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Firstly, apologies this post didn’t go up last night – I’ll be honest, after my weekend in Margate, I was just too bloody tired to write it!


Anyway, onwards. I made a big decision a week ago to do some exercise. Pretty momentous right?! 🙂  I haven’t joined a gym, at least not yet, but instead I have gone out for some lovely long walks in the glorious weather we’ve had all week, and I’ve started the ‘Couch to 5k’ programme. I use the NHS app, which is all I need for now, and I’ve joined a running Facebook group (Run Mummy Run) to gain some inspiration from women who incorporate running into their lives.


slimming world before after


The plan is that one day, in the very very distant future, I might be as good as them and get back up to being able to run 5k. I did it once for years ago (Race for Life) but I think my body has seized up since then. So this whole exercise thing will be interesting!


Overall last week, I ran/walked (or ‘Jeffing’ as the pros call it) 17 miles which to be fair, is 17 miles more than I did the week before, or the week before that. I was really proud of not just how far I walked, but the fact that I actually did something in the first place! The fact that I actually carried through what I said I’d do is fantastic because, if you’re anything like me, life is just really rather exhausting isn’t it? Being a single parent aside, I think life is just exhausting for everybody, and so to make the decision to be active is something I’m proud of.




I deliberately kept my meals the same as every other week, because I wanted to see how increasing my exercise would affect my weight loss. I did cook Slimming World Beef Curry again though and had that for leftovers too, so that was two dinners … plus the obligatory salmon dinners, sushi for lunch, baked beans and dry fried egg, banana pancakes for breakfast … you know the score. But I’m still not bored with what I’m eating and I’m trying to add more speed at every meal (this week saw the introduction of a jar of exotic red cabbage!)


slimming world beef curry


Oh and I did go to M&S cafe this week for lunch – they had run out of the salmon salad I wanted, so went for a chilli jacket potato, without the dressing:


chilli jacket potato


Things I’ve Noticed:


I feel like I know the Slimming World diet now, it’s quite ingrained in me, although that doesn’t always mean I make good food choices! So my internal dialogue that was all about food, is now about exercise. Words to motivate me to put my gym kit on, instead of staying in my pyjamas all day. To just walk one more mile before coming home. To try and block out the sheer agony that is the blister on my left heel.


slimming world before after


Another thing I want to mention, that I may go into in further detail in another blog post, is that I went surfing this weekend. Me… surfing. I also went on a rollercoaster. Oh, and I also cycled along the seafront on a bike made for two. I wouldn’t have done any of these things four months ago. In fact, I could barely get off the sofa most days, I had such little energy, and it’s incredible to see how my life is changing in front of my eyes. Losing weight has not only changed how my clothes look on me, it’s changed my outlook on life completely, and I like to think that’s just going to continue… as long as the weight loss does! Which brings me onto …




I kept reading people say that once they started exercise, they kept maintaining their weight, or even putting weight on. I admit, I was a little skeptical, but after doing some research about it, it seemed to make sense that in the beginning your muscles would hold onto the water in your body, but that eventually it would all even out. I know it is what puts some people off exercising, but for me, the benefits of exercising far outweigh a slower weight loss.


So … I put 1lb on. Although to be fair, it was probably 0.75lb, if I wanted to be really specific.


slimming world before after


I knew I hadn’t lost weight because mid-week I could feel my boobs getting tender again, and they haven’t been like that for at least three months, so I knew that my body was retaining water. I wasn’t going to the loo as much, even though I was drinking just as much water, and so it seems to be true, my body is just holding onto water right now. It probably wonders what the hell I’m doing, but I’m hoping it will settle down and I will get back to losing weight again.


slimming world before after


Like I have said on numerous occasions, the important thing is to keep my head in the game. To keep focused, to remain positive, and not to crumble when the scales don’t go my weigh (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.)


I had a couple of treats at the weekend whilst we were in Margate, but nothing I can’t take off this week. Faced with a bowl of chips cooked in duck fat, I ate 3 … I had 1 scoop of ice cream, and well, let’s not focus on what else I ate. #codinbatter


I feel better for exercising, and in fact, I’ve just measured my waist and lost an inch already!


I don’t have anything planned this week, other than work (and a trip to an old peoples home today – long story), so I’m hoping to continue the Couch to 5K programme and see how I get on.


Have a lovely week everybody and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I assume you’re taking measurements too. When I took up running and did a half marathon, so not too shabby, I lost NO weight at all. None. My body though was so different. No more wobbly upper arms, gorgeous legs, toned tummy. Oh god, I must go running again.

  2. Hey well done you I’m not a runner or built to be one but also started Couch to 5k about 2 months ago and yes I can do 5k without stopping albeit slowly. Don’t know that I enjoy it but feel the benefit but need to get food on a better pattern, going to try some of your recipes for sure. You can see an amazing transformation happening so keep going

  3. Hi 🙂 I’m in week 6 of couch to 5k. I’ve had several setbacks including a stomach bug, a bad cold and a couple weeks away, so that I’m in week 6 on my 10th/11 week of it. It’s taking me longer but really feeling the benefits of it, and also following slimming world. Just make sure you don’t go to0 fast, it’s better to go slowly and enjoy it than go fast and suffer 🙂

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