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Whether you’ve been with your partner for a long time and the spark’s gone out of your sex life or you’re finding that you argue with each other more than you did in the past, you might want to make some changes. Here are a few simple suggestions that should help you to improve your relationship.


Tackle sexual problems together

Sexual problems can be difficult to discuss. From erectile dysfunction (ED) to a loss of desire, these issues can easily drive a wedge between partners. If you or your other half are experiencing difficulties like these, it’s crucial that you talk about them and try to tackle them together as a team. To do this, you’ll need to find out what’s causing the problem. In the case of ED, this could be an underlying health issue like diabetes or high cholesterol, or it may be a psychological difficulty like depression, anxiety or relationship troubles. You can find out more about ED, its causes and the treatment options on offer by speaking to your doctor or visiting specialist websites such as Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy.


Whether you’re having problems performing in the bedroom, you find intercourse painful or you’ve lost the desire to have sex, being open and honest with your partner is vital. This could help to build trust between you and make it easier to get the physical side of your relationship back on track.


Set aside time for date nights

Especially if you both have packed schedules, you might feel as though you hardly spend any quality time with your partner. In the long term, this can really takes its toll on your relationship and it might cause you to drift apart and eventually go your separate ways. One way to reduce this risk is to set aside time for date nights. Whether it’s a candlelit meal, a trip to the cinema or simply a drink at your local bar, spending evenings together like this will help to reinforce your bond. Just make sure you don’t spoil things by staring at your smartphone for the duration!


Try new hobbies together

Another top tip is to try out new hobbies together. This can help to bring the sense of fun back to your relationship and getting stuck into different activities can make you feel much closer as a couple. Whether you fancy giving dancing lessons a go, you want to channel your inner artist by embarking on painting classes or you’re keen to take up a new sport, why not persuade your partner to give the activity a go as well?


Following simple suggestions like these could bring you closer to your partner and help ensure your relationship stands the test of time.


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