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Bonjourno! I’m back from my little three-day jaunt to Bologna and I seem to have brought back the most hideous cold with me. *cough* However, I wanted to let you know the results after following Slimming World for six weeks. 


I will write about my trip in a separate post but for now, let’s talk food. I knew before I went to Bologna that I wouldn’t be sticking to the Slimming World plan religiously (ie. at all) whilst I was out there, and I just figured you can’t go to Italy and not eat all the wonderful food that’s on offer. I had a fresh croissant filled with lemon cream for breakfast, but also made sure I had a boiled egg for protein and some fresh pineapple to go along with it. We went pottering around the city and ate the free crisps that came with the beers we drank, I had a big Arancini rice ball for lunch one day, and let’s just say that Bologna makes the best fresh strawberry custard tart I’ve ever had! We made our own pasta (and ate that), drank Aperol spritzers and had a takeaway pizza in bed when my cold started to take hold of me.


So suffice to say, I ate what I wanted … and it was bloody lovely!


But here’s the interesting thing. In the past, whenever I’ve been on a ‘diet’ and then I’ve gone away on holiday, I have always beat myself up if I veer from what I should be eating because I have always considered it to be failing. Failing to stick to losing weight and, of course, I would come back home and that would be the end of the diet. The mantra going on in my head would be, “YOU’RE A FAILURE!” I definitely needed to approach this holiday differently and as much as I ate what I wanted, I was determined not to feel any guilt about it. Also, I would have normally eaten and drunk a lot more than I did, but there’s a reason I’m now able to stop before I get full, and I’ll talk about that below. Now I’m home, I have gone straight back onto the Slimming World plan and, snotty cold aside, I feel great about my time away, choices made, food eaten, and Italian men stared at.



So, how am I able to stop eating before I get full? The answer is Slimpods by Thinking Slimmer. A Slimpod is a CD I listen to when I go to sleep (I actually have several), that talks to my sub-conscious and helps me make better decisions about food. I’ve dabbled with them for a few years and they were instrumental in helping me find the confidence to ask my ex-partner to leave, but it’s taken me this time to find the emotional head space to be able to address my weight and so I’m trying the pods out again. I also have one that addresses my issues with flying and that’s how I was able to go on holiday at all! Take a look at the site if your’e interested or, as always, feel free to message me direct and I’ll talk with you in a little more detail about how it all works, but I personally think they’re great and a huge help to me.




Someone asked me the other day why I don’t attend a formal SW group. I tried it out in November, signed up as a member and paid for it for a few weeks but I found a few things a tad annoying. Firstly, whenever I couldn’t make a meeting (because of work or childcare issues), I still had to pay – it ended up with me feeling like I was being fined and it began to have all sorts of negative connotations for me. Secondly, and probably most importantly, I don’t think my head was ready for SW back then and so when I ‘only’ lost 2lbs in my first week, I was incredibly disheartened and maybe used that as another reason not to go back. And thirdly, I didn’t particularly ‘click’ with my consultant and found the other women that worked there pretty rude. All groups are different though and if it works for you great … but also, if, for whatever reason you’re doing SW from home just know that it IS possible to be successful, even if you don’t go to a class. I’m here to support you in whatever way I can.



bologna arancini

Ragu filled arancini ball for lunch!

slimming world breakfast

Round 1 of breakfast in Bologna – something simple and pretty SW friendly. Don’t look at the cream filled croissant below.

bologna pizza

When I started to feel poorly, we ordered pizza to have in our room. I asked for pepperoni but my order was lost in translation and I ended up with peppers on it instead. Still, less calories than pepperoni and just as tasty.

strawberry custard tart

I admit it. I had two of these bad boys in Bologna and they were frickin’ delicious.

bologna pasta

This is some of the pasta I made in Bologna that I was FORCED to eat for lunch. OK, I wasn’t forced, but damn it sure was delicious.

bologna breakfast



It’s probably no surprise that after spending last weekend eating a lot in Nottingham and this weekend, going to Bologna, I’ve put weight on. BUT it’s only 1lb. It’s not ideal but it goes to show that although I did eat a lot of what I wanted, I also stopped eating before I was full and made good choices also. I walked at least 15 miles over this weekend and I’m sure that has helped too. I’m 100% confident that I can take that 1lb off next week, and more, and I honestly don’t feel ‘bad’ about putting that on at all. A PMA (positive mental attitude) is SO important and I remain committed to my long term goal of losing weight and not ever feeling guilty about choices I make.


slimming world results


slimming world results


How did you get on this week? I’d love to hear all about it, and in the meantime you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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  1. I had my fourth weigh in on Thursday and maintained. I have lost 9.5lbs in the weeks before and have done nothing differently so I was gutted BUT like you normally that would be it, finished, doesn’t work blah blah. Suffice to say I am still focused and hopefully I’ll see a loss this week, if not then I’m going wrong somewhere but I won’t give in. Your Italian holiday sounds fabulous xx

  2. You look great and your “gain” might just be fluid retained from eating more carbs than usual. Good on you for enjoying your time away without going mad.

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