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Being on a healthy eating plan means that I generally think about chocolate a lot more than usual. Which was a lot beforehand! I don’t find myself particularly hungry on the Slimming World eating plan but I do find myself wanting something chocolatey at around 11am. (And 3pm, and 7pm and 9pm.) And that’s where this recipe for Slimming World Chocolate Cake comes in.


You may have seen a Weetabix Chocolate Brownie recipe I made recently, which is really nice, especially with raspberries on top, but it’s important to a) keep trying different recipes out so I don’t get bored and b) Weetabix crumbs get everywhere.


Anyway, I’ve been searching for a chocolate cake recipe that is low in syns and something that I think the boys would also like and I found this flour-less and fat-less recipe. I tested it out this morning and I’ll be honest, it’s not like eating a slab of Black Forest Gateaux, but it was chocolatey, light and airy and really hit the spot.


It was also easy to make and didn’t take too long so I thought I’d share it with you.


Healthy Slimming World-friendly Chocolate Cake


  • 6 eggs
  • 1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 70g sugar substitute (eg. Splenda)
  • 60g cocoa powder



  • Preheat over to 185°C (fan)
  • Spray a little Frylight in a loaf tin and line with greaseproof paper
  • Separate the eggs and in one bowl, mix the egg whites until they form soft peaks.
  • In another bowl, mix the other ingredients together – the eggs yolks, Splenda, vanilla and cocoa. You may find the mixture a little stiff so it’s OK to add a little splash of water at this stage.
  • Fold in the egg whites, a little at a time.
  • Pour mixture into your tin.
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes.


soft meringue peaks

Mix your egg whites until they form soft peaks

chocolate cloud cake

 Mix the other ingredients


chocolate cloud cake

The mixture should look something like this – I’ve added a little drop of water to soften it

chocolate cloud cake

Fold in the egg whites to the chocolate mixture

chocolate cloud cake

Pour mixture into your desired tin – I’ve used a regular loaf tin

chocolate cloud cake

The cake has risen nicely, but expect it to drop a little when it cools



For a first attempt, I’m really impressed. My scales aren’t particularly accurate so next time I may add more Splenda and less cocoa to try and sweeten it up a little … or invest in digital scales! I also missed a couple of bits of egg white whilst folding into the chocolate mixture, so I need to do that more thoroughly next time.


Once baked, the cake is lovely and risen but it will collapse on itself a little once cooled, but don’t worry. I’ve called it a Chocolate Cloud Cake because it’s as light as a cloud!


To serve, I’d add some fresh fruit, perhaps raspberries and strawberries, and a dollop of plain fat-free yogurt. Even better, I spread a teaspoon of chocolate spread on top to add the sweetness the cake is missing, and just syn it. The texture of the cake is even better and ‘cakey’ the next day!




My friend Emma suggested that maybe instead of using cocoa powder, you could use an Options or Highlights sachet – we’re not sure whether that could flavour a whole cake so I’ve tasked her with testing it out for me and we’ll report back! Would dramatically reduce the syn value in the cake. But if it works, it would mean you could have chocolate/mint, chocolate/orange cake etc – yum!





EDIT:  The syn police have been in touch (Feb 2017) and rightly pointed out that since I wrote this post A YEAR AGO, sweetener is now synned. But like I say below, you’re all grown ups, you can do the syn research yourself I’m sure.


If you’re following Slimming World, you’ll be interested in knowing how many syns each slice contains and I’ve worked it out to approximately 1-2 syns per slice. Obviously, that depends on how big your slice is and what brand of cocoa powder you use. (I divided my loaf into 8 slices.) I worked it out this way. 60g of cocoa powder is approximately 8.5 tablespoons (according to Google, as each tablespoon is 7.38g) and it’s 1-1.5 syns per tablespoon. Now I’ve been pulled up on this point, saying I’m not right. I’m going by what Google has told me, but I’m not a nutritionist – I’m just trying to help you guys out by working it out as best as I can. So 12.75 syns per cake … therefore (dividing cake by 8) = 1.6 syns. I researched whether you need to syn cooked Splenda and I don’t think you do – huzzah! No syns in eggs and none in vanilla I’d say.


Please, just use this as a guide and try to work out the syns yourself, based on your own calculations – I don’t want to be held to ransom on this one!  


This is also a great recipe if you’re avoiding gluten or if you are a diabetic. Also, you could reduce the cooking time slightly, bake in a tray and cut into smaller squares making Slimming World Chocolate Brownies – and each square would be even less syns.



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  1. You could even use Cadbury highlights instead of cocoa to lower the syns even more and if you use a flavoured one (ie orange/mint) you don’t even need the vanilla essence!

      1. I made this cake with 55g choc orange options 60g sweetener and 6 eggs,it tasted gorgeous and it’s only 7.5 syns .x

      2. OMG chocolate fix heaven, going to take receipe to my slimming world group on Tuesday.
        Any more tips and recipes would be grateful

          1. I absolutely love this recipe I’m forever making it , I don’t use cocoa I use Belgium choc options or choc n orange options , I also spread a teaspoon of Nutella on the cake it’s awesome thankyou xx

    1. I made this last week. Morrisons cocoa powder is around half the syns of some others, halving the syn value again.
      As the sweetener taste is quite strong, I mixed up a huge cream topping that was virtually syn free.
      Simply fromage frais, vanilla essence, sweetener and a teaspoon of cocoa powder, it was divine.

        1. I’ve just made this for some girlfriends. I only had 58g of sweetener and 3 x 11g sachets of Options. It is far too sweet! I’ll make it again but only use around 30g of sweetener to the same amount of Options. I’m going to serve with some fat free fromage frais, raspberries & blueberries so hopefully that will tame it a bit 😀

    2. Chocshot is a richer taste than cocoa, not sure but think one tablespoon isapprox the same as one of cocoa

      1. I bet that was gorgeous! Some people are banging on about it being like chocolate omelette but I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about – it’s lovely! (As far as SW goes lol.)

      1. It also depends on what brand of cocoa powder you use. I’d advise working out your own syns depending on your own ingredients. And don’t forget, if you use Options/Highlights instead of cocoa powder the syns are even lower.

    3. Hi, Kate – I will definitely try this as its a friend’s birthday and he is doing so well at Slimming World but loves cake. Just a quick question… what size eggs are you using – medium or large?

      1. Hi, I’m sure he’ll love it! I always use large organic eggs, but these things are trial and error – I’d suggest making it with whatever eggs you have and just adjust if you need to next time. Good luck!

    4. I only use half the cocoa. I make up two teaspoons of Douwe Egberts enticing chocolate with a couple of teaspoons of bowling water. Add a little when cool cos I find the mix a bit thick. Hey presto half the syns but plenty of flavour. Use sweetener to taste too

    5. Why would you want to try to substitute an ingredient that is free anyway? As I have found with cutting out fats and sugar, you need all the free flavour enhancers that you can possibly get!

  2. My daughter and I made this tonight and it was really nice, certainly helped with my chocolate addiction without feeling guilty! Thanks for another lovely recipe.

  3. I got all the ingredients in to make this but just done a double take on the amount of sweetener used as this means using nearly a full jar of sustitute sugar 70 grams is this right?

    1. You’re right kerry, it does seem an awful lot doesn’t it? I’ve tried it with less sweetener (I’d run out!) and it tasted the same so it might be worth experimenting. Also, if you use Options/Highlights instead of cocoa, these are already sweetened so again, you could use less sweetener. Let me know how you get on!

    1. It depends how big your slice is Carol lol! And it also depends on the type of cocoa powder you use. The equation I’ve done is 60g of cocoa powder = 12 teaspoons. 1 teaspoon = 12 calories so 144 calories (approximately) per cake. Add the calories for six eggs = 324 (6 x 54). Perhaps divide the cake into 8? That’s using no-calorie sweetener so 324+144 = 468. Divided by 8 = 58 calories per slice. And that’s my maths done for the month!

        1. With options chocolate use 4 sachets and 5 eggs and 50g sweetener and it works out 2 syns each 8 slices per whole cake

  4. I had to only had three eggs in the house so I made it using half the quality and put it into six muffin cups and like they said they raised lovely I had one with strawberries and a muller light vanilla yougart it was so nice and I worked it out to be just one syn next time I make going to try it with a cadbury highlight

  5. I did this today with 4 highlights 2 syns each worked really well but I only put 40 g of canderel aswel x

    1. Hi Kate.
      Have you managed to try your recipe using the highlights ?
      I made the above recipe this evening and I think I need to adjust the cocoa down to maybe 50g
      I would like to first try using highlights, how many would you suggest and would I still add any cocoa and/or sweetener ?
      Many thanks, Hayley.

  6. This is the exact same reciepe that is used for Slimming World Brownies, that I have been using for the last year. If you cut them into 25 squares they then add up to 1/2 a syn a square

    1. I think maybe you just don’t cook them for as long if you’re making brownies? It’s a simple recipe and they’re so rich you could easily get by just having a small square 🙂

  7. Hi Kate
    Like you I got fed up with all most being treated like you came from another planet. I like the idea of your recipes. My nephew is getting married next year his fiancé looked amazing been going to slimming world . I would like to kick start my week on Monday with a good eating plan . Before it gets out of control, but I do like bread and choc . Any suggestions. Best wishes Grace

    1. Hi Grace – thanks for commenting. Regarding bread and chocolate, I’ve weaned myself off bread (I was a big fan – big being the operative word!) I save my syns for chocolate which is why this plan works for me. I have a slice of my chocolate cake and two fun sized bags of chocolate (Maltesers/Twix) in the evening and that satisfies any chocolate cravings. As for bread, I’ve replaced it with 2-4 Rye Ryvitas. Not the same but you might find your tastes change, as mine have done. Spend your syns on what you miss the most and good luck! x

  8. It would be more sins I think – it is 1 syn per teaspoon – 2 1/2 per tablespoon ( Bournville cocoa) – I weighed 18 tsp of cocoa to be 44 grams which will make each slice 2 sins – still good though for chocolate cake 🙂

    1. Thanks Coreen. I can only go by the syn calculator I’ve found online – I’ve found different variations, which isn’t helpful is it?! 🙂 I’ve given a guideline and I don’t think I’m too far off – best everyone works their own syns out really lol.

  9. All the references to “syn”…what is that? And if you want a “healthy” cake, why are you using toxic Splenda?

    1. Hi Susan. Syns are another word for treats that Slimming World followers use – we are allocated a certain amount of syns/treats each day. As for ‘toxic’ Splenda, I use it because I choose to use it. Simple as that.

  10. I think you will find that cocoa powder is 1 syn per TEASPOON, which trebles the syn value…1 tsp of cocoa weighs 2.46 grams, if you round that up to 2.5 and divide it into 60, that makes 24 syns. Still if you get 8 slices it is only 3 per slice…I wanted to use real sugar too… 🙁

    1. Hi Gilean. I’ll be honest, I didn’t weigh a teaspoon of cocoa powder so I’ll take your word on that one, and I googled the best answer I could and tried to work it out for everybody. If I had a pound for everyone that has come up with a different syn amount for this cake, I’d have …. about £4.22. My point is, I’m just trying to help. I’d advise everyone to work out their own syns and I think I say in the post that I’ve tried my best to work out the syns but cocoa powder brands and amounts are variable, so you’d need to work out your own. I’m just a girl .. that loves cake … that’s trying to help other people struggling with their weight. As for real sugar vs. sweetener, I’ve already had the Splenda police on my back today so I’d say if you want to use sugar, use it and syn it – life’s too short 🙂 x

      1. oh, I appreciate your post, I hope it didnt come off sounding negative! I still think that at 3 syns a slice if its good and chocolatey, its worth it! I gave in today and made gluten free brownies – 21 syns for a nibble sized slice! Cant be good all the time!!!

  11. Great website. Fab recipes. Going to make this today.
    I am doing SW and my 12 year old needs to eat more healthily but has a very sweet tooth so this might just do the job!
    Good luck with your weigh in xx

    1. Many thanks Dawn! My 11 year old eats SW meals with me at home and absolutely loves them! No more nagging for takeaways, although he does have the occasional pizza, he’s now asking for apples and yogurts! It’s a bloody miracle lol! Thanks again and good luck to you too x

  12. I’ve made this today, and as I managed to spill the jar of Splenda it was only about 60 g that I got in but tasted good, with fruit and syn free yogurt

  13. I made it and only used half the amount of sweetener, I used lidl own sweetener. It was delicious, well the small piece I got to have after my son and his girlfriend attacked it.

  14. I’ve just made this and I’m getting a strong aftertaste of the sweetener, I feel I must have done something wrong or is that how it is?. The texture is great and it’s very light.

    1. I don’t taste the sweetener – not sure it’s because we might be using different brands? BUT I have made it with less sweetener before and you don’t notice the difference so you could try that. Keep me posted!

      1. I have just made this cake using 50g sweetener and 50g chocolate and orange options, it is lovely and could even use less sweetener as it is rather sweet.
        I was worried it wouldn’t be as chocolatey as the original recipe (I made that one a few weeks ago) but it still tastes chocolatey and really curbs that sweet craving

  15. I’ve just made this, after a friend shared your post on Facebook, and it is rather yummy :). I think next time I’ll try a different sweetener as Canderel leaves a rather odd aftertaste – will def. try it with Splenda or another next time as the texture was great and it was lovely and chocolatey :). Thanks for sharing the recipe :).

  16. Its hard to believe that you can make a cake with no flour, almost impossible I would have thought

  17. I use 30g cocoa powder and instead of adding water I use a couple of teaspoons of flavoured coffee ( Littles chocolate caramel) dissolved in a small amount of water halves the syns! X

  18. I’m sorry I don’t seem to understand the recipe, it says 60g of sweetener but their are only 75g in a full jar, surely this is too much?

  19. As this is doing the rounds again wanted to remind members. Sweetners r syns if using in cake half a syn for each tbsp.

    1. Hi Anne – I wrote this a year ago before sweetener was a syn. And quite frankly, I didn’t/don’t have the time or inclination to go back into all my recipes and add the disclaimer, figuring that if people follow SW, they know what IS and ISN’T synned. But as you’ve kindly taken the time to point this out to me, I’ll edit this post.

  20. Not sure what happened, I can still taste the sweetner in my mouth horrible, I have made cakes before slimming world but didn’t like this one

    1. That’s strange Paul, everyone else loved it 🙂 Maybe try cutting down on sweetener and use Options instead? What can I say? It’s not a Chocolate Fudge cake I’m afraid lol … but we like it. Maybe try the raspberry roulade instead?

      1. Kate, thank you for taking the time to post these recipes that we are all to lazy to discover ourselves. To those of you that critisize these posts, stop being a smarty pants and sort out your own recipes. We’re all grown ups and can take responsibility for checking out the latest syns without your negative remarks. Sorry, but needed to be said.

        1. Ah Sharon, bless you! I think you’re the only person that’s ever thanked me! People mean well but it’s one of the reasons I stopped following SW, couldn’t be doing with the syn police all the time lol. Glad you enjoyed it though, I still do go back to these recipes! x

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