Time for a life update. I do this for my benefit really (so feel free to click away, I won’t be offended!) but I like a monthly brain dump that’s all, probably because no bugger at home listens.


Anyway, I’m writing this on Friday night in a gorgeous hotel room in Suffolk. We’re here for the weekend (Dexter and I) and I’ll write about our trip separately. But suffice to say, I’m lying prostrate (as opposed to prostate), full of steak, gin and mango sorbet.




So, what’s new? As you’ve probably gathered from the gazillion posts about Slimming World, I’ve kinda been on a diet lately. Two (long) months to be precise, not that I’m counting, but it’s going well. I think what’s different this time round is that I’m really making an effort not to feel guilty if I do stray off-plan and have something that perhaps is deemed ‘naughty’. Life’s too short to feel guilty about anything and so if, like tonight, I’ve eaten (GASP) bread and butter and drunk gin instead of water, it’s no big deal. It’s really been a mind over matter experience and I’m really happy that my head is in a good space – it’s amazing the difference that has made.




Yes, I’ve still got pink carpets, and yes I still dream about oak flooring and soft, plush, cream carpets. I’m still wondering whether I should invest in new flooring (new walls, new everything) but because I rent, it’s a tricky one. I want to be here long-term, but should I invest that much money in a house that’s not my house? I mull it over every month, torture myself by actually going to carpet shops and daydreaming about updating this house, and end up not doing anything. However, I also happen to have had a lovely new fire put in the lounge that’s made a world of difference. When I come down in the morning, I don’t have to wait for the heating to kick in, and I can ponce about in my PJs to my heart’s content. So swings and roundabouts really and I can’t grumble – I have lovely landlords that really care about our well-being so we’re lucky.


We’re having real issues with our neighbours though at the moment and I’ve been very concerned about how best to deal with it. The boy next door is very … erm, shouty. And door bangy. Especially very early in the morning. And so for the past few months I’ve got more and more annoyed because who wants to be woken up by screaming kids? I’ve done my time with two children! But I was worried that I’d offend them, or that he had special needs I was unaware of, and I’m not a fan of confrontation so didn’t know what to do! Anyway, I finally spoke to the Dad today and (very politely) told him my concerns. He only went and called his son over! I was mortified! I was trying to be discrete and not involve the child! God, I felt awful. BUT … it turns out that the problem isn’t really with the child, but the mum. Apparently, she doesn’t believe in discipline. So that’s nice. Let’s see if things improve now I’ve said something, but I was very proud of myself for saying something.




As you might remember, my last contract came to an end this month, so I’ve been toying with going back to London to work. It’s not ideal, but needs must. Dexter is nearly 12 and as much as it was important I was home for the last few years, he is a little less reliant on me now and so it’s a viable option. Anyway, I’ve applied for a few things and I’ve got an interview next week! It’s a great job, and I don’t want to jinx it by giving away anything just yet, but I’ll keep you posted!





Yeah, no change. It’s no wonder really, I’ve had my dating profile hidden for the last few months and whenever I go out, it’s to look after my poorly Dad or I’m out with Dexter, hardly puts me in a position to pull. But the longer I’m single, the more settled I feel. My life is just so drama-free and I really like it. Yes, it gets lonely sometimes, but I’m OK with that.


So that’s a little life update for you. 


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