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This will be our first Christmas in our new home. I know I’ve said before that it’s a little old-fashioned but I have to say, we feel more at home here then we ever did in our previous rented house.


As I’ve said previously, I don’t know whether we will be having Christmas dinner at home or at my brothers (or on Bondi Beach if anyone wants to take me), but one thing I do know is that I ruddy love Christmas. OK, I might have the occasional moan about it being sacrilege to start celebrating before December but now we’ve gone past November 25, I think it’s alright to get your Christmas on. And with that in mind, I have teamed up with Homebase to find some Christmassy finishing touches for the home that a) won’t break the bank and b) will hopefully make our new house a (festive) home.


I’m really pleased with the selection of Christmas goodies I chose. I already have a Christmas tree so didn’t bother getting a new one, and I just wanted bits and pieces that would jazz up the house. (Jazz lol.)


I’ve put the Christmas planter on the kitchen window sill and because my kitchen is so small and … beige, the colours really stand out. I’m hoping I’ll be able to look after it and it will last well into January.


I think the stag tealight holder (above) is so adorable and something I will definitely continue to use after Christmas. It looks great on my sideboard, nestled amongst my family photos.


homebase christmas


I can’t say I would normally buy a glitter stag as an ornament (a sentence I never thought I’d say), but when I saw it I just had to have it! I don’t know why I feel it’s Christmassy (I just do) but it’s quite big so I think it will probably go in the loft once Christmas is over. I am really over-using the word Christmas aren’t I?! (Sorry.)


homebase christmas


Next is this set of white and red metal star lights that I will probably put on the mantelpiece above the fire. I mean the fire doesn’t actually work, but it will still look good! Or maybe placed around the painting above the fire?


homebase christmas


This cake tin is for the Christmas cake I always intend to make myself, but never do, and just go out and buy. But either way, it should keep the cake fresh. I love the fact that neither of my boys like sultanas/currants so any fruit cake is ALL MINE!


homebase christmas


I love this mistletoe wreath for the front door. I think it’s pretty and understated, as far as wreaths go that is! I’ve bought a plastic suction cup to hook onto it because I have a UPVC front door (which only cost £3 I think,) and so come 1st December, this bad boy is going up!


homebase christmas


I think the technical term for this is a garland … I have no idea, I’ve never had one before! But I’m going to wrap it round my banister nonetheless!


homebase christmas


I love this travel cup! It’s ceramic, not plastic, so it should keep me warm when I’m cheering Dexter on tomorrow from the touchline.


homebase christmas


OK, there’s a story about these mugs. Not particularly Christmassy, right? But there was one left on its own on a shelf in the Christmas section and when I looked inside I realised that it had already been used! Turns out it was the Manager’s cup and he’d left it there by mistake! I went on a hunt for some clean mugs and bought two. Not sure owls are in any way Christmas related but I love them.


homebase christmas


Hear me out on this one. It’s not exactly a Christmas lamp … BUT, part of preparing your home for Christmas is about making it cosy and warm and making sure the lighting is just right. The table this new lamp sits on is to the left of my sofa in a corner and it can get a little dark and so I thought it would be the perfect place for a new lamp. It’s dark grey to match the sofa and colour of the lamp on the right side of the sofa and I like the quirky curve of the leading from the base to the lampshade. I would show you what it looks like turned on … but completely forgot to buy any lightbulbs!


homebase christmas


And finally, this pretty flower arrangement in a red, metal jug because … why not? I’ve put it on my kitchen window sill and it brightens the place up a little – cute no?


The total cost of everything was £104 which I thought was pretty good and don’t forget, you can use nearly everything again next year. Why not take a look for yourself and see if Homebase tickle your fancy!


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** This post is in collaboration with Homebase.

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  1. What a great selection! I’m very upset I can’t purchase anything for the new house this year as we won’t actually be living there until the New Year! Will definitely make up for it next year! Xx

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