5 Romantic Home Date-Night Decor Ideas

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Sometimes the best dates don’t happen at fancy restaurants or expensive concerts, but in the privacy and intimacy of someone’s home. Prepare for a wonderful date night by editing your decor to make it comfortable, cozy, and inviting. When you combine mood music, lighting, and a bit of your own personality, you’re ready to impress your date.

Stimulate the Senses

When it’s date-night at home, you’ve probably already cleaned up and ensured the house or apartment smells great. Now it’s time to focus on touch. Are the lounging surfaces in your home made up of soft fabrics, or do you have a lot of flat, hard surfaces like wood and metal? Invest in some throw pillows, a silky blanket, and a luxurious rug or two. You want to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages your date to sit down, get comfortable, and stay a while.

Create Mood Lighting

Avoid overhead lighting on date-night if it’s possible. Instead, let floor lamps and table lamps create ambience. You want a warm, dim glow, like the intimate lighting you find in restaurants. Use candles in strategic places to both make the room smell good and to give your living room a romantic feel. String up some lanterns or Christmas lights across the ceiling or over the arch of a doorway. The mini white lights from Christmas Lights Etc are perfect for adding just enough illumination to make the evening cozy.

Let Your Personality Guide Your Decor

Display a few things that highlight your personality. If you love art, make sure your favourite pieces are hung in view. If you’re a reader, stick a few books on the coffee table. Whether it’s a picture of you travelling somewhere exotic or an instrument that you play, when your personality inspires your decor it helps your date get to know you and creates conversation topics.

Use the Right Colours

Black isn’t exactly a romantic colour. Neither is spotless white. The colours in your home play an important role in how comfortable your guests feel. An entirely ivory living room may make your guest feel uncomfortable because of the potential for getting things dirty. Infuse a little calming blue into your decor to mellow the mood, and don’t be afraid of putting red in the bedroom. You can brighten up your space by introducing a few stylish prints, too.

Create a Lounge or Snuggle Area

Make a little nook for you and your guest to spend time in; you may decide to turn your breakfast table into a restaurant-for-two, or you might put a blanket and some of your softest pillows on the floor to create a snuggle space. Mood music, a crackling fire, or a good movie complete the set-up for your romantic evening.

Don’t worry if your home doesn’t look like it came straight out of the pages of a magazine. A clean, inviting space with the right lighting and textures is all you need. Make it easy for both of you to focus on the conversation and the company.





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