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I’ve just been round to see my Dad, as I do most afternoons, and his cousin was there. She is the loveliest of ladies and even though I’m not quite sure what relation that makes her to me, I always like being in her company because she reminds me of my late Mum – warm and cuddly!


Anyway, I digress. We were talking about upcoming holidays and she mentioned that she was going to Mallorca this year and it really took me back because it was the place that we used to go to as a family when I was really young. In fact, one of my earliest ever memories was of me running around a swimming pool, falling over and going to Mum for a cuddle and, no doubt, lots of ice cream to help me recuperate! It’s funny the things you remember isn’t it?


The older I get, the more my criteria for holidays changes. I think that’s probably natural, but it’s quite interesting that I look for very different things in a holiday now than I did when I was younger. These days I’m looking for peace, natural beauty, sunshine (of course!) and a modern/clean place to stay in. With that in mind, I’ve been looking at Book Mallorca recently and they have lots of lovely places to stay in, but even better, they have places to buy in Mallorca.


I’ve toyed with emigrating for years and it just never quite happened for me, but recently I was joking with my best friend (who is also single) about how we should retire to somewhere sunny when the time comes – think Hinge & Bracket abroad.  (Google them if you’re too young to remember!) But there’s a method in my madness and the more I think about it, the more I think I could make it happen … perhaps sooner, rather than later.


I have a vision of myself in a floaty skirt, bikini top and Chanel sunglasses, wandering along a Mallorcan seafront, stopping for the occasional cold beer and plate of tapas. I’d read books all day and make like-minded friends. (After I win the lottery) I’d buy an apartment with enough room for the boys to come and visit oh, and I would definitely get a dog to keep me company. I may even have the occasional male Spanish visitor to take me out for a Cava or two! I’d live next door to my friend Jo and we’d travel around the island together in an open-topped jeep. I’ve thought of it all!


It’s good to daydream and I 100% blame my addiction to A Place in the Sun for it, but it’ll happen one day. Definitely maybe.


Do you ever dream about emigrating?


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  1. Now that sounds like a perfect dream of reality! Nice to walk into you today Kate and wow my lovely you are looking great

    Michelle x

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