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Dexter is on a school trip to the Natural History Museum today. All good stuff. He’s been before but quite frankly, you can never visit this too much … am I right?


Anyway, it got to lunchtime and I was busy doing the housework. OK, I was watching Oxford Street Revealed on BBC1 whilst eating a bar of Galaxy for brunch … and I got a text from Dexter. Bearing in mind he only has an iPod and can only text me when he’s got wifi, I figured something was most definitely up.


Turns out he’d lost his worksheets and books and left the money I gave him on the coach. Normal. But we got past that. I think I may have called him a nincompoop. (Love that word.)


But just as we were saying goodbye, he said:


“What happens if ISIS come?”


Bless his heart. He hadn’t originally wanted to go on the trip and thinking about it, this is probably why. He’d probably been worried about it all along.


Of course, I said the things any Mum would say. “Oh honey, don’t worry, they won’t come. I promise.” “You’re perfectly safe.” Etc. Etc.


But for crying out loud, the kid is on a school trip and now he’s worrying about whether he and his mates are going to get bombed to smithereens!


FFS!  All he should be thinking about is who would win in a battle, T-Rex or Godzilla, and how many sweets he can buy for a fiver.


It’s only recently that I’ve let him listen to the news. It’s not something he asks to watch/listen to but I just don’t turn it off anymore like I used to. But perhaps I should? Maybe I should be protecting him from his vile world as he’s only 11?


I don’t know. I just feel a bit shit now because I persuaded him to go and didn’t even give ISIS (or whatever you want to call them) a second thought. But he’s been thinking about it a great deal I think. What do you say to your kids?


Any advice gratefully received.


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