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I’ve been thinking about getting back in the saddle (no, I don’t mean the dating saddle, although I do have another story to tell you about later this week), but I mean the actual saddle … as in getting out on my bike again. I seem to have got into a routine of working at my desk in front of the television, every day, until Dexter gets home. Or, If I’m feeling particularly energetic, walking to Tesco’s that is literally a three-minute walk away.


I probably burn about 45 calories a day. Not good.


Anyway, I don’t know what made me decide to finally do it but I got the bike out the shed and cycled into the next town today. I went to two banks and didn’t even stop for a Costa. I know right?


But until my muscle memory kicks in, blimey I am really aching tonight. Bearing in mind a year ago I was cycling 11 miles a day, it’s amazing how quickly you can get out of shape.


Dexter got home from school and, as is the norm, asked what was for dinner. I don’t know about you, but even when I’m not aching like I’ve just run a double marathon (maybe a slight exaggeration), it’s hard to summon much enthusiasm for mid-week meals. I don’t know whether that’s just because it’s generally just the two of us here and somehow it doesn’t feel ‘worth it’ to cook a big meal, or whether, after 20 years’ of parenting, I have finally run out of dinners ideas and have zero imagination left. Or, as a single parent, I’m just bored of always doing the cooking.


But praise the Lord for Old El Paso coming to the rescue tonight, that’s all I can say! They sent me some ‘Stand ‘n Stuff’ Soft Taco shells and seasoning kits to try out and so I didn’t really have to think much about what to do tonight, the idea was literally handed to me on a plate.


Of course, I was so tired, I hadn’t actually noticed the seasoning for the mince in the box and just went ahead and made my usual Bolognese. But thankfully, I think it worked just as well and I’ll save the BBQ mix for another dinner.


old el paso


The soft shells are just like a slightly thicker tortilla wrap but shaped into a nest shape so that you can fill it with a layer of meat and salads, with lovely toppings on top, which I think children in particular would really love experimenting with.


So I wrapped the eight shells in a piece of tinfoil, warmed them in the oven for eight minutes, meanwhile I brought together the Bolognese I had (mistakenly) made et voila … finally, an interesting dinner for us to eat!


What was nice was that because it was the type of dinner where you have to help yourself and fill your little shell with all the bits and bobs, we sat at the table for a change and caught up on each other’s days. We rarely do that if I’m honest, which I know is terrible, but I have to say that Old El Paso brought us together!


old el paso


I managed three shells and Dexter polished off five! FIVE! And the good thing is that a) he didn’t notice all the secret vegetables I’d hidden in the Bolognese in the first place and b) he put extra veg on top, so it was a win/win.


He even tidied everything away for me so I’m not quite sure what they’ve put in those shells but it’s worked wonders on my son! At least for tonight.


As for me, I’m off for a hot bath and a rub down with a damp flannel. Mondays don’t get better than this.


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