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Time for a Slimming World update – and I’ve just completed Week 4. It’s been a funny old week. Dad has gone downhill somewhat and has been in hospital  for a few days and as much as I remain positive around him (you have to don’t you?), it’s been awfully stressful. Coupled with the whole ‘raising children as a lone parent’ thing, sometimes you just need a hug. Right? (All hugs gratefully received by the way.)


If you’re anything like me, stressful situations normally see me reaching for a bar of Galaxy, a tin of biscuits or a tub of Haagen Dazs, so I was a little worried about how I would react to this week. For years and years, I’ve been an emotional eater – eating things I shouldn’t because I’m celebrating or, more likely, eating things I shouldn’t because I’m stressed out, and so it could have gone either way if I’m honest.


Amazingly, and I’m still not quite able to get my head around it, this hasn’t happened this week. I’ve stayed on plan, I’ve continued to cook delicious home-cooked Slimming World friendly meals – we’ve had Oxo Roast Potatoes and I tired out Slimming World Sticky Chicken for the first time, and I’ve stayed within my daily syn allowance (that’s the amount of treats I’m allowed each day.) I live a 2-minute walk from a kebab shop and Dominos so the temptation is literally on my doorstep to grab a takeaway if I don’t feel up to cooking … and yet I didn’t take the easy way out this time.


It feels like something has just clicked in my head this time round. I’m mindful (pardon the pun) that it’s early days and I’m only just about to start my fifth week, but I don’t have the desire to cheat because how I’m beginning to feel in my body seems to outweigh the temporary pleasure of face-planting a cream cake.


I’ve been in situations where I very nearly strayed – I let Dexter have pizza for tea on Friday and was deciding what would be the least damaging on the kebab menu, but chose to cook salmon for myself instead. And I was meant to go out for drinks with my best friend Friday night (that didn’t quite happen – long story), and instead of nipping round the corner for chips as we sat and chatted, whilst sharing a few alcoholic beverages, I made a Mugshot.


A Mugshot! What have I become?!



A lot of my meals are very similar each week and I probably need to mix them up a bit but I like what I like and I think as long as I’m eating enough speed foods (that’s most fruit and veg), then I don’t think I’m doing the wrong thing. Breakfasts are variations of fry-ups (or dry-ups as we call them,) and I think the only thing I struggle with is eating my HExA – that’s milk/cheese – because I’m just not a huge fan. I do eat a yogurt each day though, so again, I’m not too worried.


slimming world kfc chicken

I made Slimming World KFC Chicken this week – delicious! (Recipe to follow soon.)

slimming world chocolate cake

I made this Slimming World Chocolate Cake – AGAIN!

slimming world sticky chiciken

Slimming World Sticky Chicken


slimming world fry up

My Slimming World Fry-Up (dry-up!)

slimming world pulled pork

Slimming World Pulled Pork


slimming world dessert

Skyr yogurt (syn-free) and mango for dessert


Things I’ve Noticed:

  • I’ve started looking in mirrors again. I had begun to avoid them – even reflections in windows and cars because I hated what I saw, but I’m starting to check myself out again. I take photos of my face each week to chronicle the change in my face shape and I’m just not revolted anymore. I take photos in my underwear, in my sports kit – you name it, I’m taking ALL the photos these days!


  • I’ve officially gone down a dress size. I bought a pair of size 18 New Look skinny jeans on a whim this week, with the idea that it would be something to aim for. I just thought I’d try them on when I got home to see how far I needed to go until I could do them up but they fit! I know it’s still a big size, trust me, I know, but I was a size 20 and was veering towards a size 22 before I started Slimming World so this is huge news! Still some muffin top overhang going on mind you, but we’ll gloss over that for now.


  • Here’s a weird one. I live in a rented house and the shape of the bath is possibly THE worst shape for someone of my … stature. It’s like a figure of eight – and goes in in the middle. Nightmare. I’ll be honest, as much as I hadn’t actually got stuck in the bath, it was only a matter of time. Now, however, there is room either side of my thighs and my bum is no longer like the Hoover Dam – water can actually flow either side of me!


  • Let’s talk bingo wings. I’ve never had skinny arms, but a month ago, it felt like I could take off if I moved my arms too quickly. But they’re shrinking! I know it makes sense if you’re losing weight, I just didn’t think the weight would come off the wings – result!


  • I’m making more effort with my appearance. I’m moisturising and wearing make-up more often. I had stopped caring about myself, it’s as simple as that.


  • I never thought I had a problem with my balance but would always have to hold onto something if I was putting my boots on etc – now my balance is so much better, I don’t need to. Hard to explain, but because there is less of me, I just seem to have more control over my body.




Here we go! So if you remember last week, I ‘only’ lost 1lb, from what I had read in Slimming World Facebook groups, people had reassured me that the week after I’d get a good result, as long as I stayed on plan. So I’ve stuck with it and … *drumroll* … I’ve lost 3lbs!


That brings my total loss in one month to 1 stone 4lbs.


slimming world results


slimming world results

I can finally see my waist appearing again!

slimming world results

The night I ‘nearly’ went out – new size 18 jeans

I’m delighted! I know weight will come off quicker at the beginning and because I have a lot of weight to lose (at least 5 stones), it’s also a little ‘easier’, but I’ve persevered, done everything I should have done, drank loads of water, eaten right, haven’t done nearly as much exercise as I should have, or want to (at least not yet), but it’s all going in the right direction.

Posting recipes on this blog seems to have helped other Slimming World followers and so I’ll continue to do that. The next recipe to go live is for Slimming World Pulled Pork and it is delicious! So keep an eye out for that in the next day or two (sorry it’s late!)


I’m off to visit Dad but have a chicken roasting in the oven for when I get back. One of the things that has really helped me, is being prepared. If I go out, I make sure I take an apple or two with me, so that if I find myself hungry between meals, I don’t reach for chocolate. And I always prepare at least one substantial home-cooked meal a day. Granted, I work from home so it’s a little easier for me, but make use of your slow cooker if you have one – it’s a God send!


So over and out for now – I wish you all the best of luck for the week ahead and hope to have good news again for you in a week’s time. Oh and if you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m ‘WitWitWoo’ and @iamwitwitwoo on Twitter.


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  1. You’re looking wonderful Kate! You can definitely see the difference in your face – you’ve always looked great, but I’m pleased to hear you sounding happier in yourself!

  2. Fantastic Kate!
    You could be writing my journey and my thoughts!!
    I’m 1st 2lb down in 4 weeks and just getting into size 18’s again.
    Another 4 st to lose (at least) but happy with how I’m doing xxxx

  3. Kate you are amazing and doing so well. Like you I only lost 1/2 the week before last and was feeling meh about it. I stuck with it this week despite eating out three times and having a huge family party. I lost 1 1/2 which I was so pleased about as was aiming to maintain! Bring on my week three!!!!

  4. I’ve just polished off your Oxo roast potatoes and they were gorgeous! Even my picky teen demolished them in seconds. I have got to try out that chocolate cake (although I’m one of those who’ll eat the whole thing at once!).

    I shouldn’t laugh about the bath thing but I have a weird shaped bath too. It’s wide at the tap end and skinny at the bum end. Who the hell designed it!?! I don’t even bother getting in the bath incase I get wedged in there. Even my skinny man thinks it’s skinny, so it can’t just be my massive rear end. I’m with you on the bingo wings too. I’m frightened if I wave at someone too hard I’ll take out a wall!

    You’ve done really well this week, especially as you’ve had so much going on with your dad. Hope this week is better and his health improves x

  5. Here – have a virtual stranger hug :). Found your website through a facebook post that popped up on my page about your oxo roast potatoes. Amazing site, keep up the good work. Have a fantastic 2016!

  6. Fantastic! looking very lovely – not that you didn’t before, but you know what I mean. I’m up to 9lbs off in a month here! I’ve not signed up to slimming world but using all the techniques I learnt from them before. Keep going lovely lady x x x

  7. Hi. I have just tripped over your blog through the chocolate cake recipe a friend posted on FB.
    Well done on your loses so far. I have been attending Slimming World since September last year and have lost nearly three stone.
    I kept hiding myself under big clothes until a few weeks ago when I tried on an old pair of jeans stuffed in the back of the wardrobe. They were a 16 and they went over my butt cheeks and did up! As I was previously towards the top end of a 20 I was over the moon.
    I look forward to reading more of your journey. xxx

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