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What a week. I’ve been laid up in bed for most of it with a virus/food poisoning thing, I’m not quite sure what, but thankfully I’m finally on the mend … half a stone lighter too! Every cloud.


Life goes on though and the boys still have to go to work and school so I’ve just been directing them from a horizontal position instead! They’re not used to me being ill. Dexter in fact commented, “You can’t be ill, you’re the strong one,” but when you’re a single parent, whatchagonnado?


I did manage to get off my sickbed long enough to pick these beautiful roses from my garden (above), but to be honest it was only because they’re planted outside my patio doors and kept knocking and knocking against them in the wind and I got so fed up that I couldn’t hear Homes Under The Hammer properly, I went out with a pair of scissors and cut their noisy heads off!


And breathe …


Work is, unfortunately, up in the air at the moment, which is something I could really do without, but such is the life of a freelancer eh? Oh, and did I mention IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK? Let’s not discuss how old I’ll be eh? I mean after all, they say you’re only as old as the man you feel which, in my case, means nothing because I’m still single!


Moving on  … Dexter is still enjoying school! He’s even got into a routine of using his Brita Water ‘Fill and Go’ bottle that I talked about here, which is a weight off my mind because, as fellow parents will appreciate, sometimes it’s hard to get kids to drink water when they’re at school. Amiright?? Interesting fact – 73% of us parents don’t know how much water our children drink whilst they’re at school and so Brita are trying to make things easier for us parents with their #BetterWithBRITA campaign.




The fact that the ‘Fill & Go’ bottle is quite innovative, oh and it’s got stickers on it, well it just makes the whole process a little bit more interesting for them doesn’t it? Dexter went on his first school trip yesterday, albeit only to Hastings … (he was fuming because his friends from another school went to Thorpe Park lol), but he took the bottle with him AND even managed to bring it back without losing it! I was pretty surprised, but it goes to show I think he actually likes it.


In fact, we love the bottle so much that not only have I gone out and bought one for myself (there is a special offer on at Boots at the moment,) but I have persuaded the lovely people at Brita to allow me to give one away on the blog. So just fill in the Rafflecopter details and Bob’s your uncle etc. (But if you’re not the lucky winner, head on over to the Brita ‘Fill & Go’ page to see how to buy your own – you won’t regret it!)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meanwhile, I’ve had a note through the door from ‘Nan & friends’ (awwwwwww!) to join in with the MacMillan coffee morning today so I’m off to Tesco to buy their Finest lemon drizzle cake!


Happy Friday!

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  1. Ooh that would have to be apple high juice it’s one of the best ways for me to get vitamins in me as I have crohn’s disease

  2. Does wine count?!? If not then Beena (Ribena for normal people) I love the stuff but have started to wean myself off by having it weaker and weaker! Xx
    Hope you are feeling better xx

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