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Today I’m really excited to share with you a new brand that I’ve been introduced to – Uncommon Goods. They are based in the US (but ship to the UK) and they host a positive plethora of gifts and goodies that I promise you will love!


There’s a story behind every product at UncommonGoods. The products are created by emerging designers who are introducing their work to the world for the first time, artisans working collaboratively in low income countries and seasoned artists crafting each of their pieces by hand. Think of it as a community of passionate, creative and very talented people with a story to tell.


I’ve been lucky enough to be able to choose three items from their website and decided to choose items that fit into various parts of my life.


First of all is this beautiful wooden owl that is designed for you to store your glasses on. When I fall asleep at night, my glasses are dropped onto my bedside table, which also happens to house that evening’s apple core, a yoghurt pot, various nail polishes and half a packet of paracetamol. Suffice to say, I don’t have the tidiest bedside table and so my new owl head is going to hopefully ensure I become a little bit more organised.




wooden owl


Next is this beautiful glass vase. Admittedly, I had anticipated it would be slightly bigger but that serves me right for not reading the measurements! I was just immediately attracted to the colours in the vase and, of course, I can now put a single flower in the vase and put it on my new tidy bedside table. Failing that, I will just put it next to my pretty pink cacti on my desk and it will serve as a reminder to always read the small print! Isn’t it pretty though?


small glass vase


Finally, I chose this practical stacking lunch pot. Because I’m following the Slimming World plan, it’s really important to be super organised when it comes to food. These pots can accommodate hot and cold food (it even includes a fork!) and so I would be happy to take warmed up soup out on my travels, followed by some icy cold grapes.


stacking lunch pots


stacking lunch pot


UncommonGoods is building a business for the long haul – working with their artists to use sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible and choosing environmentally friendlier packing materials. And finally, they work with non-profit organisations through Better to Give, that allows customers to choose a partner for us to donate $1 to with every order. I like that about them. Yes, they’re a business, but they also care about others. Plus they even have a whole section of the website dedicated to ‘ wine decor‘, even selling a ‘wall wine bar’ – a wine bar that attaches to your wall! They also sell  housewarming goods, such as this lovely personalised cutting board, so there’s definitely something for every occasion.


Have a look round the site and see what you think. I received my goods within a couple of days of ordering them (definitely less than a week), everything was packaged really well and all my items arrived safely. It’s a great site I’m happy to recommend.


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