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It’s that time of week again and I am writing my Week 11 Slimming World results update from the most beautiful B&B in Whitley, Wiltshire called The Pear Tree. I’m pretty tired, but that’s for two reasons.


  • After being adamant that he needed his own bed/room because like, he’s well old, Dexter fell asleep in my bed at 9pm and he was so exhausted after a day at Longleat, I just couldn’t move him.
  • The couple next door to us were clearly following the Slimming World plan last night as they were doing lots of their own body magic. All night. So that’s nice.


Moving on. I found the week pretty easy, the weekend, not so much. Because I had been away with 14 other food bloggers last weekend, and ate my entire bodyweight in Dorset apple cake, I tried to compensate a little during the week by cutting out my two daily yoghurts. I know it’s hardly a massive gesture, but that’s 200 calories less per day and quite frankly, I refuse to cut back on my fun-size Maltesers. It’s the only fun I get! No fun-size Maltesers, no fun-size Kate.  Anyway, I thought I’d try it to see what happened.




I’m still on an illegal banana pancake breakfast tip (so shoot me), and salmon for dinner most nights, but try to vary them a little bit by adding pickled onions (to the salmon, not the banana pancakes) and raspberries to the banana pancakes (not the salmon). I sure know how to live.


pan fried salmon


Most evenings, I don’t have carbs, and I find that if I have a lot of protein, I’m just not hungry afterwards (hence the 2 hard boiled eggs).


banana pancakes


I put a spoonful of chocolate spread on top of the banana pancake and then dolloped more batter on top so that when I cut into them, warm chocolate sauce dribbled out. Damn, it was so good! 


I did make a really delicious, hearty beef casserole one night in my Sage Fast Slow Pro. I bought a really cheap cut of topside for £3.50, threw in a bag of casserole veg, a beef stock pot and 50 minutes later, voila … delicious beef casserole. It was lovely with a little bit of horseradish on the side and I served it with Oxo roast potatoes. I shoved all the leftovers in the frying pan the next day and it tasted even better. So that worked out at three meals for £4.50! I’m clearly no Gordon Ramsay and I know it looks rank, but it was lovely, honest.


beef casserole


I made Baked Oats for the first time this week and it’s proved a little lifesaver. I make two batches (70g of oats), put them in cupcake cases (this makes 6) and I eat three and then there are three leftover for the kids, who (annoyingly) happen to love them too. Yes, I ‘should’ syn the cooked raspberries, but I don’t. I packed some for our weekend road trip to so that the lure of a KFC at Fleet services didn’t become too much and I had something healthy to eat. Always. Be. Prepared.


slimming world baked oats


The weekend, of course, has been a different story, but we will worry about that at next weeks weigh-in. As much as I am allowing myself the occasional slice of warm home-made olive bread before dinner (mmmmm), I stop eating before I get full, last night I chose not to have dessert or starter and I only had one gin – check me out! Before Slimming World, I had no boundaries, food-wise I mean, and I would allow myself to eat and drink whatever I fancied – and that’s why I ended up the size I did, so I will take these small victories.


We went to Longleat for the day yesterday and it struck me that I was a lot more active and willing to try new things than I used to be, which was interesting. I found myself climbing to the top of a play castle turret, on the narrowest of narrow staircases, I was dicking about on a roundabout with Dexter and today, for my sins (not syns), we were meant to go on a canoe ride. It didn’t happen because the Slimming World Gods shone upon me and I’ve got the runs, lose an entire 48 hours’ worth of food. Phew!


But my point is, I was all set to do it. The me 3 months ago would never have said yes and although I was nervous about whether my ample bottom would have fit in a boat, I was at least willing to give it a go. My mindset has changed in the 11 weeks I’ve been losing weight and I am more open to new challenges and experiences. I’ve high fived myself, don’t worry.




I’ll get it over with, I maintained this week. Which, if I’m honest, thinking back on everything I ate in Dorset last weekend, is a bloody miracle. So that’s 1 stone 11lbs loss in 11 weeks.


I think the only reason I haven’t put weight on is because I adjusted my diet during the week and even though I still ate three good meals a day, every day, I cut back on the extras, like the yoghurts, so that clearly made a difference.


slimming world before after


I think my body is a little relieved that I’m not going away for the next four weekends and I’m going to work hard to increase my weight loss during this time. I’m going to Lanzarote at Easter but that will be self catering in a villa so I will have much more control over what I eat, even if the occasional Maxibon does pass my lips.


slimming world before after


I think this pink top (above) is a size 20 – I’ve had it for a few years now, but I love the colour. This used to be quite snug on me, especially in the boobal region, but if you look at the front, you’ll see just how much spare room there is now. I refuse to throw the damn thing away though.


Maintaining this week doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it took me years to get this fat, it’s not all going to come off overnight, and I’m confident I will lose a few pounds in the next four weeks.


So that’s my week, how was yours?


Don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I will pull my finger out this week and try out (and share) some new recipes this week, So keep an eye out for those. Until next week!


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  1. Looking fab Kate, well done on the weight loss, I’ve put on some weight over the last few months with the stress of a family member being ill so this has really inspired me. Gorgeous food shots too and love how confident and happy you sound. Yay!

    1. Thanks Vicky, that’s very kind of you, and sorry to hear your family has suffered some sadness lately – I’m going through something similar and it’s very stressful isn’t it?

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