a bit tight to try and encourage me to keep going.

    Thank you so much for taking time to write your blog and posting the recipes and hints and tips. I am looking forward to continuing to share the journey and am sure you will be at your target whatever it is within 6 months.

    At least I am too old to get pregnant (thank goodness), so no excuse there for me!!

    1. Hi Kathryne, many thanks for taking the time to comment – I always love hearing from people as sometimes you write and write and wonder if anyone is out there 🙂 Best of luck with your journey too and know that you are definitely not alone!

  4. Hi Kate

    I’m flattered you remembered Rosie’s conversation. You truly do inspire me. I’m losing with Slimming World but have given up the meetings, I found it tedious. It’s refreshing to read a fellow fatties journey, warts and all! I settled down to read this after liberating a 2-pack of mini pork pies from the Co-Op beacause they were reduced and looked lonely on the shelf and very tasty they were too.
    I’m 16lbs down with another 3 stone to go so will continue to follow your progress with interest.

    1. Oh I love Rosie, so of course I’d remember our conversation 🙂 Ooh I do love a pork pie, but thankfully cravings for eating rubbish are few and far between these days – which isn’t to say I wouldn’t faceplant a custard slice. Anyway, congratulations on your loss so far, it’s a fantastic start and hopefully we’ll be keep losing. Weight, not our marbles! x

  5. Amazing!!!! I am certain you will reach your 3 stone mark this week and I am so impressed and inspired by your progress. You are looking amazing!!!
    I did slimming world before xmas and managed a nice 20lb but following my holiday I have not been able to get back on it 🙁
    Knowing in 6 months from now i could be 3 stone lighter is all the inspiration I need to follow in your footsteps, ready for my holiday this time next year. So proud, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your post at the 4 stone mark!!
    Congrats xxx

    1. How lovely to hear from you Natalie! And thank you, it’s gone quite quickly I think, but that’s probably because I just take each week as it comes and don’t dwell on the ‘bigger picture’ (pardon the pun.) I can’t believe you have 3 stones to lose but I’ll be here, every week, if you need support and a little motivation xx

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