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Time for my weekly slimming update so if this isn’t your cup of (sugar-free) tea, then that’s OK, we still friends. This was week 13 and it went a little like this.


So last weekend was Easter and surprisingly, I wasn’t particularly tempted to make love to a Crème Egg … ewww, sorry, that’s not a lovely vision is it, but you know what I mean. Crème Eggs were definitely invented by the devil because I think they are about nine syns each and this time last year I could easily have eaten half a dozen in one go. They are my drug of choice. This year, however, I had one mini Crème Egg that was in the egg that I bought Dexter and it was a case of business as usual.


I think losing weight is just a series of making good choices. I am choosing losing weight over the short-lived satisfaction of eating crappy food. Now I know I sound like one of those really annoying slimming twats that makes losing weight sound really easy. The ones I have always hated and avoided, but losing weight is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done so whenever I make light of it (pardon the pun), I honestly know how hard it is and it’s just my sense of humour. I’ve always known that losing weight is ‘just’ a case of eating less calories and expending more energy, but it’s all about where your head is at. So the hardest part of losing weight for me is the psychological aspect of it. Not sabotaging myself when I get to a one-stone weight loss, which is what I’ve always done in the past. Analysing why I do the things I do and eat the things I eat. Questioning habits. Changing my inner voice from negative to positive. Being proud of the smallest weight loss, as opposed to beating myself up for not losing enough.


Does any of that sound familiar?


This week was similar to last week insofar as it consisted of visiting Dad, applying for jobs (unfortunately I didn’t get the job I went for last week, their loss etc), and I even cut the grass. Not a euphemism, I actually did cut the actual grass. Routine is good when it comes to losing weight but I’m off to Lanzarote on Thursday with two hotel stays before that, so my will will be tested this week!




The mighty banana pancake is still my go-to breakfast, and I probably make Slimming World Baked Oats to have as a snack three times a week. Salmon salad is still the king of dinners – I’m nothing if not predictable. However, I do have a new food addiction! *Drum roll* It’s sushi! Rice, fish, vegetables … it’s a great low-calorie lunch, even if it is a bit pricey. I normally follow it up with an apple which fills me up until dinner time.


slimming world lunch


Last night (Saturday night), I couldn’t be bothered to cook. It’s the first time I’ve really felt like that and I just fancied something different, so I went to the kebab shop. Don’t panic, nothing dangerous passed my lips, so to speak. It’s not a great photo, I think I was too hungry to think about actually getting a good shot, but I just ordered a large chicken kebab, with sauce on the side, so I’m calling it may be three syns for oil the chicken might have been marinated in, and the tiniest bit of sauce. It was really delicious and proved to me that I can still eat healthily and make good choices even when I’m faced with a battered cod or two.


slimming world dinner


The same thing happened this morning when I went to our favourite cafe whilst Dexter was preparing for his football match. I hadn’t had time for breakfast so I walked down to the cafe – they were surprised to see me, I think their takings must have dropped in the last three months, but I felt strong enough to go there and choose the right thing. So instead of hash browns and sausages, I ordered poached eggs, beans, mushrooms and one slice of bacon, with the fat cut off. I was really proud of myself because these are real temptations and this is real life, so to be able to be faced with your demons and do the right thing, it just shows how my mindset has completely changed.


I cooked my infamous Slimming World Pulled Pork for tonight’s dinner in my trusty Sage Fast Slow Pro, and I cried again as I had to say farewell to the skin that could have been crackling. (Insert single tear emoji.)


slimming world pulled pork


I’ve been to a couple of coffee shops this week and I’m able to just order a coffee with no cake on the side. It’s all about getting out of those bad habits and knowing I have synned chocolate to look forward to in the evening really helps. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m having an inner debate with myself at the counter about whether I should have the bloody toasted teacake or not, but these days, I’m just more in control. It feels really good not to feel so beholden by food. To have control over food, rather than the other way around.



I lost 1.5lbs this week.  I’m really happy – I know my weight loss has slowed down dramatically but that’s OK, at least it’s coming off!  So that’s 2 stones and 1/2 lb in 13 weeks.


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


I won’t be weighing in next week as I WILL BE SUNBATHING, but I’m not going to ruin all my good work whilst I’m away. I mean obviously, the occasional cocktail will be drunk, but it’s cool, I’m not worried.


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  1. Well done Kate, you’re doing amazingly! You can see such a difference in your pics too. I actually managed to pour away some leftover pancake batter after making the little one pancakes for dessert tonight. Definitely not something I’d have done even just a few weeks ago. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the end. Have a lovely time in Lanzarote! x

  2. I’m doing Slimming World. Haven’t been since the end of February as had a knee replacement. I shall go back week after next. ( Still a bit wobbly on one crutch!) I love your posts and your attitude to food. It’s amazing what we learn to do without. I have been a member since July ’15 and have lost 4 stone. Still a way to go. Keep up your good work and your blog. Always makes me smile. X

    1. Well done Sheila, I really do admire you. I can’t imagine every getting to 4 stone with my 1-2 pound losses, but I’m sure I will (eventually!) Hope you recover soon x

  3. If you are finding sushi expensive and want to eat it regularly it’s pretty simple to make your own. One batch of rice makes quite a lot of sushi so you’d be sorted for the week!

  4. Well done you look great. I agree with you about the psychological aspect of losing weight and the inner debates that you have with yourself at various times. I have just achieved my target weight after 6 months of slimming world and one thing that helped me to get there was reminding myself that no food made me feel as good as the feeling I got when other people noticed that I had lost weight and told me how good I looked. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  5. I just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your Slimming World updates – I feel a bit like a lurker reading and never commenting Lol! For a long time I have been doing a lot of comfort eating (I have recently become a single mum of two under 7 and I’m the same age as you) – cake and pastries are my downfall – too much of a sweet tooth – but now I have finally decided that I should just put the brakes on (feeling uncomfortable and lethargic) your words about making good food choices come back to me and it’s actually quite a powerful way to think about it. You’re doing an amazing job and it’s really inspiring. X

    1. Ah Sam, that’s so nice of you to come out from the shadows and comment lol! I have a few lurkers, don’t worry 🙂 Cakes/pastries are always my go-to food whenever I’m feeling bleurgh and being on holiday this week has set me back a little as I have just bought some. I don’t know why – habit? Because I feel I ‘deserve’ a ‘week off’? Who knows. I do know that I’ll be back on it when I come home, and that’s the important thing. Thanks again for commenting x

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