slimming world oxo roast potatoes



I’ve mentioned these Slimming World Oxo roast potatoes a couple of times and the kids love these. I’ve served them with a traditional roast but also with Slimming World burgers. But let’s face it, you could serve them with Jam Roly Poly and they’d still be nice.


(Mmmm … Jam Roly Poly.)


Anyway, this is a really easy way to cook roast potatoes the Slimming World way and as much as potatoes soaked in goose fat are lovely, these are really nice too, but with a lot less calories.



  • Potatoes
  • Oxo cubes x 2
  • 250 ml hot water
  • Salt
  • Spray oil



  • Preheat your oven – I cooked these at 220°C
  • Peel and cut your potatoes in half.
  • Par boil potatoes, drain and chuff them up. (Lol, chuff.)
  • Crumble 2 Oxo Cubes into a jug and pour 250 ml hot water on top. Stir.
  • Put chuffed (I love that word) potatoes into a baking tray.
  • Pour Oxo liquid into the bottom of the tray – the liquid should come halfway up the potatoes.
  • Spray the tops of the potatoes with spray oil/Frylight and sprinkle with salt (optional).
  • Bake for 45-60 minutes. The liquid should have been soaked up.
  • You can turn the potatoes and crisp up the other side at this point, but this isn’t crucial.


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

I only had jacket potatoes in the house, but they worked well enough. Just use your usual type of potato.


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Par-boil your cut up potatoes for 5-10 minutes


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Crumble your 2 Oxo Cubes into a jug and add 250ml hot water – stir


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Pour Oxo liquid into the bottom of your tray of chuffed roast potatoes


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Note that I haven’t poured the liquid over the top of the potatoes


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Spray oil over the top of the potatoes and I added a little Maldon salt for some extra flavour and crunch


slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Et voila! Served with a delicious Slimming World friendly roast chicken dinner. (NB. I know this doesn’t have enough speed food for a perfect SW dinner – this was in fact my son’s dinner who’s 11, I had more vegetables on my plate – his just looked prettier!) 



slimming world roast potatoes


These roast potatoes are syn-free on the Slimming World Extra Easy plan but I just eat 4 or 5, that seems to do the trick! I hope you enjoy make these potatoes – would love to hear how you get on!


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        1. which kinds of oxo -chicken or veg?silly question i know! also would adding a few springs of rosemary work or garlic aswell?

    1. Oxo cubes are full of salt which is VERY bad for you. Just use a little olive oil and a sprinkle of dried thyme on your potatoes for a healthy option.

      1. There’s low salt oxos available now. I saw them in asda today so i presume the other supermarkets will also have them.

    2. Thanks Kate for sharing that lovely recipe I can’t wait to try it I’m sure the whole family will love it.


      Rita Breen

  1. I’m a vegetarian but this would work well with marmite dissolved in water also? I would have to turn then after the liquid has been soaked in – nothing better than a crispy roastie!

  2. Not sure if you realise but your photo of the “Slimming World friendly roast chicken dinner” would be better with more speed veg. It’s recommended that you have 1/3 of a plate speed with every meal, your plate has 1/3 veg but peas are a free food not a speed food so don’t count as part of the 1/3. Not having enough speed veg can limit weight loss. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to comment. I did know that about speed food but this plate was actually my son’s dinner, not mine. Perhaps I should have pointed that out (in fact I’ll add a note to the photo now.) I had extra veg! Good point well made though.

    1. Sorry Janet! Drain your potatoes, put the lid back on and shake them so the edges fluff up a bit. Tricky business chuffing … I’ve overcooked and broken into a million pieces many a potato 🙂

    1. Sorry Paul – presumed everyone understood my lingo! Drain your potatoes, put the lid back on and shake them so the edges fluff up a bit. Tricky business chuffing … I’ve overcooked and broken into a million pieces many a potato 🙂

      1. thanks love some us born English but brought up in america might not know chuffing can’t wait to use my oxo’s yummy I have to giggle chuffing and oxo’s not in american spell check lol

          1. In our part of the world! Chuff or CHUFFED = very pleased with something or oneself! I would ‘ Lightly Shake ‘ then you don’t have broken ‘tatties’ 😉 Must try this way of cooking pot’s soon 😉

  3. My Mum used to cook roast potatoes like this for us about 65 years ago. I had forgotten I love them will be doing them for lunch on Sunday

  4. Can you eat as many of these or just so much,I am Deffo going to give these a go this week,thanks for the recipe xxx

  5. Hi there! am deffo gonna try the roasters this Sunday on my family, will tell how we do . Ta for the tip and luv the “chuffing” lol

  6. The oxo roast potatoes sounds lovely l will be giving the a try . Looking forward to some more recipes from slimming world.

  7. These look fab and going to try them today. I don’t have any oxo cubes though just Knor. Would that make a difference?

    1. I think it would make a difference to the taste (no bad thing), but the important thing is that you’re adding a flavoured stock so the potatoes don’t dry out. Be curious to hear how they turn out 🙂

      1. They were lovely. Meant to add a photo. Will try with oxo cubes next time and let you know if there is a difference. Thanks.

  8. I tried these tonight with homegrown potatoes & they were lush. Will definitely be cooking these again

  9. Thanks. This looks good. Dr Mark Hyman tells us we would do more good eating the same amount of goose fat as sunflower oil, though. Please check it out. Dr Hyman a good place to start. And those who abhor salt, that’s another one that needs an update. Terry Walls is the man to ask about salt. Please do. It’s a revelation.

  10. I had heard about oxo potatoes at club so tried them, but I could not remember how to do them and I crumbled the cubes on to the top of the potatoes with some going in to the bottom of the tin so when I poured in the water it made the gravy, they turned out absolutely fabulous might try your way another time but we just love them with the cubes on top!

  11. Oh my days!!!
    Tried these last night and the family are hooked!!!
    Will deffo become part of the Sunday ritual that is the Roast Dinner. Delicious 🙂

  12. I made these last night with a lamb knorr stock cube as we were having lamb, they’re really good! We have leftover lamb and will try these again tonight 🙂 My mum enjoyed them too

  13. On a slightly more boring note.these sound and look so delish and I am dying to try them but is the baking tray not a nightmare to wash up afterwards?i am expecting the liquid to have baked onto the tin if the potatoes are left to absorb all the liquid and left to crisp up.sadly I don’t have a dishwasher just me. They do look lovely though.

  14. Made these for the first time on Sunday, and couldn’t believe how delicious they were. Cooked them for the family but was sceptical as to what my 14 year old extremely fussy son would think to them! Turns out he loves them even more than my usual tasty non syn-free roasties! Thank you so much!

  15. Hi Kate
    These are wonderful, if I ask my husband, he requests these every time! Love the chuffing lol

  16. Ha ha, your chuffing made me laugh.
    I started SW three weeks ago, so will give these roasties a go. I love potatoes.
    I noticed the comment about speed food, I don’t think I’m eating enough, so will up the amount, thanks

  17. I was wondering if this would work with Vegetable Oxo cubes? I’m a vegetarian so obviously can’t use a meat stock, I was wondering if anyone has tried them with Veg Stock?

  18. hi kate,i often do oxo roasties love em , but instead of chuffing lol, i use a fork scrape tops otfthe potatoes they crisp up lovely

  19. Are the potatoes totally syn free, as in you can eat as many as you want or do you need to measure your portions?

    1. Well … I spray the tops of mine with spray oil, so you’d need to syn that, but it’s minimal. And as for the spuds themselves, SW say they’re free but eat in moderation. So just eat what you’d normally eat – they’re going to be so much better for you than normal roasties.

  20. These were amazing! I par boiled mine with saffron, then added pink and white crushed pepper corn and half a zest of a lemon, served with baked Greek lamb shank and loads of green veg. X

    1. I’m not sure. I mean technically, probably yes, but not sure what the taste would be like. You’ll have sweetness in the potato, then savoury in the gravy. One way to find out! And please do let me know what you think.

    1. Hi Denise – yes, I don’t see why not. I’ve used the chicken stock cube before and I think it’s more about adding a flavoured liquid – one way to find out! (And please do let me know how you get on.)

  21. Well, I never! I really wasn’t expecting much from this but they were great. I took a picture and would post it up if I could?
    For info I really gave them a proper chuffing up at the end of the par-boil stage.
    Pretty sure that helped greatly

  22. Can’t wait to try this, as I love roasted potatoes! Have to look up what 220C is in Farenheit Wish we had the oxo cubes in Canada, we only have wee packets with oxo powder in them. They changed to this about 20 years ago. They just don’t taste the same. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them anyway. Thank You for posting.

  23. i made these they were delicious. The next day i cubed them and sauteed them in a frying pan with spray light. yum

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