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Phew. Week 5 of Slimming World … DONE. I found the week quite easy to stay on track if I’m honest … until the weekend that is! I’m in a routine now and as I’ve mentioned before, because I work from home I think it’s proving a little easier to stay organised. My dry-up in the morning (a fry-up with a tiny bit of spray oil), means I stay sated for the whole morning and I think I probably have an apple or five in every room of the house so in case I get peckish, it’s there to nip any hunger in the bud.


I’ve had so many lovely comments left for me on my Facebook Page and on my blog that it really feels like I’m building a community. In the beginning, I just thought a few people might find my recipes helpful if they were just starting out and the weekly updates are for me as much as anyone else so that if I feel down or I’m struggling, I can see how far I’ve come. But not only have I had messages of support, but emails and messages saying they’ve been inspired by me. ME! I’m still in shock. But it’s fabulous, and I would encourage all of you who read these posts to get in touch, follow me on social media, or chat to each other on the Facebook Page because one thing is clear, losing weight is HARD, and if we support each other, the whole process will be a little easier. I hope!


Anyway, let’s talk about the meals I’ve had this week. Pretty much the same as the last four weeks! One thing is different though, which I’ll talk about later, and that’s that I’ve gone away for the weekend. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to Nottingham by the tourist board, Experience Nottingham, and they’ve kindly booked tables for lunch and dinner for the whole weekend. Eek.




slimming world breakfast

A trip to Costa could have proved way too tempting so I popped to Tesco next door and picked this egg and spinach pack up. I know Pret and M&S do this too. OK, I know it’s not a toasted teacake with butter, but it filled me up and just making sure I’m prepared in situations like that really helps.


slimming world breakfast

Yes, we all know I’m not going to win Masterchef any time soon but let me just explain what this monstrosity is – 2 Rye Ryvitas (1/2 HexB), turkey bacon (x2) because let’s face it, real bacon with no fat isn’t real bacon, a broken egg (no surprise there), a mushroom and plum tomato mash-up and a pot of mango and yogurt for elevenses. Keeps me going right through to lunchtime.


slimming world dinner

I ‘may’ have had this dinner 3 times this week – dry-fried salmon (including crispy skin), with microwaved pilau rice (1/2 syn) and salad. I would imagine it’s not a great idea to have the same meal more than once each week but I did it and lived to tell the tale. But normally, I’d mix it up a bit more. Thing is, I’ve perfected the crispy skin that it’s just so bloody delicious, I can’t stop eating it. Damn my excellent cooking skillz! 


slimming world breakfast

This is the breakfast I’ve had on both days at the hotel I’m staying at this weekend. It’s the most SW friendly I could get – no bread or pastries and a black coffee. Yes, the eggs were no doubt fried in copious amounts of oil, and I doubt the yogurt is fat-free BUT this is real life and I did the best I could. We’re always going to find ourselves in situations like this so I made the best choices I could.


Things I’ve Noticed:


  • My fat is feeling softer. OK, it’s a bit grim but there’s no denying the whole ‘I’m fat’ thing. As I lose weight though, my fat feels more, erm, pliable. I don’t know how else to describe it but it’s just not so firm. I would imagine it’s the fat breaking down before I flush it out with the eleventy billions gallons of water I drink each day, but I kinda like it. I might wobble a bit more, but there’s less of me to wobble. It’s a weird thing, hopefully you’ll know what I mean!


  • Let’s talk mantras. I’ve always been a glass is half-full kinda gal … I’ve been dealt many a shitty hand in my life being one of life’s copers has meant that I’ve fought my way through them – Mum dying young, abusive relationship, redundancies, losing the hosue I had for over 20 years, BIG stuff! So really, as much as losing weight is hard and a massive deal for me, I’m trying to remain positive and upbeat about the whole thing. I think this is especially important because I’ve been single for four years and I don’t have someone at home to give me support and encouragement and tell me how good I’m doing (although it should be said, my boys are great), and so I do it myself. So I’m going to admit something to you all – I talk to myself. If I’m tempted by something, I’ll say out loud, “Don’t do it Kate! Remember how well you’re doing!” Or if I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, clothed or not, instead of putting myself down, I’ll concentrate on the things that are changing, or that I like about myself – something like, “Look how much your waist is now going in,” or “You’ve lost a chin!” I sound like a twat doing it, and admitting it now, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get through it, right? Try it and see how it affects you, and then report back!


  • Before I started Slimming World I had got to the point where it hurt doing the washing up. How mad is that? My back would ache from just standing up. And now I can walk and walk without anything hurting. I walk quicker, I stand taller, I smile more. My knees have never been great, even as a teen, and carrying around all this extra weight hasn’t done them any favours so going up and down stairs is still a little … twingey, but they’re a whole lot better now than they have been.


  • I felt like I’d become invisible, not just to the opposite sex, but to the world. As dramatic as that sounds, some of you might relate. Society as a whole doesn’t accept fat people, we are different from the ‘norm’ and therefore not deemed important – at least that’s how I’ve felt. Now I’ve ‘only’ lost a stone and a bit, and maybe it’s just that I’m carrying myself differently, but I’m beginning to feel ‘seen’ again. People are looking at me, not through me. Some men seem to be noticing me. I don’t know how I feel about any of this yet if I’m honest, but I think I just feel sad that how much you weigh seems to be a barometer of how you are judged as a person. I’ll probably talk about this again as I progress.


  • Guilt. As I said earlier, I’m in Nottingham this weekend and I’ve not followed the SW plan 100% since I’ve been here. I’ve made some good choices – buffet breakfast this morning at the hotel wasn’t an issue and I ate what I’d normally eat at home, but we tried out a new Thai restaurant last night and I literally could have made love to the Chicken Pad Thai I had. I ate what I wanted, but didn’t go mad. But my point is this – guilt has ruined many a diet for me and, I’d imagine, lots of you. I’ve beaten myself up so bad for ‘failing’ that I’ve decided, “Right, sod the diet, I’ve failed, it’s not worth carrying on.” But I refuse to do that this time round. I ate what I wanted and got on plan for the next meal I had and feel no guilt whatsoever. My stomach isn’t very happy with me however because it felt a little bloated the morning after, but it was worth it. The food was amazing and I’m not sorry one bit. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the SW wagon – you’re human and shit happens. Just get back on plan the next meal you’ll have. It’s all good, no-one’s judging you, so be kind to yourself.




Because I came away this weekend, I weighed myself a day early and I’ve lost 1lb. I’ve said before that it’s disappointing when you ‘only’ lose 1lb but it’s taken me years to put this weight on, I can’t expect it all to come off overnight. (If only eh?!) So I’ll take it. I know eating out last night (oh, and tonight AND tomorrow) may make a difference to next week but I can’t go through life without ever eating Thai food! But I’m still dedicated, I’m still positive and I’m still fat … but I am 1lb lighter!


slimming world results

Pretty sure I’m smiling inside, don’t worry.


slimming world results

My son took this photo so excuse the make-up free face and hideously unflattering pose. It’s his fault. But having said that, it’s really good for me to see these full-length shots, even if I’m not quite 100% comfortable with them.


slimming world results


So you know I’m in Nottingham this week? We’re here to review restaurants and today’s offering that has been booked for me is … an upmarket burger place. For the love of God! Anyway, I’ve checked out the menu and I think I’ll have a burger with no bun, lots of salad and sweet potato fries – and a Diet Coke instead of the cream soda float that I really want. It’s all about balance and I can’t NOT go to a restaurant ever again. I’ll let you know how I get on but it’s a tough job and someone’s got to do it! 🙂 


Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


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  1. Hello Kate. I’ve been lurking on your blog for some time now since I saw you speak at Brit Mums last summer (great workshop, by the way!)

    I’m really enjoying your blog and your slimming world diary and although I don’t usually comment, I just wanted to say that I am finding your journey really inspiring. I myself have 7 stone to lose in total and I’m thinking of joining Slimming World now that I’ve seen your amazing results. I’ve started to purchase their magazine to learn their principles and try their recipes.

    Thanks for being so open and honest about your struggles and keep on being amazing.


    1. Oh Victoria, that’s so lovely of you! It’s always nice when a blog lurker finally comes and says hello, makes me feel like I’m at least spouting nonsense to one person lol! I have a similar amount of weight to lose and I think it can feel awfully daunting can’t it? But I’m trying to just think of it as one week at a time and it will all add up. I hope! It’s a good idea to do some SW research before you start, that’s what I did, and don’t forget to join some FB SW groups, they tend to be really helpful. I can point you in the right direction if you want to message me x

  2. Well done on losing again, you’re doing so well! It’s like a weekly thing for me now, I have to see how you’ve done each week and it kinda spurs me on to pull my finger out too where we both have quite a bit to lose. You’ve always looked gorgeous no matter what size you were, but it gives you that extra spring in your step when you start feeling that bit better about yourself doesn’t it. Good luck with all that food in Nottingham, like you say, you can’t not eat and at least you know you’re making the best choices for you and if that involves a few cheeky treats so be it! Have fun x

  3. You’re doing so well and I’m so glad you’re not feeling the guilt and are being sensible about it. To my mind, it’s important to learn to make smart choices, but also to let ourselves enjoy a meal out (or in) without the guilt or the feeling we have to go and exercise off every single calorie that we enjoyed.
    You absolutely are an inspiration and, from the posts I see around the blogging world, SW seems to be a great way to get healthy and drop some weight. I’m doing it without a set plan, but for me I think that’s the best way, I’m learning how to eat basically, I’m teaching myself to not overfill my plate, to not snack so much, to listen to my body. It is so hard, and it can be so disappointing to ‘only’ lose a little each week, but every little helps!

    1. Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say. You’re right, it’s definitely about teaching ourselves how to eat in a better (not perfect) way and we each find our own path don’t we? Let me know how you get on x

  4. Oooh which of our local burger places are you going to? If it is Reds True BBQ or Annies, forget the diet! Well done with the loss, even if you maintain remember you aren’t gaining. I lost 4lbs this week, just from walking – usually I am desk bound but this week I have been on the go, floor walking for trainees. According to my pedometer built in to my phone I have walked 15miles – wearing out the carpet! My slowcooker is my healthier eating weapon, I am easily tempted by fast food on the way home from work, but knowing the slowcooker has a meal ready at home stops me from giving in to temptation. Keep making those healthy choices.

    1. Hey Emma – we went to Annies Burger Shack and it was bloody amazing! The diet went out the window and I don’t even care lol! I sneakily weighed a day early just so I could have a loss this week but gawd knows what’s going to happen next week. I’m back on SW tonight (Mugshot FTW!) so it’ll be fine I’m sure. Well done your loss! That’s fantastic and just from extra walking? Brilliant stuff!

      1. Mmmmmm Annie’s x) the menu is crazy huge isn’t it?!Last time we went in there I had a ZZ Top. I wasn’t keen on the whiskey soaked mushrooms on my burger though. Next time, I am sticking to basics with a cheese burger! I work in a desk bound call centre job, so I am not mega active on a normal week day unless I specifically go to the gym or do some exercise. Being stood all day and walking a good part of the day is alien now after over 10yrs at desk! I started to use My Fitness Pal to track my eating, calories and exercise after realising the needle on the scales was getting close to touching 14stone. Have shifted a stone then not really lost much more, until this, but happy not to have kept gaining – at one point it seemed I had gained 1lb every time I got on the scales.

        1. Annies was amazing! (Especially the dessert that we had – good times.) Tracking everything you eat is such a good way to keep an eye on things – but it can be pretty scary can’t it? All those times you just think, oh I’ll have on more biscuit and before you know it you’ve reached your calorie allowance for the day! That’s why I like SW – no calorie counting 🙂 Keep me posted as to how you’re doing x

  5. Wow Kate, what a huge difference just 5 weeks makes and I love your willpower. I always lapse so easily and think “ahh crisps” as soon as I get a tiny bit peckish. The apple trick is so good and all your meals look delicious!

    1. Thank you! I have more of a sweet tooth so save my treats for when I know I’m going to cave and normally cheat! And I know an apple isn’t the same as a bar of Galaxy (or a packet of crisps!) BUT … my tastes are changing too, which is interesting, so I’m finding that I don’t want to binge on crap anymore anyway. It is early days mind you lol!

  6. Hi Kate,

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog, as there was a low syn chocolate cake like put onto my FB timeline. I am really pleased I have found it though! I’ve been a SW member (online as I live abroad) for 4 weeks and have put on a couple of pounds. I make an effort for a couple of days then I get busy or bored or tired. Or… my cravings for chocolate things derail me entirely and I end up swimming in empty wrappers. However, with the chocolate brownie and chocolate cake ideas, and your brutal honesty, I feel positive again now and like I can tackle this properly.

    Thank you for writing!

    1. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I think having these cake recipes in your back pocket will really help you out when you’re feeling like you can’t cope unless you eat chocolate immediately lol! If you do make them, I’d love to hear what you think x

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