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Hello from Dorset! Yes, I’m away again which, as wonderful as travelling is, is not really that conducive to losing weight. But travelling is all about life experiences, which is much more important than the HUGE amount of weight I have to lose.  *sigh*


Anyway, here’s another weekly update for you – that’s ten weeks now completed following Slimming World. TEN! I’m shouting because this is a really long time to be on a diet, for me that is. So I’m rather chuffed I’m still following the plan and although I suspect I’ll actually be on it for at least the rest of the year (if not life!), taking it one week at a time is definitely the best way to approach it. If I think about how much weight I have to lose and how long it will take, I would cry.


I’ve had a good week, testing myself by having to go to London twice this week. The first time was for the interview I mentioned last week and even though the interview went well, I’ve just found out I didn’t get the job. It was a great opportunity, and there was some really positive feedback, but it’s OK – I’m a great believer/belieber that good things will happen and my time will come. EVENTUALLY. Interestingly, when I got to London, I had 40 minutes before my interview and toyed with getting a taxi so that I wouldn’t turn up to the interview a hot sweaty mess, but instead I chose to walk the 25 minutes or so. I actually put that down to the Slimpods (click on the link to find out more) I’ve mentioned before – it seems to tap into your unconscious and change the way you look at things (without you realising), and so whereas I used to catch a cab rather than walk, I just seem to make different, healthier decisions now. So that was interesting. And also when I got to the train station (both on the way to and from the interview), normal practice (lol @ ‘normal practice’) would be to go straight to Pret for a warm raisin Danish pastry (mmmm … with crystallised sugar on top) and a coffee but this time I ate the apple I took with me on the train and picked up an egg and ham salad for the journey home.


ham egg salad


So, small but important changes.


The second time I went to London was for a brainstorming session with a lovely company I’m working with called Canvas Holidays. Not only did they provide sandwiches, but they also provided Haribo and Minstrels! For the love of God!


angel versus devil


Luckily, there was also fruit there and so I had two quarters of a sandwich and 45 apples.



So all was going well. I had my usual salmon and salad (no carbs) most nights for dinner and I’m still not bored with it! I also made this delicious chicken casserole in the Sage Fast Slow Pro


slimming world chicken casserole


Picked up a bag of nearly out of date casserole veg, chucked it in with some chicken stock, new potatoes and a whole chicken on top – bosh, 50 minutes later, it was ready to eat! For some reason, I finished the chicken off in a hot oven to crisp up the skin I couldn’t eat … not sure why I bothered, but it made for a better photo! It’s a great syn-free dinner for when it’s cold outside – AKA all of the time.


Syn-free dinners are all very well and good however, but coming to Dorset means this has happened:


dorset food


I don’t know how it all fell into my mouth, but it sure was delicious! But don’t fear, I didn’t go too mad – just had a little bit of what I fancied.


One more thing I noticed this week was that I didn’t seem to overspill on the train seat so much. There’s a lovely vision, my arse cheeks hanging over the train seat, but anyway, as I sat next to a lady I didn’t feel like I was invading her space as much as I used to, so I’m pretty sure we were both pleased about that!




Because I’ve come away to Dorset this weekend ON A BLOODY FOODIE BLOGGER WEEKEND, I thought I’d weigh-in a day early, so Friday instead of Saturday, and I’ve lost the 1lb I put on last week. Which takes my total loss to 1 stone and 11lbs in 10 weeks.


Yeah, so that’s all well and good, and I’m pleased of course, but really I should be losing more weight than this and so I’m going to really look at how I can cut back a little next week to experiment and see if the weight starts to come off quicker again. I know it’s a marathon not a race blah blah, but at my size I can’t be arsed to keep putting a pound on and then taking it off the next week – at that rate, I’ll still be this size by Christmas. So … with that in mind, I’m going to experiment by trying to cut back on my chocolate syns. Every night, I have two bags (fun-size, honest) of Maltesers, along with some mango and a yogurt, so I’m going to cut the chocolate out. OK, I’m going to try and cut the chocolate out and see what happens. I know it’s good to have my 15 syns but I never count cooked bananas for a start, so it’s not like I won’t be having any syns at all.  Also, it’s become a bit of a crutch (not crotch) – a habit that I’ve formed. Going to bed with an armful of goodies, albeit ones I’m ‘allowed’, and I don’t think that’s particularly a good thing. Anyway, we’ll see if it makes a difference.


slimming world before after


slimming world before after


I know I’ve ‘accidentally’ pushed in one side of my muffin top in the above photo but I’m now able to actually put my legs together without my thighs spilling everywhere, so that’s nice. And I’m happy that, for the most part, the weight seems to be coming off my body quite evenly, although I can stop losing weight on my boobs now thanks very much.


In the meantime, business usual and yes, I’m away again next weekend too. Oh well, all good fun – I think I’m even going to be doing some rowing next week, which should provide a few good laughs and some great blog fodder.


Have a great week and don’t forget you can always message me via email, Facebook or find me on Twitter or Instagram.


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  1. Oh well done you, you must feel so much better for it
    I am struggling even putting on a pound this week and I’ve been so good lol
    I’m fighting the battle of thyroide and now steroids….I have so in 9 weeks I’ve lost only 9 lbs but that’s losing and putting back on, so frustrating. I will do it and reading your blog has helped me stay on the right road.
    Thanks, rant over, loving reading your blog

    1. Hi Michele – rant away! It must be frustrating for you – my Dad is on steroids and puts weight on (which is good for him), so I can imagine it’s hard work for you. But you’ll get there, it might just be a little slower 🙂

  2. Well done on your loss this week I stumbled across your blog a few days ago, as have (re)started slimming world this week, and was looking for inspirational recipes! Good luck with the rowing (you must be crazy!) I look forward to reading all about it x

  3. I’m seriously thinking of stowing away in your suitcase next time you go away, not that my ample arse would fit in there of course! Sorry you didn’t land the job, I’m sure something amazing will come your way soon.

    Well done on getting that 1lb off this week. You’re doing amazingly, especially with all the gorgeous food that seems to be constantly put in your path. I need to step things up a bit too. Chocolate keeps accidentally falling into my mouth pretty much every day and my exercise is non existent. Enjoy your next trip x

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