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When you work at home like I do, it’s quite difficult sometimes to remain focused. Not only do I have the temptation of Homes Under the Hammer every day (at 10am if you’re interested), but sometimes I just stop work, look around me and plan what I would do to my new house were I to win the lottery.


Now bearing in mind I don’t actually do the lottery, my vision then tends to become a little less frivolous and more practical and I begin to think how I can change how this house currently works for us.


I know I should sit and do my work at the formal dining table but invariably I end up on the sofa in front of the television with the laptop in front of me. It’s terrible for my back, awful for my concentration and yet if I were to move to the other end of the room, I’d miss Frasier at 9am and Tipping Point at 4pm.


Not that my life revolves around TV.


But what I would really like to add to this house is a conservatory. Dad has one and it’s great for him to have an extension of the lounge. It’s where he plays darts, goes on his computer and smokes when I come to visit, but the main selling point is that it overlooks his much beloved garden and has two main doors that open out onto the patio. I’d love to be able to do that here.


A company called Four Seasons recently got in touch with me to share with me their vision for conservatories and orangeries. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what the difference between an orangery and conservatory was (other than an orangery sounds terribly romantic!), but I think fundamentally it boils down to an orangery being more of an extension of your home, and a conservatory is like an added-on extra space.


4 seasons conservatory


Some of the examples on their website have left me pining for what could possibly be. I don’t have a very big garden, but it’s very pretty and wraps around to the side of my kitchen and so I could afford to extend the house out that way.


4 seasons conservatories


Of course, like with most things, if I found the money I would have to persuade the landlady first and maybe a conservatory is better saved for when I finally buy my own house, but it’s good to dream isn’t it? Apart from when I should be working!


PS. Extra points if you can guess what I’m watching in the photo above!


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