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I know you’ve all been waiting for it, so it’s time for a three month house update! (Yes, I know you haven’t, but I like talking about my new house so there.)


I can’t believe we’ve been here for that long … and it feels more and more like home every day. Do you remember I had an issue with the somewhat flowery curtains, well my landlady has kindly agreed that we can start replacing them. Huzzah! Well, I say ‘them’, she said that we could replace the ones in our bedrooms. But it’s a start. This does mean taking down the pelmets, filling in any holes and putting a new pole up, but it will be worth it. Trouble is, I think it’s going to be quite expensive so perhaps I’ll start with Ben’s smaller room.


(And if you have any top tips for where to get curtains and poles at a reasonable price, I’m all ears.)


The pink carpet is still there and staring at me every day. Taunting me. I’ve managed to cover about two thirds of it with as many rugs as I can find but it’s a massive job to re-carpet the whole downstairs and it’s not something I’d expect my landlady to do. But for the love of God, I’ve never seen anything so pink in all my life.


The sofa is beginning to bug me too. I work in my lounge, sat at the sofa every day and it’s quite low to the ground because I never got round to putting the legs on it. So it just feels like I’m basically squatting on the floor with a laptop on my lap … most uncomfortable. It’s giving me backache and I know I should just go and sit and the dining room like a proper grown up, but you can’t see the TV from there! Alternatively, I could just invest in a decent, hard-wearing leather sofa from Multiyork that’s going to last longer than the one I bought from Gumtree! The last leather sofa I had was back in the 80’s and it was black, to match all the black ash furniture I had – so I’m glad to see that sofa fashion has progressed somewhat.


I still can’t quite believe how quiet it is here. I rarely hear my neighbours, I can’t hear the traffic on the main road nearby and everyone keeps themselves to themselves. The only time I get mildly irritated is when the man opposite parks his sports car outside my house – he’s got 4 cars (FOUR!) AND a driveway, so you can see why it’s annoying, but to be fair, I have enough room to park six cars outside my house so I’ll let that one go.


Even though I recently gave Dexter’s room a makeover, I can’t believe how it always smells so much of … boy. Fellow parents of boy teens/tweens, please tell me I’m not alone! Granted, he should wash more (he is 11 after all), but still, it smells like something has crawled into a corner and died. I think it’s time to dig out a Glade plug-in (or five.)


It’s lovely having Ben home and we’ve all settled into our new routines. We all went to the cinema together today, the first time in probably over five years, and I can’t begin to think about when he goes back to uni next year, especially because he doesn’t intend on living at home afterwards. *sniff*


My bedroom is my sanctuary (I could quite happily spend days on end in my bed!) and I think I’ll give it a paint once I’ve dealt with the whole curtains issue but if I’m honest, the thought of doing it all on my own, on top of everything else, is pretty exhausting. I wish I could afford to pay someone to do it, but it should be straightforward enough to do, I’ll just muster up some energy at some point (hopefully.)


So that’s it really, everything is ticking along nicely at home and I’m prepared to bed down for the winter! I’ve got my throws for the sofa, the onesie is in the wash and I may even put the heating on this month. I’ve resisted so far, but that’s only because I have a fire in the lounge that I put on when I’m cold (and sod everyone else lol.)


I’m happy and relaxed here. I feel secure and safe. Things I will never take for granted again.

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