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This was the week when my youngest son turned 12, and before you all say, “Kate, you don’t look old enough to have a 12-year-old son!” I’ll stop you there and say I know, I’m just blessed with good genes. I’m also going to be up front and say that we may have celebrated by having a burger at Five Guys at lunchtime, and a Chinese in the evening. In my defence, when we went to the cinema, I didn’t have any popcorn or sweets, so every cloud! It was a clean slate the next day and I just got back on track, so I’m not going to dwell on it.


I’ve seen quite a few people mention that they have a specific cheat day each week and I’ve never done that. I mean apart from yesterday, that was pretty bad, but to me, it’s the start of a slippery slope downwards and I want to get as far away from the whole “I can eat whatever I want” mentality as possible. I mean, the Chinese was delicious, but if I have a ‘cheat day’, I’d have eaten a load more calories than I did. But everyone is different, and I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts, especially if you have cheat days yourself.


I’ve had a couple of stressful days this week, including more dental work and finding out that Dad ran out of medication and didn’t tell me, so dealing with that has been a little … tense shall we say. But overall, I had a good week. Went to Zumba again on Thursday and I’m still enjoying it. This week the class was taken by a lovely young girl called Chloe who is in her early 20’s (she’s the ‘bouncy girl’ I mentioned last week!) She ran a slightly different class, different music, different routines, and as much as I could keep up (I know, I surprised myself), I found that she did more ‘jumpy’ type routines and my knees didn’t thank her for it.


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They were fine the next day but my knees have always been an issue, crunchy from when I was a teenager, and carrying around extra weight really hasn’t helped. I’m conscious that at some point I might need surgery on them, but I dread to think about it and I’m just working on building up my overall strength, losing more weight and just doing everything to avoid that day.


I wrote a blog post this week after chatting with a nutritionist from Public Health England, and you can find that HERE if you want to read more about what we discussed, but one of my lovely followers made a really valid point after reading it. She mentioned that a friend of hers had asked how her ‘mid-life panic’ was going, meaning starting Slimming World and going to the gym, and it struck a chord because I stopped for a minute and wondered whether that’s what I had been feeling. Feeling that time was running out, or that I was only losing weight because I’ve been single for so long. All these different thoughts came into my head about why I was doing this. And then I realised what it was really about.


My mum died aged 60. She was about to retire and was in no way overweight like I am/was, but she had always been a heavy smoker, in part to keep her weight down. It’s ultimately what killed her. She’s been gone 11 years tomorrow and I miss her every single day. Anyway, I don’t want to get all maudlin about it, but suffice to say I want to live a lot longer than another 15 years. I think especially because I’m a single parent, if I’m not around then my boys will only have each other, and that makes me desperately sad so no, this isn’t a mid-life panic, I just gave myself a wake-up call I needed to make sure I’m around for a long time. I’m doing it for my children and for me and what I’m doing now will (hopefully), ensure I’m around for a long time.


So that’s that.




One day I’m going to surprise you all by telling you I’ve eaten something completely different every single day, but today isn’t that day. I did however, as promised, make something new and that was Slimming World Onion Bhajis, and the recipe will be on the blog tomorrow.


I went to the pub on Friday with my best friend and it was quite a challenge to find something healthy to eat – especially when all I wanted was the fried chicken burger and chips she had! But I went with a salmon (surprise surprise) nicoise. Shame they forgot the dressing AND potatoes, but less calories I guess.






I lost l.5lbs this week, bringing my total loss to another lovely milestone of 2.5 stones in 21 weeks. Hurrah! I had hoped that doing Zumba again would bring me another 3lbs loss but I’m happy with 1.5, it’s a good loss and I should just be happy with that.


I find it useful taking this week by week and not thinking about the bigger picture, and so I’ll set myself another milestone of losing 3 stones by … the end of June. Fingers crossed!


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


So that’s it for another week. Hope everyone is feeling positive and motivated but if you’re not, that’s OK too! We’re human, and my no.1 piece of advice would always be, be kind to yourself.


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Until next week.


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  1. I’m with you on ‘cheat days,’ I think for me it would be (and has been) a slippery slope, but it’s definitely what works for each person. Some people I think need that little break and can easily pull it back on track afterwards.
    Well done on another loss!

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