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My love of travel is undeniable and it’s something I’ve become more passionate about the older I have got. Unfortunately, you tend to need money to travel (#annoying), especially when you’re like me and prefer … the finer things in life! I’m very fortunate that I have been able to travel because of this very blog – I’m usually pretty skint and to be honest, I could only afford a trip around the M25 – and that’s because I drive a diesel. Not very exotic.


But what if money was no object? Where would I go? What would I do? (Ooh, who would I go with?!) It’s a conversation I often have (albeit with myself), which was made particularly worse when my eldest son bought me Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List book for Christmas. It’s on the bookshelf next to me as I write this, almost taunting me with its glossy pages full of bright colours and white sandy beaches – the perfect inspiration for my wanderlust.


I need money. I need a plan. So, as well as working very hard and earning my own money of course, I’ve started playing the lottery again. I used to be one of those annoying people who’d moan about people winning the jackpot, but how could I win if I didn’t do it myself? I don’t go crazy, just a couple of quid once a week, and I always do the Lucky Dip instead of using ‘my’ numbers – my fear being that one week I’ll forget and miss out on being a multi-millionaire!


What? It could totally happen! Someone has to win right?


I’ve even created a Pinterest board full of my dream destinations if money were no object, just to remind me that if you dream big enough, big dreams can happen.



What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you travel like me, or buy a fancy house? Or would you buy a fancy house abroad? Or go on holiday and plan what house you’d buy? As you can tell, houses and holidays are my thing! I think I’ve watched too many episodes of A Place in the Sun …


Well today could be your lucky day. I am offering you the chance to win £100 worth of credit to play lotteries all around the world with Lottoland. The prices are the same, and you get a line of numbers in the same way, you just place your bets differently. (If you want to read more about how Lottoland works, click HERE.) Lottoland just gives you access to jackpots that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


So make sure you answer the first question correctly, I’ve given you a few more ways you can enter and GOOD LUCK!




How to enter:


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Post in partnership with Lottoland. The competition will close at midnight on July 4. UK entrance and over 18s only. I winner will be chosen at random and notified within five days. You will have 30 days to claim your prize. No cash alternatives, prize as stated.



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  1. If I won the lottery I would take you to my local seaside & spend the day in the sunshine on the beach 🙂

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