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Another week, another slimming world update. This is week 22.


I increased my exercise somewhat this week – I am still only doing Zumba once a week, but will be increasing that to 2 times a week as of next week. But I have been cycling more – when I take Dexter to football for example, or when I go and visit Dad. And I love every minute of it. Seriously, I just feel so much more inclined to burn off this extra energy I seem to have these days – its most bizarre, but I’m embracing it. One positive thing to come from it is that I can really see a difference in my hips. I’m very curvy and I’ve always been conscious of having large hips, but I have an hourglass figure so I don’t look out of proportion (I don’t think). It was nice to actually notice a difference in my body shape though, along with everything just feeling a bit … tighter. Ooer. I swear to God, even my bingo wings have felt firmer.


I know I keep banging on about whether to join the gym or not but I think I found a solution – Dexter has asked to join too and so I’m going to do a three month membership for the both of us. I know he’s only 12, but he’s a little self conscious of his body, and he wants to get fitter for football, so, with no pressure from me, I said we can at least try it. This way I am not tied in for a year, and it gives us both a chance to see if we like it, and whether I get my money’s worth. I’m going to sign up on Monday … once I’ve done my best to haggle the price down that is.


We’ve had half term this week, as well as Dexter’s birthday last weekend, and I mentioned the Chinese and the burger I had last Saturday, and the only other ‘naughty’ thing I had during the week was a thin slice of Dexter’s birthday cake. Considering I often go away for the weekend for work and eat what I like, and often manage to lose weight or stay the same, I wasn’t too worried about yesterday’s weigh-in.




Again, takeaways I had last Saturday aside, I ate as normal this week. Salmon salad, Jersey new potatoes (no butter), KFC fakeaway chicken … usual stuff. I’ve been to a few coffee shops this week and I’m still not tempted to pick up my usual muffin to go along with it, and I’m glad to see that habit has passed. That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t look at the cakes and want to make love to them, but there is no desperation for it, or the cake (haha) – I just have a black coffee on its own.


Having said that, Dexter and I went to a trampolining party today (thankfully I was just the chauffeur, and our hosts kindly treated me to a drink and a snack. Faced with a row of muffins and chocolate, I chose this – yogurt coated rice cakes. Never had them before, and they were lovely BUT be careful, you’ll see ‘80 calories’ on the front of the packet, but that’s only for one rice cake. As I found out. AFTER I ate all three.


slimming world snack


Oh and before I forget, if you haven’t seen it, I made Slimming World Baked Cheesecake this week – it’s lasted us all week, but I only had one slice at 5 syns.




As I said, I’ve been feeling good this week. My stomach is feeling firmer (underneath all the fat that is), my thighs and bum are firmer too – so I was really surprised and disappointed to see that I have in fact put 2lbs on this week. I don’t think it was the food I ate last weekend, I think it’s the increase in exercise. Now when I put 1lb on when I started running, I panicked and stopped exercising because I just thought that it was more important that I lose weight than keep fit, but I think I’ve had a change of heart.


And I think it’s for several reasons. Firstly, as you know, I work from home all day and I just need to get out of the house and get some fresh air – and cycling or walking is a lovely way to do that. Secondly, I am aware that because of my age, my skin isn’t going to shrink back to what it was when I was 20, and I’d rather lose weight and be left with some loose skin than stay overweight. However, I think if I exercise throughout this journey, I stand a good chance of being left with some semblance of a half decent shape and I think I owe it to myself to at least try. Plus gym = fit men.


So as much as I’m disappointed not to have lost weight this week, I think I just need to plough on and get through this period where my body is retaining water because I’m exercising more and trust that it will start to come off again. I know it’s water retention because les boobs are really sore.


Everyone is different, and not everyone wants to exercise, but for me, I think it’s really important that I do, especially for my state of mind.


So onwards. I’m not downhearted, it’s all part of the journey right? It will be really interesting to see what next week brings because I will be increasing my exercise even more from tomorrow.


Have a great week everyone and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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