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Well I’m back. The holiday blues haven’t quite caught up with me yet as I’ve just spent a lovely weekend in Oxford with my good friend Jen. We write a collaborative travel blog together, We Blog Travel, along with our friend Amanda, and it was wonderful catching up with her, drinking cocktails, watching Friends at midnight in our freezing cold hotel room and putting the world to rights.


Oh, and before that, I had a photoshoot for a national newspaper that will hopefully be out next week. All I’ll say is that it involves BOOBS!


blogger photoshoot


I’ve been back in the UK for three days and if you read my update for last week you may remember me saying that I veered slightly (very) off plan. As much as I was happy with my decision to faceplant a Crème Brulee, I can’t believe how much my body hated me for it. I felt bloated, sluggish, my boobs were really sore again (after any tenderness I did have had gone completely), and, a little TMI, but I was actually kept awake for two nights and was really sick. And that’s with me not going really mad and gorging on food 24/7, it was just me going back to eating the foods I ate before – bread, chips, ice cream and desserts. It really goes to show that there are some foods my body just can’t tolerate. And maybe I never could tolerate them, it was just that before I knew no different and didn’t know that I could feel so much better if I just ate the right foods.


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Anyway, onwards and upwards, and even though I had a few treats over the weekend in Oxford, I didn’t go mad, had four chips instead of the whole bucket, cut the fat off the steak, had two cocktails instead of 20 and had an omelette for breakfast today instead of a full fry up. I snacked on apples in the car instead of Wine Gums, and I’ve come home and cooked a lovely roast chicken dinner for myself and Dexter with my infamous Slimming World Oxo roast potatoes.


aperol spritz


I think what I’m trying to say is that even if you have a bad week, it’s important to just think about why you’re trying to lose weight and get back on plan as soon as you can. (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.) *Taps head* It’s all about the mindset.


oxford town

We had a lovely wander around Oxford (before the cocktails!) 

Because I’ve had half of this week in Lanzarote, and you know the kinds of things I’ve been eating there, there’s no point sharing any meals with you this week as I haven’t tried anything new, because I haven’t been at home, but I am going to make my Slimming World Beef Curry again next week so if you haven’t seen that yet, click HERE and give it a go yourself – you won’t regret it!




Whilst I was away I wondered how much weight I would have put on by the time I weighed myself this weekend. I imagined half a stone, and the mantra that was going around my head all week was, “You deserve to put half a stone and more back on because of the way you’ve eaten!” Now, as confident and positive as I am, and I hope I come across, the negative voice in my head has been around for years and it’s just going to take a little time for it to go and, thankfully, it doesn’t rear its ugly head very often any more. I think I was just feeling so bleurgh on holiday because of the food I’d eaten that it was hard to feel confident and positive.


So I weighed myself and I have put 2lbs on. Couldn’t believe it was such a small amount but I think I managed to pull it back a bit because I didn’t snack during the day, I ate three meals each day and we did a fair bit of exercise, swimming and walking. I’m confident that I can take that 2lbs off next week so I’d better dig out the salmon, boiled eggs and banana pancakes!


oxford town centre


I hope your weight loss is going in the right direction but do remember that it’s a marathon, and that if you have a week off-plan, it’s not the end of the world. I’m always here for you to talk to if you ever want to rant/ask questions/just chat.


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