Dexter has really settled into big school now (#praisetheLord), and not only is he able to get home a lot earlier, but he’s coming home happy. I know it’s early days, but all the signs are positive.


I think I may have mentioned before in another post that I didn’t have to make packed lunch for him any more because we both decided that as soon as he went to senior school he could decide what to eat himself. OK, OK, the main reason was because I’ve had 20 years of making packed lunchss for my kids so I think I deserve the break, but it was also so that he could be more responsible with MY money and HIS diet.


It’s going exactly as I thought it would be going. From what I can glean, he’s not eating any fruit or vegetables and has the same ‘chicken hero’ sandwich every day, whatever that is. He’s not even eating in the canteen, but eating from a snack bar by the tennis court. This is something that he and I are going to have to work out together but one thing that I really need to sort out ASAP, is what he drinks. Or rather what he doesn’t drink.


In junior school, all children are given a plastic bottle to drink their water from and it just becomes a routine for them, but now he seems to have forgotten lots of things he used to do and so I felt he just needed one of my ‘gentle’ reminders. He loves drinking water, as you’ll see from the photo above taken from our most recent trip to London, but it’s just about getting him into some good habits.




Cue Brita Water. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because they got in touch this week to see if I would like a ‘Fill and Go’ bottle for Dexter as part of their #BetterWithBrita campaign. It works on the premise that you place a sticker down the side of the bottle which shows the children how much they need to drink … and by when. So it has a line for morning break, lunch, afternoon break and home time. And of course, not only that, but the bottle is a water filter in itself.




I won’t say one set of stickers is for girls or boys, it depends on what your kids are into, but the set above is more sporty and the other sticker is covered in butterflies and flowers. Each have the same markers on them to prompt your children into drinking the requisite amount of water.


I think it’s a genius idea and I’m really interested to see how it works for Dexter. So watch this space as I’m going to report back on how it went. Or didn’t. You never know with kids right?


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