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If I’m honest, I can’t quite believe I’ve made it through three whole weeks of following a ‘diet’ to the letter. I haven’t cheated at all, because I haven’t had to. I’ve found that as long as I plan things – from my shopping to eating out – I can stay on track. So here’s how the week went … and the results at the end!


Working from home makes it easier to stick to a routine and so I’ve probably had the same breakfast every day – poached eggs with tomatoes and Ryvitas. The only variations have been the addition of the occasional mushroom and bacon medallion. I should point out that I would literally kill for a mouthful of crispy bacon fat right now, but that’s because I’ve just had to cut off the rind and fat of a big pork joint and throw it in the bin. Sacrilege!


Anyway, I’ve continued to save my syns for watching TV in bed, like the sad act that I am. But it works for me. I know that if I don’t have any syns during the day I’ve got something to look forward to. I have stopped buying processed food, biscuits, cakes etc. but, BUT … I won a Fortnum & Mason hamper just after Christmas and it was full of delicious alcohol, cakes and biscuits so that’s been quite hard to resist. But I’ve managed (so far) and I’m sure it’ll all keep.


I’ve been out a couple of times this week, as in going out in actual public. I know! I thought Thursday would be a bit of a challenge because I was invited to go to London to meet up with Qantas for a drink and a mingle. The timing was awkward too because I wasn’t sure how to fit dinner in so I had a think and packed some Ryvitas with low-fat Laughing Cow cheese spread on them, a slice of the Chocolate Cloud Cake I’d made during the week and an apple.


This is what I’ve become. A sad, old lady, sat on the train with her packed lunch picnic. But I don’t really care because the way I’m feeling about myself is outweighing the desire for a late-night McDonalds. Most of the time anyway.


I got talking to some people and we found ourselves stood right by the bar. Of all the places to stand! Waitresses were bringing round platters of mini burgers, pork dumplings and aubergine … well, I’m not quite sure what they were, but they sure did smell nice! And I didn’t have one. It’s just so easy to pop a canapé or five into your mouth but I resisted. I also resisted the alcohol and had iced water all night. Shocked myself to be honest.


I would also like to point out that I got talking to a really nice guy who thought I was 27. And he wasn’t even being sarcastic. Admittedly, there was a really flattering orange glow to the room but still … I’d have taken 37 to be fair so I was pleased as punch. (I do think he was a bit tipsy but no need to dwell on that.)


I had saved the cake and apple for the train journey home because that’s when I knew I’d want something sweet, ate those, got home and made myself a Mugshot, instead of the 3 slices of peanut butter on toast I would have probably normally had, which goes some way to explaining why I am the size I am.


But I still deserve a bloody medal.


I also went to the cinema with the boys but instead of selling a kidney and buying food whilst we were there, I took a bottle of water, an apple and a small bag of popcorn (which I’ll syn – 6 syns I think). I didn’t feel deprived at all.




slimming world breakfast

Typical breakfast – notice the bacon without the delicious fat

slimming world lunch

Typical lunch – Sweet & Sour Mugshot (free), apple, Mullerlight Light Greek yogurt and a slice of my delicious Chocolate Cake

slimming world burgers

Slimming World Oxo Roasties with Slimming World Burgers and salad – served with a Warburton Thin (HEb) and half a light cheese slice (HEa)

slimming world menu

Proof of my sad train picnic – apple and homemade Chocolate Cake

slimming world lunch

There wasn’t much at M&S I could eat so asked for butter and salad dressing on the side (which I didn’t eat of course)

slimming world oxo roast potatoes

Roast chicken dinner – Slimming World Oxo Roasties and I added a dash of gravy for a couple of syns

Things I’ve Noticed


  • I went to the cinema today and realised I now had spare room in the seat. THAT’S how fat my arse had got. Before, it was a bit of a squeeze to sit down but now the seat is comfortable and roomy, if you will.
  • My ankle boots feel looser. Can you lose weight on your feet? I’m pretty sure you can because instead of my boots feeling snug, there is now room for them to breathe. That definitely means I can treat myself to new shoes. Definitely.
  • I’ve continued to be really strict about writing absolutely everything down that I eat. That might sound a bit anal but you’d be surprised by how many hidden syns there are in foods so this way, I can keep track of exactly what I’m doing.
  • I was feeling a bit peckish in bed the other day so decided to paint my nails instead. Top tip right there – paint your nails to stop yourself snacking.
  • It feels like I’m walking taller. I’m not sure if I look any taller, but I certainly feel taller. I think I can pull my shoulders back more easily because my boobs weigh less, my back doesn’t ache anymore and I feel, dare I say it, a little bit more confident.
  • All my clothes are looser. Even my bras. I’m reluctant to go clothes shopping just yet though because I really really hope I can continue to lose weight.




Looking back on the week, I don’t think I’ve been to the loo nearly as much as the two previous weeks and have felt a little more bloated. I know I’ve been 100% on plan so I really wasn’t sure what the scales would say this morning. And they said …. I’ve lost 1lb.


One whole pound.


I was a little gutted to be honest because when you know you’re doing everything you should be doing, you’d like to see the scales reflect that, BUT I have to believe that everything will even itself out in the end and I’m confident I’ll have a bigger loss next week. Our bodies retain water at different times during the month and it feels like that’s what’s happened this week so I’m not too disheartened.


slimming world before after

 Not a great pic but the picture on the right was taken when I went out on Thursday and for the first time in a long time, I tucked my shirt into my jeans! Haven’t done that for years.

slimming world before after

It feels really weird taking so many selfies (SO not like me, lol), but I find it a good idea to keep looking at how my face is changing

slimming world before after

I was trying to take a photo of my earring but noticed a jawline is appearing – hurrah!


I can still see a difference, feel a difference, and I’m learning all the time about making these healthy changes to our lifestyle that we’ll hopefully keep for the rest of our lives. Or at least until we go to Five Guys for Dexter’s birthday.


I’ve had quite a stressful week in other ways, particularly with my Dad being ill and needing to look after him, and I’m sure being stressed doesn’t help with weight loss, so that could be a factor in my small loss this week too. Surprisingly, after weighing-in, I didn’t bury my face in the Haagen Dazs that’s still in the freezer from before Christmas, I just carried on as I should.


Dieting, or eating healthily, is as much mind over matter as it is anything else and psychologically speaking, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about why I’ve put weight on and have come to some pretty important conclusions. I don’t really feel comfortable airing them here, but I think it’s important we ask ourselves this question so that we don’t fall back into bad habits. I feel ready to lose weight. As in not just lose a stone, sabotage myself, and put it all back on again. I mean really ready to do this properly. You know me, I’m a big (pardon the pun) celebrant of the fuller figure, of every type of figure really, but personally speaking, I just got tired of being fat.


Week 4 starts today and the smell of the Slimming World Pulled Pork I’ve just put in the pressure cooker is driving me crazy, so I’ll sign off now. I’d love to hear from you if you’re following a similar diet because I think it would be wonderful if we all supported each other. Losing weight isn’t easy. I know first-hand just how hard it can be, but it’s so much easier to do if you have someone to do it with. The dieting that is! Oh you know what I mean.


Over and out.


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  1. It’s so deflating when it’s “only” a pound! But keep going..I’m 5stone off over 14 months. It’d totally changed my approach to food.pulled pork is one of the best.

  2. I’ve been exercising loads, going to the gym everyday… I’ve noticed my body is physically changing and clothes are fitting differently but the scales aren’t reflecting it for me either. I’m also trying not to worry about it as I don’t want to get de-motivated and I *know* I look different as people are starting to notice (not that that’s my aim). I think like you it’s just a case of carrying on regardless of the scales because I feel brilliant.

    1. You are a MACHINE! How do you find the energy to go to the gym every day? I’d seriously love to know. Not that I belong to a gym, but I haven’t really addressed the whole ‘exercise’ thing just yet. But you’re right, I think above everything else, it’s how you FEEL that’s important, regardless of dress size or what the scales show. I must remember that on weigh-in next Saturday lol! x

  3. You look amazing! I found with SW that I lost loads in first weeks then it slowed which made me a bit miserable but equally worked well to spur me on too! Love following your journey, and it’s making me feel inspired to rethink my eating!

    1. Oh thank you so much V! It’s good to know it’s ‘normal’ for it to slow down (as annoying as it ruddy is) but I’ll keep on. I’m glad it’s inspiring you though, that encourages me to keep going x

  4. I love SW, it is the only plan that has ever worked for me. I lost 5 in the first 2 weeks and maintained this week, but is the time of the month so hoping that is why. I love being back in control with food too. What are SW Oxo roasties?! Will be looking those up!!!

    1. Well done on your loss! And I say this to my other friend, but I never had you down as someone that needs to lose weight! I’m just typing up a recipe for the roast potatoes – I say recipe, there are only a few steps involved lol!

  5. Hi, I put on 1/2lb two wks ago after being good,but carried on as normal,and lost 4lb the next wk,I have lost 3st since October the 1st,I am waiting for hip replacement so exerise is out,but well pleased with my progress, loving your blog, keep going.

  6. Well done. I admire you for doing it on your own and sticking to it. I couldn’t! Keep at it… it’s one of the only plans that work. I was overweight since my teens & managed to lose 4 stones thanks to SW. I have been at target for a year bow. If I could do it anyone can.

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