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I saw my brother and sister in law yesterday as we all took Dad to the hospital for an x-ray. A nice little family outing if you will. I haven’t seen them for ages and it was good to have a catch up. My sister-in-law is lovely. Irish and mad as a box of frogs, but I wouldn’t swap her for the world and she was kind enough to invite me and the boys to theirs for Christmas dinner this year.


I’m undecided, partly because it means driving to theirs and not being able to have a drink (#notanalcoholic), but also because they host Christmas most years and I still haven’t cooked a Christmas dinner for my family. My main reason, now hear me out … it’s a good one, is that I don’t have a dining room table big enough. My current table was bought from Furniture Village a couple of years ago as a second for £50, and as much as I still love it, it only seats four people.


Anyway, I’ll speak to my eldest, as he is meant to be working on Christmas Day, and I will then decide what to do. I just feel guilty that I seem to have got out of cooking again! I need a bigger table and more chairs because it’s about time I cooked a turkey and stop sponging off everyone else!


So the timing of Furniture Village’s new competition couldn’t be any more perfect. They are currently running a Come Dine style competition over on Pinterest, with the prize being the Emily Dining Set with four cross back chairs (below).


Furniture village dining table


Isn’t it lovely?


All you have to do is follow Furniture Village on Pinterest and create a Pinterest Board that is all about your dream dinner party. Include some famous guests (maximum of 3), pin the Furniture Village dining table of your dreams, plus a minimum of 5 other products from the Furniture Village website to complete your dinner party decor. I’ve also added food, cutlery and other bits and bobs … I got a bit carried away if I’m honest! You can read the full competition details HERE.


I’ll give you a clue … this man ‘may’ be one of my dream dinner guests!


idris elba


If you’d like to see my Board, you can see it HERE … and feel free to follow me too. On Pinterest, not in real life. Unless you are one of my dream dinner party guests then I probably wouldn’t mind.


Anyway, it’s a fab prize and I love creative competitions like this, so give it a whirl and good luck!


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