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This week saw the continuation of Operation Great Wardrobe Clearout 2016. That’s the thing about losing weight, each week, clothes fit a little less well and you have to decide whether to hold onto them or buy new stuff. A great problem to have, granted.


I’ve actually tackled it in a couple of ways. Firstly, I cleared my wardrobe out of everything that doesn’t fit, and added in some dressier things that I (unfortunately) just have no need for any more, I posted a photo on Facebook and said I would give everything away for free as long as it went to a good home. A lady that follows my blog saw this photo on my Facebook page, inboxed me and asked if she could come and collect it all.


She came yesterday and collected everything, and is already making good use of the clothes, so that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! #PayItForward


The second thing I did came about through necessity last night. I travelled up to London for a networking event and was wearing an old pair of size 18 jeans which, to be fair, I think came up big anyway (plus #lycraFTW), but I was in danger of finding myself in a mooning situation at St Pancras as the jeans were falling down – it’s not a good look. So I popped into M&S and bought a belt to hoist the jeans up. I can probably get another (hopefully) two months’ more wear out of them.


Now the third, and my favourite, option is to buy new clothes, but this is easier said than done for two reasons. Firstly, when you lose weight, and especially when you start to exercise, your body shape changes and, for me anyway, it changes from week to week. I don’t really know what suits me any more, and I’ve passed that milestone where I have to shop in plus size shops, but I still don’t know if I look good in clothes from regular shops. It’s a real in-between stage being a size 16-18. My mind hasn’t quite caught up with my body and I am still seeing myself as a size 20-22.


Quite frankly, what I need is a personal shopper 24/7!


I’ll get there eventually and look forward to the day when I could possibly even be shopping for a size 14, but it’s an expensive business, so I’ve started using companies like My Favourite Voucher Codes to save money when I want to buy something from some of my favourite High Street stores. For example, I’ve bought two really pretty, lacy tops from Dorothy Perkins recently, one black and one white, and so if you’re looking for Dorothy Perkins voucher codes to save money, this is a great place to find them. I would shop there anyway and this way I get to save money too.


dorothy perkins lacey tops


For me, it’s quite dangerous to hang on to bigger size clothes because, psychologically speaking, they are a safety net, and something I could potentially feel I could fall back on if I fell off the wagon. So I needed to move on, clear the clothes out, and keep moving forward, one dress size at a time.


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  1. I love the tops and cracked up over your “mooning situation.” It doesn’t help that women’s sizing seems completely random! And being between sizes (where I am now) adds to the confusion. Enjoy!

  2. Do you know I could have written this myself.I have list 6 1/2 stone was buying 22/24-26/28 clothes and now 18. When I shop it seems so difficult what to choose,I even find myself steering towards the bigger size rail ( how stupid is that). I used to buy things in the outsize shop even if I didn’t need it as you could bet if I was invited to a wedding or something I could never find anything so it was safer to buy it and store it fore future use.how sad is that.needless to say when I wanted to wear it I didn’t like it anymore so still had to go out and look for something.my clear out was HUMONGOUS.The charity shop didn’t know what had hit them. I could do with another sort out now. I can definitely see where you are coming from re what to buy.

  3. Well done on your achievements so far. A couple of years ago I got to my target weight.Gave away all my “big girls” clothes,and felt really good. U fortunately I got complacent and half a pound went back on now and again, then a pound etc…. Now I find myself over a stone heavier and I need those “big girls” clothes back again 🙁

    1. Thanks Corinne. Don’t buy the bigger clothes, just give yourself a target of 4-6 weeks to lose half a stone. Take it slowly, you’ve done it before, you can do it again!

    1. I was! It’s my new favourite thing and am wearing it to death … but it’s only because I’m trying to figure out what suits me now as I’m so unsure! But thanks Jen, that’s very lovely of you to say x

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