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Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break and that you haven’t over-indulged on Creme Eggs too much. I haven’t popped my Creme Egg cherry for 2016 yet, but today could be the day!


I’ve had a good week, not too many temptations thrown my way, and for once I’ve actually been at home this weekend. A bloody outrage I know! I did mention last week that I thought I had four weeks at home before Dexter and I went to Lanzarote but it’s actually now less than two weeks. Still, one of the many benefits of a villa holiday is that no one sees you in a bikini. Talking of which, I remember writing about whether big girls ‘should’ wear bikinis last year and it might be prudent for me to read that again this time of year – you can find the follow up post here. It does include a gratuitous shot of me in a bikini but basically I’m just saying that even if you’re a big girl, just wear the bikini already. Or not. But it’s up to you and in most cases, the world is too busy with its own issues to judge you.


I had another interview in London on Monday for a new job, I’m still waiting to hear the outcome of that, so fingers crossed I progress to the next stage. I think it’s inevitable I will be coming back to London to work as I am being put forward for several jobs at the moment which I know I could do really well, so it’s just a case of which one fits me the best. I am a firm believer that interviews are two-way streets and it’s as much about me figuring out if they are the type of company I’d like to work with than the other way around.


With regards to food, it’s strange but whenever I go into a food shop now, for example Marks & Spencer at St Pancras train station, I go into the shop with the mindset of knowing exactly what I’m going to buy and so my attention isn’t easily diverted by the croissants on the left and the Viennese Whirls on the right. I go straight for a pot of mango and a couple of boiled eggs, pay for them and leave straight away. It doesn’t even feel like a hardship anymore, it’s a habit. Another example is that I took Dexter and a couple of his friends to McDonald’s today for lunch, after we had played golf football all morning, and it just wasn’t on my radar to order anything for myself. I didn’t even bother to think about what would be the least synned item on the menu because I just thought, I might as well wait half an hour and cook my lunch at home because then I know exactly what I’m eating.


No you know me, when I’m away travelling or there is a special occasion, I’m not afraid to treat myself to full-fat yummy food, and I love enjoying a great meal in a wonderful restaurant, but in order to enjoy that and not put (too much) weight on, I have to be as good as I can from Monday to Friday, and that’s what I am able to do right now. So I’m no martyr, but I’ve managed to work out where I can save syns and then treat myself if and when the mood arises.



My go-to lunch for the last week or so has been a tin of Heinz Barbecue Beans with two dry-fried eggs on top and a splash of Franks’ Hot Sauce. (I bought it in Sainsburys, I don’t know a bloke called Frank. Ooh, actually I do, my next door neighbour – anyway, it isn’t his hot sauce.) I digress. It might sound bizarre, but it is tasty, hot and filling and really hits the spot. I even treated myself to some dry-fried leftover Slimming World Oxo roast potatoes with it one day! Living the dream people, living the dream.


slimming world lunch

It looks like something that would be served up in prison, but trust me, it was delicious. Beans, eggs and spuds – perfect.

slimming world dinner

Again, -10 for presentation skills, but delicious.


Dinners are similar this week to that of last week – salmon salad, with boiled eggs and no carbs, or beef casserole and then leftovers the next day. I did a chicken breast in a Maggi Paprika flavoured paper one evening, and you dry-fry that with no oil. The paper keeps the chicken really moist, and I served it with new potatoes fried in a little spray oil, with mixed herbs and garlic salt, and sweetcorn – we all loved it. Research tells me one paper is only 1 syn, so it’s a really low-syn way of cooking chicken.


I’ve made Slimming World Baked Oats a few times this week again and I’m sure if I were to go to Slimming World group I would be told I couldn’t eat them in the way I do, ie. as a snack not for breakfast, but I look at it is like this – if it stops me faceplanting a cream doughnut, then it can’t be that bad. I am also terrible at eating my HeB (and HeA for that matter) and so at least this way I’m eating them. But I’m just finding my way through Slimming World and although my diet isn’t perfect, it’s clearly working for me so I’m going to carry on as I am. Until it doesn’t work. And then I’ll do something different.


As it is Easter, I baked the Slimming World Weetabix Cake (but I just call it a fruit loaf) and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s crunchy on the outside, moist in the middle, full of sultanas and really quite sweet. (In fact, you could probably cut down on the sweetener a bit.) I can definitely recommend it though. Let me know if you try it out – I’d love to see a photo.


slimming world weetabix cake


Things I’ve Noticed:


I am feeling less bloated and my clothes are definitely looser this week. I think even my shoes feel looser, which is a bit weird, but I guess you can lose weight on your feet too! I have more energy than I had three months ago, even just down to not wheezing when I get off the sofa and my limbs not aching when I walk down the stairs. I find it’s the small things that mean the most.


Oh and as much as I like baggy pyjamas, I’ve had to ditch a pair of size 20 PJ bottoms and downsize to a 14/16 as I kept falling over them because they’re literally falling down. I have never looked sexier.



Do you remember I was in Wiltshire last weekend eating ALL the food? Well, I wasn’t sure how this week’s weigh-in would go, but I’ve lost 2lbs! That’s 1 stone and 13lbs in 12 weeks. A sodding pound short of 2 stones, but I’ll get that bad boy next week.


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


I’m really delighted with that and it goes to show that you can still enjoy food and lose weight, it’s just all about balance. If I go to a nice restaurant, I don’t eat like a pig – I may have one slice of bread instead of three, scrape the butter on it instead of slicing it, eat half a pudding instead of a whole pudding etc. These little changes to the way I eat can be long-term lifestyle changes that I can hopefully maintain because I don’t want to ever feel like I am on a diet.


Diets. Do. Not. Work. Fact.


So that’s my 3 month update done and as per, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me – we’re all in this together, right?


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – have a great week!


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    1. Well done. It is really tough going but you are right, it is a permanent change in mindset…unless your thyroid packs up! Luckily, my medication is working, so losing weight is happening now but for a long while it wasn’t which was extremely frustrating! Keep it up Kate. Xx

  1. I’m loving reading your posts about SW. I started doing it ‘at home’ on January 8th and have lost 2stone 2lb in 11 weeks…I gave myself 12weeks to fit in with my subscription to see if it actually worked! Like you I’m not on a diet, but have made ‘lifestyle and eating habit changes’ ones I hope will be with me from now on…no going without and no feeling deprived…thank you Kate…it’s fab to read your recipes and musings…keep going xx

  2. Came across blog through a friend paying a link/recipe on FB and now addicted. Love reading progress and what you get up to. Can I ask are you going to class or doing online? Well done you are looking fab, JJ

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like the blog! I joined SW in November, hated the class aspect of it and gave up after 2 weeks. Started again on Boxing Day on my own and it’s going really well – I don’t think you ‘need’ to go to class, but it works for some people.

  3. You look brilliant. You look fresher, lighter not just in weight but what shows on your face. You get me? Well done on the baggy PJs – is it too late to keep them and have them in a before and after shot (in a 1970s way). Keep going as this is fab for all of us. Elinor x

  4. I’ve lost nearly two stone on SW too and my shoes are definitely looser! I have to wear two pairs of socks in them to stop my feet from slopping around…

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