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23 weeks ago (ish) it was Boxing Day, and I spent the whole day lying prostrate (not prostate) on the sofa. It was nice to just watch films all day but it was at that exact point that something clicked in my brain. I was lonely if I’m honest – my brother was with his family, my Dad with his girlfriend, my best friend with her family, and Dexter was doing his own thing … and I decided that I was fed up. Fed up of having no energy or inclination to do anything other than work, and fed up of not liking what I saw in the mirror, and so I decided that that was the day I would start losing weight.


Fast forward to today. I’m lying in bed with the bedroom window open, listening to the birds and praying for sunshine, and I guess I’m just in a really reflective mood today. Being on this journey (I still hate the word but don’t know how else to describe it), has had nothing but a positive effect on my life, and if I hadn’t have made that decision back on Boxing Day last year to lose weight properly and permanently, I hate to think where I’d be. Not just what dress size I’d be, but what mental state I would be in. I was just miserable, and it was getting worse, and I’m not going to be as dramatic as to say that Slimming World saved me, but I think it helped me save myself.


Anyway, I went a little deep there, but it’s good to sometimes take stock and reflect on what you’ve achieved, and check you’re still on the right path.


And so onto the week that was. It was a really busy week, a check-up at hospital for Dad at the beginning of the week, and if any of you have ever borrowed a wheelchair from a hospital before, you know what a good workout you get from pushing it. Or should I say pulling it, because the damn things never go in a straight line so you end up pulling it behind you. Poor Dad, being dragged through a hospital backwards, not very dignified, but I tried to make light of it and because we ‘may’ have got lost several times, that just added to my (strange) workout for the day.


I’m going to be a Zumba twat again and say that I’m now going to two classes per week now. Now you know me, I don’t BS you and I try to be honest about everything I do, but the change in my body shape in the month that I’ve been doing Zumba is amazing. I mean I don’t know whether a stranger would notice the difference, but I definitely can. Even down to things like my forearms are thinner now, and I know that’s a really weird thing to notice, but that’s what I mean when I say that everything is changing. My hips are shrinking, my extremely attractive stomach apron my children and Galaxy bars have left me is rising up my body and getting smaller, my collarbone is peeking through more and more each day, my shoulders are shaping up nicely, my thighs and bum and looking much better … you get my point, I can see a change in all of my body. And that’s after a month! The other massive plus point of going to Zumba is how much fun it is. Now I used to salsa dance, I say that like I’m some professional that’s appeared on Strictly (for the record, I haven’t), I just mean I used to go to a salsa club every week and have lessons, but it’s lovely to be able to bust out those moves again and just feel a sense of camaraderie and sisterhood amongst a group of women of all ages. There is no judgement, we all balls up the steps, but I just can’t recommend it highly enough.


I’m still waiting for my bastard bike to be fixed so didn’t manage to get out on my bike at all this week, but he is definitely coming around on Monday to fix it so I plan to cycle to my Zumba class Monday night – not the class I actually live next door to, I promise it’s further away.


I went to London on Tuesday to make cocktails #hardlife – it was actually for work. What? It was! It was a networking event really with a travel brand and I took one for the team that night! I had three cocktails and a handful of lovely fried Mexican food that came out afterwards, but hadn’t had any dinner, I walked four miles and figured that it should even itself out (sort of). But this is real life, sometimes you find yourself in situations where it’s not really a Slimming World kinda day and you just have to remember that a little bit of something you fancy does you good. I didn’t stuff my face with food, I walked a lot and just got back on plan the next morning.


mexican food


The rest of the week was quite full on with work – my job is about to change again, even though I’ve only been working for them for six weeks, but it’s all good!  It’s the type of job where you’re only meant to work part-time but find yourself doing extra, unpaid hours and thinking about the job 24/7. It’s just because I want to make a good impression and do really well, but I need to find the balance there. It’s a work (pardon the pun) in progress.


Friday saw me make an impromptu visit to Nottingham to watch the Aegon ladies’ tennis, but the lightning and thunder put paid to that and we didn’t see any at all. I was, however, a VIP guest which meant eating the most amazing food and drinking from a free bar. I think I’ll write more about the day in a separate post, but it was a fantastic couple of days away from home and I ate some things I shouldn’t have eaten … but I made good choices too. Put it this way, they had a freezer cabinet full of Haagen Dazs ice cream (free of course), and, bearing in mind we were hanging around all day, I didn’t have any at all.


OK, I had one small tub. But my point is, I could have had an unlimited amount and I didn’t. So I’m taking that as a victory!


I think you can tell that I was faced with a few challenges this week, Slimming World wise, but I’m sure you’re faced with them too. I often see women beat themselves up so much when they feel like they fallen off the wagon and eaten something they ‘shouldn’t have’ and it makes me genuinely sad, but I think if you say Slimming World is a diet, something you are either on or off, you’re setting yourself up for failure because when you feel like you’ve slipped up, it suddenly becomes catastrophic. The fact is, sometimes you’re going to want to drink a cocktail (or 3), or eat that tub of ice cream, and that’s absolutely, 100%, OK. If you feel your diet is super super restricted and there is no room for treats, you will self-sabotage, stop the Slimming World plan all together and put all the weight back on. And the reason I know? I’ve done it time and time again with other diets before.


I honestly believe that losing weight following Slimming World is about balance. I had 3 cocktails on Tuesday, but (amazingly) stopped at 3. I walked four miles and was 100% on plan the next day. If you feel like you’re on a diet, I think that messes with your head. I know it messes with mine, so I’m being very careful this time to make sure that I’m thinking straight, not beating myself up and treating myself occasionally – it seems to be working.




So last week, I put 2lbs on after I stepped up my exercise – disappointing, but I expected it. This week I have lost … 3lbs! So I lost the 2lbs I put on last week … and another one for good measure.


Just as important, I know I’ve lost inches – I’ve lost 1” off my waist in a week! And I can’t believe how quickly it’s happening. I’m looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the new me is being revealed. No, that’s not the right word, but it’s like I’ve been used to the way my body has looked for so long that it’s just like seeing a new person appearing each week. It sounds a bit knobby but I know what I mean!


slimming world before after


It was a great result this week – I did have to weigh-in a day early (Friday instead of Saturday), but I’m delighted. So that’s a total weight loss now of 2 stones and 8lbs.


This week’s update was a little more philosophical than usual but it’s my space to brain dump so sorry you copped it – I’m sure it’ll be back to pictures of salmon salad next week!


Have a great week everyone and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Kate, you have done amazing and look SENSATIONAL! I can’t believe it’s been 23 weeks….well done you. It’s great that you’re finding that balance too – we all need a treat now and again and it’s all about thinking of the week as a whole, rather than beating yourself up and falling off the wagon. It’s become a way of life now so there’s no stopping you. You’re an inspiration – keep up the good work xx

  2. SO proud of you! Following your journey is keeping me going, giving me the push to not give up on the weeks where I think “this is too hard,” because yes, it’s hard, but it’s important and it’s worthwhile and I can do it because people like you are doing it too.
    Wish I was brave enough to try zumba myself, maybe one day!

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