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What a week right? Such devastating news from around the world has made my little blog seem just so … frivolous. Every time I go to write something funny about dating or moan about how the washing is never ending, my fingers just can’t quite summon up the energy. I didn’t feel it appropriate to take to social media to air how I felt, and then felt I was ‘wrong’ for not saying anything. And then I realised that not doing the things I love (like moaning about the washing) doesn’t solve anything and I just want to feel normal right now. I have always tried to look for moments of light and beauty in life and so, for my own sanity at least, I need to try and carry on as best as I can.


So with that in mind, here is the latest instalment of ‘5 Things I Learnt Last Week.’ You can read the previous two HERE and HERE.


  1. The hair removal cream incident

I say ‘incident’, it could have proved phenomenally catastrophic. Let me set the scene. As you may remember, I was due to have a date on Friday and as much as I never feel like I have to ahem … de-fuzz (sorry), let’s just say it’s been a while. So out came the hair removal cream. Except, I managed to get it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. All over the bedsheets and especially all over my fingers. And then I had an itch on my right eyebrow. Of course, the hair removal cream then got smeared across half my face as I scratched my eyebrow. I could see a roll of tissue across the bedroom. Mocking me. Taunting me. But of course, I couldn’t move to get it because I was smeared with hair removal cream from head to toe. What an absolutely ridiculous situation for a 45 year-old woman to find herself in. However, I’m glad to report that the eyebrow was saved in the nick of time as I managed to wipe it all off on a pillow case. What did I learn? Perhaps get waxed next time.


  1. Breaking the dating dry spell

So, onto the date in question. He drove 5 hours to meet me and I’m glad he did. He’s a really nice guy but … oh you knew there would be a but, there always seems to be with me. But, he’s just not for me. I won’t go into why, and I won’t write about him again, but I know I’ve made the right decision. I do feel like such a shit though. What did I learn? That I know my own mind better than I maybe thought and it’s always better to be honest about how you feel, no matter how hard it is.


  1. Dad update

A quick Dad update for those who were kind enough to send him good wishes. We took him to hospital to have his hands and wrists X-rayed last week, as per the doctor’s instructions. It took three hours but you can’t grumble can you? We won’t know the results for another ten days and even then we have to wait six weeks until we are able to see a specialist. It’s just so bloody hard seeing him in constant pain. His appetite is rapidly decreasing and he’s losing weight and muscle mass. I’m checking in with him every day and took round some frozen peas as a little treat (kidding, it’s to keep the swelling down), and he seems to perk up when he’s had some company. What did I learn? I don’t want to get old.


  1. I’m mean

Point 2 aside, if you listened to Dexter, I’m really mean. I mean really mean. Forget the fact he’s loved and looked after, I’m mean because I won’t give him any pocket money because he won’t bring down the 73 plates he seems to have accumulated in his room. Or make his bed. Or put his clothes away. I’m bang out of order. I’m also mean because I won’t let him come and chill with me at bedtime, BECAUSE IT’S BEDTIME and he’s spent the previous two hours on his Xbox and it’s only now he wants my company. The list is endless. Except when he does get his own way and then I’m pretty awesome. What did I learn? Tweenagers can be twats.


  1. It’s not Christmas, it’s November

At the risk of sounding like a miserable sod, I just can’t get excited about Christmas yet. What with it only being the middle of November. All these Christmas ads that brands have spent millions on … nope. No thanks. I don’t even know who Mog is. Christmas starts in December and even then, I’m SO laid back about it. Granted, my brother and sister-in-law will be doing the cooking this year (again) so I’m not really under any pressure and if I’m totally honest, I would much rather be abroad or anywhere but home for Christmas. If I think about it, I think it all stems from the fact that Christmas will never be the same without Mum. What did I learn? To perhaps cheer the feck up.


So that’s it. Until next week. And if any of you think that you might like to start a ‘5 Things’, let me know and I’ll linky the shit out of it.


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  1. I know what you mean about blogging after what has happened, it does seem kind of pointless. I have 90% of a post done, meant for Monday touching on the subject but yeah….

    So I saw this and even though I have my dashboard open ready to finish said post, I thought Kate will cheer me up!

    Funny what you can learn in a week isn’t, glad you saved your eyebrow. I do hope you Dad gets sorted soon. Horrible being in pain x but do get old..dying young is not top on my list for sure and Christmas, I feel like I only just put the decorations from last year down. Though want to get my ass organised so I can enjoy December…this won’t happen and actually what have I got planned….yep wrapping on Christmas eve again then xxx

  2. 1. You have too many plates
    2. Was it worth the hair removal process if not the continued relationship?
    3. Sorry I didn’t know about your dad – hope he’s ok.
    4. I started a “What I Learnt In…” a few months ago. Great minds, huh?

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