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I’m into my 10th week following Slimming World and one thing that has really helped me lose weight is finding alternatives to food I ate pre-‘diet’ … it’s a bit like a beauty blogger finding High Street dupes for designer mascaras, except you can eat these! In fact, the first recipe I tried out was Slimming World Chocolate Cake and I just feel good knowing that if I’m craving cake, I don’t have to head to Greggs. Result.

So today I’m bringing you a very simple recipe for Slimming World Oat Cookies. I’ll be honest, it’s no Hobnob, but it’s biscuity in texture and you could make some tweaks to this basic recipe that would improve it no end. I kept the mixture quite thick when I put it on the baking tray and so even a few days later, they’re still soft in the middle. You could spread the mixture more thinly and have more of a crisp biscuit.




  • 35g unsweetened porridge oats (your Healthy B allowance)
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tablespoons sweetener
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract



  • Pre-heat oven to 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas 6
  • Mix egg well in a bowl.
  • Add oats, sweetener and vanilla – mix well.
  • Line baking tray with greaseproof paper.
  • Spoon mixture onto baking tray (I added a little coconut oil spray to the greaseproof paper after the debacle with the Raspberry Roulade!)
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes, then turn biscuits and cook for a further 5 minutes until golden brown.


slimming world oat cookies



If you’re using the oats as your HexB allowance, then these are syn-free, otherwise they are 6 syns for one batch. 

(Edit: I believe some/all? sweeteners now need to be synned, so if that’s your jam, please just re-calculate accordingly.)



I think I need to add something to this basic recipe to jazz them up a bit, so I’ve bought some lemon flavouring and I’ll try that. But why not try cinnamon, ginger, orange extract or, my favourite idea, some (synned) melted chocolate on top!


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  1. Tried these didn’t turn out like yours Will try again on day off. Bit stupid question do you turn tin or actuall biscuits over lol
    Before forget good luck for Wednesday

    1. Hi Ruth! Did yours look the same as mine in the before photo? I turned the biscuits over so they’d crisp up a bit on the underside. Thanks re. Wednesday, exciting stuff! x

  2. Did yours stick like glue to the greaseproof paper? Ive just tried turning over and got a few rips in the paper.

    Whenever I try recipes for ‘less unhealthy’ treats they always seem to go wrong 🙁 ! Maybe I am just not destined to bake anything other than full fat full calorie treats. Lets see how hubbies flora light instead of butter and half spoon instead of full sugar birthday cake goes next! xx

    1. How did the birthday cake go Sarah?! I’ve sorted the whole greaseproof paper thing out by the way … I was using ‘non stick’ paper, which is anything but. Greaseproof paper is much better!

    2. I use fry light on my grease proof paper. Slid straight off. I added blue berries to some and cranberries to others. Lovely

  3. I made 2 batches, one with cinnamon, the other with a heaped teaspoon of chocolate orange options added. I also used 3 DESERT spoons of sweetener, NOT 3 tablespoons because I personally can’t stand the artificial taste of sweetener! The cookies turned out ok. Not very sweet but ok when you just need a biscuit!

  4. I just made some with Half a tub of Muller Light mixed in with the oats and egg. Works really well and you can use any flavour 🙂

  5. Just made my first batch. Nearly finished cooking now. At first taste they seemed very sweet but I can adjust that next time. I forgot to buy vanilla essence so used cinnamon which made them smell divine. Just going to get them out of the oven…………. just tried one. It was okay but definitely too sweet for me. I’ll halve the sugar next time. It was a bit soft so I’ll leave them to cool for a bit.

  6. Hi – tried making these, adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to spice ’em up a bit. Also, using 3 tablespoons of sweetner rather than 4.
    I have to say, they tasted a bit too much of artificial sweetner for me. Having another go I’d substitute Sweet Freedom’s syrup rather than using sweetner, But I made them quite thin, and they had a nice crunchy oaty texture.
    Not quite a HobNob but they satisfy that biscuit craving when I’ve a cup of coffee in hand. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  7. Made these with ginger and mixed spice in to take in for taster session. Everyone liked them. I may make them a bit thinner next time to get some crunch.

  8. I didntnadd as much sweetener as in the recipe as most folk commented a bit sweet I doubled everything and got only 10 biscuits (I think my eggs were a bit on the small side) I have added a pinch of dried ginger and cinnamon. Just awaiting them to cool. I plan to use half the batch for a base for quark and plum cheese cake

  9. Not bad a bit chewy and bland first batch10 made double oats egg and cinnamon and ginger
    Second batch with double oats and banana and custard muller light yog made 22 much better texture and flavour mixed spice cinnamon and ginger thanks for the inspiration

    1. Hey Dee, you’re welcome! Yeah, you definitely need to add extra flavourings and it’s not like they’re ever going to taste like a Hob Nob (unfortunately!) but it is a good alternative I think.

  10. On my first batch and mine did look like yours at the beginning but have stuck down badly when it came to turning them lol, I have added some sun free toffee syrup so let’s see

  11. Hi what happens if you make them one day using your heb but don’t eat any and have some the next day , do you have to syn each biscuit or will they still be syn free

  12. Just made these, halved the sweetner and put chopped dates in,
    I will let you all know how they taste.

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