Bathing suit shopping is something that most women, especially plus-size women, don’t enjoy. You go to the department store and see trendy colours and patterns. Perhaps one catches your eye. Then you realise it was made for a girl that’s a size two — and your heart sinks to your toes. So you move to the plus-size section and everything you see is something your mother would wear. Even if you do find something that you think might fit, you have to contend with fitting room dread and the stuffy, cramped, overheated space and the interrogation-style lighting that comes with it. Where do you find swimwear designed for your curves that’s also sexy, trendy, and makes you feel good? The answer is more obvious than you might think, as online shopping is now dominating the market. If you’re tired of dressing room meltdowns, online shopping may be for you.


Are you wondering what swimwear type is best for you? If you have a fuller upper body and a smaller bottom, you are an Apple body type. Look for swimwear with bust support like a built-in bra and comfortable straps. If you’re looking for something sexy, ruching is in and sexy and will accentuate your bust and draw attention away from other areas. If you’re more conservative, try a tankini with a boy short bottom. If you have a fuller waist, try a swimsuit with tummy control. One-pieces with bold patterns or prints and flowing fabric will work well for you as well, and if you want to cover up more than you show, you can always trust the swim-dress to make you look chic at the beach. The bloggers and style gurus over at Glamour have all the information you could ever want about the best summer swimwear for your body type (with pictures of models with your exact body type!).




There’s more good news if you’re a plus-size vixen: there are lots of new swimwear trends this year. The midkini is a cross between a bikini and a tankini. It’s great if you would like to wear a bikini but need more bust support. Cut outs are also popular, as they help define the show-off areas of your body while subtly concealing certain problem areas. They are usually one-pieces with areas cut out. These range from conservative to very revealing, but if you need the support of a one-piece, it’s a great way to add more sex appeal to your swimsuit. Bold prints are also in, and can have a slimming effect — especially when you incorporate colour blocking into the mix. Another edgy style favored by online trendsetters is the one shoulder, which can make a conservative one-piece risqué and exciting.


Another problem with buying swimwear from a department store is that if it’s it off season, you’re typically out of luck. What happens if you meet your Prince Charming and want a destination wedding in Hawaii or if you simply want to take a last-minute holiday with some friends in the Caribbean? What if you want to go on a quick jaunt somewhere nice and warm to relax and rejuvenate yourself? Maybe you want to get some winter exercise at the local indoor pool? Where do you find summer swimwear when it’s not summer? A major advantage of online shopping is that their stock is constantly rolling over and there are always new trends available — which means that last season’s models will be on sale. Right now at swimsuitsforall, there is a 30% off sale on all stock, which means that you have the selection and the price both working in your favour. When you shop online, you have a great selection year round and you aren’t limited by what a short-sighted store manager decides to order for the season.


Hopefully finding the perfect swimwear won’t be as difficult for you as it has been in the past. Find the right online retailer to help you find something great that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. If you want the latest trend-setting tankini, skirtini, midkini, swimdress or racy one-piece, remember that there is a large selection of plus sized swimsuits from swimsuitsforall just waiting for you. All you have to do is hop online and start your search and you’ll have something you love in no time.


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