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Apologies for the lateness of this week’s Slimming World update, but I’ve spent the weekend in Brighton and when I got back we popped round to see Dad for the evening to celebrate Father’s Day with him.




Anyway, after last week’s heavy rambling post about the psychological aspects of dieting, I’ll probably keep this post brief – so you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief!


I have been out and about again this week – a combination of lots of exercise and free bars at networking events! I went to another do on Tuesday in London and I tend to find alcohol quite easy to resist, especially mid-week. A Tunnocks teacake, no, but a glass of wine, yes. I’ve been through phases in my life where I’ve drunk alcohol because it had beceme a coping mechanism when I was in a bad relationship and since then, I can take it or leave it. I had one Diet Coke, refused the free food that came out, did some serious schmoozing and then came home. Actually I popped to Marks & Spencer at the train station and picked up a ham and eggs salad, along with an extra pack of ham, a rice cake and a pot of mango, which I ate on the train for dinner.


I’ll be over here polishing my halo.


Thursday saw a trip to the dentist, but this time it was to speak to him about possibly investing in Invasalign (invisible braces). I don’t have bad teeth, but I just want to close up a couple of gaps that I’m quite conscious of. However, at £3.5k, I think I’m going to have to get used to the gaps!


Exercise wise, I’ve been a bit of a machine this week. I have cycled to the local shopping centre twice, which is 6km each way, so that’s 24km in total (and no, I didn’t need a calculator), and I did two Zumba classes. The trip to London involved 4 miles of walking and being in Brighton this weekend meant I clocked up 8 miles of walking. It’s not that I’m bouncing off the walls but I do still have this extra energy I’m not used to, and the smaller I get, the more comfortable exercise is becoming. For example, I’ve always loved cycling but pedalling up a hill when you weigh as much as I did six months ago is not just hard work, it was nearly impossible. Now I weigh considerably less, it’s still hard cycling uphill, but it’s just so much easier than it was. It’s a catch-22 situation though isn’t it? Exercise helps you lose weight but when you weigh a lot, exercise is really hard work and often quite painful.


bike ride to lose weight


I popped to Bluewater this week as well to pick up a pair of shoes that I am reviewing on the blog. Those who follow me on Facebook will have seen me post a picture of the healthy lunch I chose – chilli chicken Ramen noodles. Proper pleased with myself I was. Basically, it’s grilled chicken, noodles and veg in a chicken broth. I thought it wouldn’t be too high in syns, after all it’s probably the healthiest food you could buy in a restaurant, but someone told me it was about 29 syns? To me, it just looked (and tasted) like a delicious healthy lunch and 100 times better than the cheeseburger I would normally have had and so I was happy with my choice. Sometimes commonsense needs to prevail and even if something is technically fairly high in syns you have to ask yourself, compared to what I could have chosen, I did alright. It’s OK to cut yourself some slack and not become a complete Slimming World bore.


wagamamas chilli chicken ramen




I lost 2lbs this week! Which brings my total weight loss to 2 stones and 10lbs.


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


I think I have now definitely come out the other side of the plateau I was in when exercise was making me retain water and therefore weight, and now my weight loss seems to have sped up somewhat. 3lbs last week and 2lbs this week. And remember, I went to Nottingham last week and was off plan for the whole day. It just goes to show that balance is the key. Monday-Friday I’m 100% on plan and I now exercise quite a lot, so it gives me the opportunity to relax somewhat at the weekend and still know that I should lose weight the following week.


Hope you’ve all had a great week and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


See you next week!


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