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Today I want to talk to you about saving money. Are you sitting comfortably?


As a single parent, money is always tight, especially as I work for myself. I’ve always had a day job that runs along side blogging because I have needed some semblance of financial security – as much security as there is working as a freelancer!


I’ve become quite good at saving money and thought I would share my top five money saving tips with you. Here we go:


1. Dexter, at the grand old age of 12, is notoriously hard to please when it comes to entertainment. Xbox aside of course. But one thing we did recently, which he loved and was dirt cheap, was we went to the local council-run park where there is a crazy golf course, and it was only £2.80 per person. We spent a good couple of hours (it felt longer, trust me) going around the course, and then afterwards we had an ice cream each and played in the playground. A whole afternoon for less than a tenner! See what your council are offering, maybe your local swimming pool have special cards you can apply for where you get free swimming (our council used to do that), or maybe you have a council-run tennis court that can offer you low-cost court hire.


2. Buy own-brand products from the supermarket. I’ve long since switched from brands such as Heinz and Hellmann’s because I found that own-brand versions were just as nice and besides, as long as they get fed, the children never noticed the difference anyway. You can always add a few seasonings to products such as baked beans to inject a little flavour if it’s lacking, but I think the own-brand stuff is just as good as the posh stuff!


3. Join a discount voucher code website, such as my Discount Promo Codes. They have exclusive tie-ins with retailers and are able to hunt for the best deals for us, the customers. Just browse through the retailers you’re interested in and see if there is a voucher code you can use – it’s an easy way to save money you’d be spending anyway.


4. Home cooking. Since I’ve started Slimming World, I cook home-made meals most evenings for all of us now and it works out so much cheaper than processed food. I’m not going to get all evangelical on you, but put it this way – I can buy a joint of pork for £3.50 to make Slimming World Pulled Pork and not only will this feed to the three of us, there will also be leftovers. So that’s a full meal for approximately £1 each.


5. Cancel your gym membership. Regular readers may remember that I debated long and hard about whether to join a gym but I just couldn’t justify the money at the time. Instead, I’ve invested in getting my bike repaired and am now cycling everywhere. I also go to Zumba once a week, but I don’t think £4 is too expensive and I’m willing to pay that for getting fit and healthy. Compare that to the £50 per month my local gym were asking for!


I hope that gave you some food for thought, and some ideas of how to save money. Hit me up with your ideas so I can save even more money!


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* This post is brought to you in collaboration with Discount Promo Codes – they donate 20% of all of their profits to charity so that’s worth remembering when looking for a voucher code company to use.


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