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There was a time, many years ago, when this blog post would’ve been called ‘5 Sexy Cocktail Bars I’ve Visited’, or, more likely, ‘5 Films I’ve Seen at the Cinema’, but if you’re anything like me, life revolves around the TV more than perhaps you’d like. Having said that, there are some great TV shows on and I thought I’d share with you my top 5 (some are definitely guilty pleasures) TV programmes I’m watching at the moment.


The Great British Sewing Bee


The first two series of this programme passed me by because I honestly didn’t think I would have any interest in watching people cut a sari up to make a bikini, turn a charity shop scarf into a ballgown or make a chevron striped top … on the bias. How wrong was I? I love it! These people create the most beautiful embroidered clothing, and are so talented – I can sew up a split in Dexter’s school trousers, but that’s about my limit.


Anyway, it’s a lot better than the title suggests.


BBC2, Monday 9pm


The Bachelorette


OMG, this is such a guilty pleasure. It’s American (obv), and we are 2-3 years behind the States. I’ve watched the last three or four series, either The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette. Here’s the thing, I’m equally fascinated and appalled by the idea of 25 men or women all vying for one person’s attention, but I can’t stop watching it … whilst secretly wishing I was the one person choosing. They travel the world in 5* luxury, everyone is stunningly beautiful and there’s also some bitchy catfights thrown in there too (and that’s just the men.)


A warning though, once you start watching it, you’ll get addicted really quickly.


Sunday ITVBe 9pm


Australian Masterchef


I’ve watched Masterchef since the very beginning – aaah … the Lloyd Grossman era. But now I’ve found the Australian version, my life is complete. (God, I’m so sad.) The challenges are better, the contestants are much more talented and it’s just so much more interesting. Plus, being set in Australia, you get to see some of this beautiful country and daydream about emigrating. Again. I love the three male hosts who gel together really well, I may even have another one of my weird man crushes on two of them, and it’s just a fantastic pimped up version of the UK Masterchef.


W Channel, Mon-Fri, Early-ish (no idea, sorry!)


24 Hours in Police Custody


I do love a police documentary, and this one is great. Although not as great as the Murder Detectives last year. This programme, as the title suggests, documents cases where they have 24 hours to charge the suspects, and it’s fascinating stuff to see behind-the-scenes at all the lovely low-life scumbags. Quite how or why the suspects agree to appear on this programme, I don’t know, but I’m glad they do! It covers pretty horrific crimes, so I’m not sure what that says about me!


The final credits show what custodial sentence they get and we all cheer (or boo) accordingly.


Channel 4, Wednesday – 9pm


Lose Weight for Love


This is a relatively new series on BBC1 and follows a different couple each week who are overweight. The idea is that they split up for 10 weeks and live separately because their bad eating habits have rubbed off on each other. There is the obligatory psychologist, fitness guru and erm, another bloke with weird glasses – not sure what he is, but he is there to help them break their bad habits. It’s really interesting to see how one person’s show of affection through the medium of food, can have such a dramatic impact on both of them and invariably, they both lose weight and live happily ever after.


BBC1, Wednesday – 8pm


So that’s 5, extremely high-brow programmes I’m enjoying right now.


What are your current favourites?


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