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Recently, I received various emails about Camp Bestival in Dorset – about the theme for this year, the acts signed up, the bloggers chosen to promote the festival. You may or may not remember that Dexter and I went to Camp Bestival several times during the past few years but we had a particularly bad camping experience the last time we went (it certainly wasn’t Camp Bestival’s fault, just a combination of migraine, rain and Dexter was too young to be of much help!) but sadly, we haven’t been back.


It’s been praying on my mind because I wonder whether I’ve been too stubborn about saying no to camping holidays as a whole. As a single parent, with only one income coming in, a camping holiday actually makes so much sense, and I really enjoyed exploring more of the UK this year. (You can read about my trips to Wiltshire, Suffolk and Nottingham by clicking on the links.) So especially after having such great trips in the UK, my mind is a little more open to UK holidays, and I’ve even got a walking holiday planned for Dexter and myself to Cornwall at end of May. Quite how I’m going to persuade him to come out walking with me is another matter entirely! But I’ll deal with that nearer the time. #TweenProblems


I loved exploring Cornwall and Devon last year – Cornwall for the Eden Project, and Devon for a fantastic blogger weekend, and I’d really like to see more of the south-west. A walk along the Woolacombe coast looks like a good place to start – it is full of rich history, beautiful beaches (Woolacombe Beach was voted best beach in UK by Trip Advisor users), and there are lots of things to do as a family … oh and the pubs look pretty nice too! (I’ve done my research!). For accommodation, the award winning family friendly holiday parks at www.woolacombe.co.uk are an obvious choice for the family holiday – just look on their website to see the number of facilities available and different accommodation choices.


My point is, I need to be more open-minded about different types of holidays for us as a family. Actually, come to think of it, I’m staying in a lodge tent in France in September, completely forgot about that! So my open-mind is in full effect already!


I’ve always had a passion for travel. When I left school, I wanted to go to college to study Travel & Tourism, but Mum (bless her) wanted me to follow in her footsteps and do a secretarial course because, “Those skills will always come in handy!” And she was right, of course, I had a successful career as a ‘high-flying’ Chief Executive’s PA in London for nearly 20 years. However … getting married at 20 (yup, 20) and having a family so young, put the brakes on travelling even more and as much as I loved my life (at least until the divorce!), I always felt I’d missed out a little. No gap year to go travelling … actually, no uni until I was 36, the occasional package holiday with my ex-husband and parents, and it was fun. But it was like a scratch I couldn’t itch. I was tied to working in London because we needed the money, I had a young son to provide for and travel was the last thing on our minds.


Fast forward a ‘few years’ and everything has changed. I mean EVERYTHING. I’ve been single for four years, I’ve moved house several times, Mum passed, the kids have grown/are growing up and I have my independence back. It’s one of the reasons Amanda, Jen and I started our collaborative travel blog, We Blog Travel, because we all felt the same. We’d found a new-found love of travel later in life and as much as we tend to only talk about luxury/high-end travel on that blog, that’s not to say we’re not averse to exploring other possibilities.


Because that’s the key thing – we are in a fortunate position whereby travel is now part of our job and we couldn’t be happier.


Life has, in some ways, come full circle for me. I might not have the body of a 20-year-old (clearly!) but my spirit for adventure is young. I find myself saying yes to new things, much more than no, and maybe particularly because Mum died so young, I feel the need to grab every opportunity I can.


I went off at a bit of a tangent there but I wanted to explain why travel has become more prevalent in my life – so that’s just a little back story.


Anyway, my tan from Lanzarote is fading and as I write this, it’s snowing. Actual snow. In April. The world is truly a crazy, but wonderful place, and I can’t wait to explore more of it.


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* This is a collaborative post.

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