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We each lead such different lives, the three of us. Dexter is at school every day, I work from home (whilst also doing the housework, shopping, cleaning and everything else of course), and Ben does different shifts at different times of the day whilst he’s on his gap year.


The three of us only manage to eat together perhaps once a week if we are all around, and I like to make the effort on a Sunday just so it can bring all of us together. But that’s a bit sad isn’t it? Only being able to eat together as a family once a week. But because our routines are so different, mealtimes are too. It’s just how it is.


Take breakfast for example.


I would say I am probably not a morning person, and I’m sure my kids would agree. It’s not that I wake up in a bad mood, but let’s just say I would rather wake up gently over a period of an hour or so, and then come downstairs to breakfast waiting for me. Of course, fellow single parents will know that this never ever happens (it’s why I like going on holiday so much, I finally get a meal cooked for me!) but I’d love to be that mum that cooks bacon and pancakes and pours freshly squeezed orange juice for her children every morning … but I’m not. I like to think that the fact I make Dexter make his own breakfast is character building, as opposed to it having anything to do with me getting an extra ten minutes in bed!


I may remember to have a slice of toast about 11am, but invariably I don’t, and just skip straight to lunch. Ben eats a bowl of Coco Pops if he’s not rushing out for an early shift at work and Dexter has a slice of toast if he can be bothered.


So you can see that in our house, breakfast is a bit of an issue. To say the least.


Recently Up & Go got in touch with me and I thought this could be the solution to all of our breakfast problems. Up & Go have just landed in the UK from Australia where they currently hold the no.1 spot for Australia’s most popular breakfast.


What is it? It’s a flavoured drink specifically created to provide a nutritious breakfast for people on the move, as it delivers all the protein, calcium and fibre of a bowl of cereal and milk but in a deliciously smooth drink. And here’s Dexter modelling his favourite flavour!


up & go


It comes in the following flavours:


  • Mixed Berries
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Iced Coffee
  • Banana & Honey


To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether the boys would take to it or not but when the small box of different flavoured drinks arrived, they were both arguing over who got what, so I took that as a good sign.


Anyway, over a period of a few days, we’ve had a chance to sample the different flavours, and it seems to be working well with each of our lifestyles. I’ve kept them in the fridge, although you don’t have to, and we each seem to have gravitated towards our preferred flavours. I’ve gone for Iced Coffee and Vanilla, and the boys have shared the others. I keep a carton next to my laptop so it prompts me to drink one in the morning so I don’t have to go ALL the way into the kitchen to get anything. As for the boys? They literally just grab one when they’re on their way out each morning.


up & go


I mentioned before that now Dexter is at senior school it’s harder to keep track of what he’s eating for lunch but at least now I know he’s getting a nutritious breakfast and it doesn’t involve me slaving over a hot greasy frying pan!


I’m not completely made of stone (honest!) and so when the weekend comes round I’m all about the bacon and pancakes, but during the week my life is just too busy to bother. Up & Go is a great on-the-go alternative that seems to be working well for my little family.

kate sutton


Up & Go can be found at the following shops:  http://upandgo.co.uk/wheretobuy/

* This is a collaborative post with Up & Go.

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