5 things I learnt last week


I’ve had my fair share of tough weeks in my life, but last week was pretty hard going. I mean don’t get me wrong, my little family and I thankfully have our health and a roof over our heads, but some weeks are just sent to try us aren’t they?


Here are 5 things I learnt last week.


  1. If you lean over a candle your hair will set on fire

And the reason I know this? Yup. Just to set the scene though, in my defence. I was still suffering from the flu quite badly last week and so my bed became Mum HQ. I was working from there (no, not that type of job), giving instructions out to the kids and coughing A LOT. I had my laptop with me but the Night Nurse had begun to kick in about 10pm and so I leant over the side of the bed to put the laptop down on the floor and was so spaced out that I forgot I had a lit candle on my bedside table. I suddenly thought, “Ooh, my head is getting a bit warm,” and then the smell hit me. I’ve never smelt burnt hair before but I kid you not, it is the rankest thing I think I’ve ever smelt. Like a small rodent had crawled under my bed, died, and begun to gently rot. And I’ll leave you with that image. Suffice to say, it could have been a whole lot worse and my slightly singed hair and I were very lucky.


  1. Your exhaust will fall off when you least expect it

This isn’t a euphemism and my ‘exhaust’ is fine thank you very much. But I’m talking about my actual exhaust. I was taking Dad to the Dr (see no.3) when I heard a sudden clunk and then a scraping of metal against concrete and I immediately knew what had happened. I am so, so lucky that I was only in second gear in my local town, as opposed to going 70mph on the motorway in the middle of Cornwall. My local garage is literally round the corner, so a quick pleading phone call later and they fixed it for me. Superstars.


  1. Parents aren’t immortal (part 2)

I touched on this subject last week. Dad is still not well. I took him to the Dr again to get the results of his blood tests to see what’s wrong with him and the receptionist said there was a note on his file to make another appointment to discuss the results with the Dr. Of course, this made us both panic but she reassured us that it was ‘just’ routine, but still, the whole thing has just worried me immensely. And THEN … he started talking about his will. He’s worried and panicking but I think if we can get his pain under control, he’ll start to feel so much better about everything.


The thing is, when we lost Mum, it was really sudden. I mean really sudden. We knew she was poorly but that the procedure she was going into hospital for would make everything better. But it didn’t turn out like that and she died on the operating table. My point is, we didn’t have to nurse her, to look after her while she was sick. One day she was there, the next day she was gone. And in some ways, I’m glad it happened like that. I mean, I’m not ‘glad’ … but I don’t think I could have coped seeing her deteriorate and I take some comfort from knowing that the end was quick for her and that she wouldn’t have been in a lot of pain. Seeing Dad suffer, seeing him in pain is just awful and I seem to have gone into practical mode, just like I did after Mum died. I’m a born organiser, very good at knowing what needs to be done and just getting on with it, but it’s a coping mechanism – it just means that I don’t have to deal with the emotional side of things. Except when you go to collect your car from the garage and then break down and cry AT the mechanic. Because feelings sometimes don’t have a filter and leak out at the most inopportune moments.


  1. Ann Summers nightmare

I’m not a frequent visitor of this shop … what?? I’m not! However, I just happened to be passing last week and thought I’d pop in. As you do. Anyway, as I was (ahem) browsing, I saw something that caught my eye and thought I’d buy it. No, I’m not telling you what it was. So as I was handing said item over at the till, I was trying my hardest not to get embarrassed. After all, I’m a 45 year old single woman and it’s OK to shop in Ann Summers Goddamit! The staff are always lovely and do their best not to make you feel awkward, but you know, I’m not buying a box of Persil and a bag of tangerines … it is what it is, so there IS some embarrassment. Made worse by the fact that as you’re paying for ‘your item’ an ex lover walks in with his new girlfriend. An ex that you’re not actually talking to anymore because he’s a twat and so there is that excruciating moment when your eyes lock with his and … you both pretend you haven’t seen each other. He swerved his new girlfriend one way whilst I turned my back to him, literally threw my money at the cashier and moonwalked out of the shop. MORTIFIED.


  1. Devon man update

I also mentioned last week about this guy from Devon I was talking to. Well, we have carried on talking and unfortunately, he has also found this blog. A blog he’s promised not to read anymore but I can’t police his internet use, so I’ll just have to be mindful about what I say. And all I’ll say (at least for now) is this. We are meant to be meeting on Friday. As in an actual date. My first date in a year. So a) I really hope he turns up and b) I hope we get on as well in person as we do over the phone. Watch this space. If it goes tits up, expect a full review next week. If it goes well, I’m afraid I’ll have to keep all the sordid details to myself.


So that’s 5 things I learnt last week. And here’s to a better week. Or, at the very least, not a worse one.

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  1. Sounds like what we would call A WEEK. Life is full of this crap but honestly, having the sense of humor you have goes a long way. The most important thing is your Dad. Sending prayers your/his way. x

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