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As I gaze outside of my lounge window at the drizzle trickling down the window pane, I think I can officially hereby declare it pie season! You know that time of the year when we turn to casseroles, crumbles, pies and custard … aka my favourite time of the year.


I mean summer is lovely but there’s just something so wonderfully comforting about autumn that it still remains my favourite season. It’s also my birthday in September, which is obviously another reason to celebrate. No longer do I bother celebrating for one measly day, oh no … I now have birthday WEEKS!


Of an evening, as I don’t have anyone to Netflix and chill with (#spinster), my evenings are spent watching GBBO and Dr Foster, whilst painting my nails and scrolling through Twitter. I sure know how to live.


And now it’s time for a PIE CLOSE UP …


higgidy pies


But you know what? As much as I would never say no if someone invited me out for cocktails (so take note you lot), I just happen to love being at home at this time of year. I love putting clean PJs and fluffy socks on, cuddling up (admittedly by myself) under the copious amounts of throws I seem to have accumulated on the sofa and, if I really want to push the boat out, turning the fire on. Although, as someone that has always had to watch the pennies, I still have that mindset of just putting another jumper on instead … putting the fire on is a rare treat!


When it comes to food, as I said above, crumbles, pies and casseroles are the order of the day and so when Higgidy Pies asked if I’d like to try out their new steak Ragu Potato Topped pie I was like, you’ve obviously heard of my Autumn fetish. (What I actually said was, ‘Yes please.’)


And it’s a beauty! As far as pies go that is. Steak and smoked bacon, simmered slowly with red wine, chopped tomatoes & carrots, topped with crispy potatoes. Sounds delicious right? But the proof of the pudding/pie is in the eating so we all settled down on the sofa to watch GBBO last week and eat them.


higgidy pies



As you can see, I am in full Autumn mode. No make-up, PJs, hoodie, ALL the cushions and throws, candles and PIE.


Pretty much winning at life in that photo.


If this appeals … pie on a sofa, not me in my pyjamas, then Higgidy are launching the UK’s first Sofa Supper Clubs – a unique dining experience that celebrates the season of warm fires, cosy suppers and soft sofas – when the nation opts for a comfy Friday night in on the sofa over a night out.


  • The Sofa Supper clubs launch in London on 30th October, after the clocks go back, and will also be hosted in Brighton on Nov 3rd.  The Sofa Supper Club will invite consumers into a homely, comfortable space, giving them the chance to enjoy one of Higgidy’s delicious pies hot from the oven and served up to enjoy while relaxing on a comfy sofa – just like you would at home.
  • The unique series of  ‘Sofa Supper Clubs’ in Autumn will be launched by Gogglebox stars Chris & Stephen from Brighton.


So if that’s your thing, why not pop along? The Higgidy Sofa Supper Clubs will be taking place in London on 30th October at Ice Tank, 5-7 Grape St, and in Brighton on 5th November at Caribou Rooms, 51 Brunswick Street East, Hove. To book a sofa, go to www.higgidy.co.uk/sofasuppers


Meanwhile, I reckon it’s time for apple crumble and Tipping Point!


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