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I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Mine has mostly been at home (for a change) and it’s been nice just pottering about like the old lady I am – more of that later. I’ve caught up with writing blog posts, shopping and visiting Dad … there really is no end to my jetset lifestyle you know.


So I don’t know if any have you caught a blog post I wrote this week about how age affects you when you are trying to look for work, if not you can read that HERE, but I have a work update for you. I’ve been through a fairly exhaustive interview process for a part-time, work from home job for the last two weeks and I didn’t want to jinx it by mentioning it but … *drumroll* … I got the job and start Monday! I’m so delighted because it’s a fascinating company and I’ll be doing all of their admin, bookings and social media six days a week – which should keep me out of mischief. I said at the end of the blog post I mentioned earlier that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe it does because as soon as I hit publish on the post, I got the email to say I’d been successful. This job is very much suited to my lifestyle, the things I believe in and the type of people I like to work with so I am really pleased.


Food wise, it was business as usual. I can’t believe how much better I feel now I’m back on the Slimming World train .. choo-choo!! (Sorry.) Less/no bloating, my sore boobs have gone and my energy levels are high again. I say high … I’ve been thinking a lot about exercise lately, not actually doing any, just thinking about it! I know it’s time I need to seriously schedule some exercise into my day, and I don’t just mean walking round Tescos, which is pretty much all I do at the moment. I mean proper exercise.


I live less than a 10-minute walk from the gym that I have been a member of on and off several times over the years, and I’m debating whether to speak to them again about membership. The one thing that really puts me off joining again, apart from the monthly cost (I haven’t been able to join due to lack of job security), but I hate it when they tie you in for a 12-month membership and if that is still the case, I won’t join. So I’m going talk to them and see what they say, but I would imagine they offer some type of flexible membership. I do feel a little intimidated when I go to gyms, I don’t know about you. I’ve lost this weight but it’s a drop in the ocean really and I’m still a very big girl, I know that, and I know that most of the people that go to this gym will be young, fit things, but I think it’s important to do some weight-bearing exercise, especially as I get older, and I’m hoping it will just give me some focus and motivation to get my lazy arse into gear.


Or I’ll just sign up and not go for the next 12 months. Either/or.


This week I made a conscious effort to add more speed food to my meals. Yes my meals are still quite samey but, for example, if I had baked beans and dry fried eggs for lunch (with hot sauce!), I’m now adding onions and mushrooms to it. With my banana pancakes in the morning, I’m adding raspberries to the batter and fresh rasberries on the side. I don’t know whether it’s had any effect on my diet particularly, other than to fill me up even more, but I was never really hungry anyway.


I did make one new dish this week, which was Slimming World-friendly onion rings – I just sliced the onions, and coated them in beaten egg and Smash. Bunged them in the oven for 25 minutes and bingo!  Dexter had his with Slimming World KFC Chicken, and, surprise, surprise, I had mine with salmon!


slimming world onion rings


Oooh, before I forget, is anyone else having bra issues? I really resent forking out for new bras when they’re so expensive (at my size), but they are looking rather … baggy. And my bras! Lolnotlol. I’m on the last clasp of my bras now and I think perhaps once I’ve lost another 10lbs I will have to bite the bullet and pay a visit to Marks & Spencers to hoist those bad boys up.


Also, I just need to vent briefly about something I saw on a Slimming World Facebook group. For the most part, I find Slimming World Facebook groups really supportive, motivating and interesting, and I’m a sucker for a before and after photo. But sometimes some women can just be really downright mean. This particular young lady had posted a photo of herself in a bikini, a before and after shot, and asked everybody if they could see a difference in her body. It was clear she was just looking for some TLC and support, and most women told her what she wanted to hear, and what was obvious, which was that yes, you could clearly see a difference. But one woman felt the need to comment on the style of bikini she had chosen in such a passive aggressive way it made me want to reach through my iPhone and shake her by the shoulders (I’m being polite). It was something along the lines of “I find that a top tip is to wear full bikini bottoms, I find them super flattering.” Yes, this young woman’s bikini was tiny and maybe a different style might have suited her more, but whose business is it anyway? Let the woman wear what she bloody well wants! Being a woman is hard enough, and losing weight is hard enough, without passive aggressive comments like that. Can’t we just all support each other? Grinds my gears it does.


I feel better for getting that off my chest, so let’s move on to the results.




If you remember from last week, I put 2lbs on whilst on holiday in Lanzarote, and I vowed that I would take those 2lbs off this week. And … I have! And it’s my period week too (TMI), and I don’t actually have periods per se, but suffer from a lovely phantom cycle every month – aren’t I lucky?! So my point is, this week in the month is when I will lose less than normal so I’m really pleased with my loss.



slimming world results




I don’t have many trips planned in the next few months and once I work out what to do about exercise, I’m hoping I can start to have consistent losses without all of this yo-yoing.


So I’m back to a total loss of 2 stones and 1/2lb 16 weeks.


I hope you enjoyed my little update and don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Have a lovely week!


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  1. Have you tried looking for a fitness league class. I am 68, have just reached target weight at SW and find that this type of class gives all round exercise and is usually fun.
    I too have had the bra issue and decided to buy some cheap but effective bras from Asda until I can get measured.
    Keep up the good work, love reading your blog.

    1. Hi Susie – I’ve not heard of that before, but will do a little research, thanks for the heads up. And good point re. cheap bras, but they just don’t do the job when I buy them, I’m all over the place 🙂

  2. Great post thankyou, I am great at SW in the week but rubbish at weekend. Usual Sunday bottle of wine comsumed whilst cooking and eating dinner.. now want everything sweet in sight lol xx

    1. Oh god weekends are SO tricky, but I weigh in on a Saturday so can be a little more … flexible when it comes to syns, and then Monday-Friday I’m very strict. Could you change your weigh in day? x

  3. Puregym doesn’t tie you into a contract if you have one near you.

    I’ve just started exceeding after losing weight on SW, have found its really helping with toning up.

    1. Thanks Claire – I think we do have one but it’s a 10 minute drive away, which isn’t a massive deal, but I think I’m more likely to go if it’s just round the corner. Good call though.

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