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For those of you that follow my other blog, We Blog Travel, you may remember we ran a competition in conjunction with a company called Zazzle. They make bespoke gifts and very kindly asked me if I would like to choose some products for WitWitWoo to feature.


My first selection of products are back to school related … products with Dexter in mind. (A post with some fab new home products is to come.) Now as you know, he has just started senior school and boy, what a tumultuous time that has been. In fact, we are still very much going through the transition period of junior to senior school and one of the things I have quickly realised is that in order for him to cope with this new way of working, he needs to be more organised. MUCH more organised. But when you’re dealing with an 11-year-old boy, that’s easier said than done.


back to school


So the first thing I ordered was a bespoke leather-look wallet. I wanted to test out how you can personalise the wallets (they also sell real leather wallets,) so I went for a football themed wallet with his name on it. At least if he loses it, it makes it a nigh on impossible for anyone else to use it! The wallet itself is of a high quality – the stitching is straight and very sturdy, and it has lots of storage inside for his lunch money. As an aside, one of the most exciting things for me about him going to senior school is the fact that I don’t have to make packed lunch any more for him – so although it is costing me an arm and a leg, I get another 10 minutes in bed. Win/win! So he likes his new wallet and feels very grown up, and with that in mind, I’m thinking he’s going to look after it.


back to school


Next up, I chose a luggage tag, again with a football theme. I figured that he will be going on lots of school trips and was proved right when he brought home a letter yesterday for his first school trip. It’s to Hastings, not the Barcelona Nou Camp he was hoping for but still, with this luggage tag hopefully he won’t lose his bag whereever he goes. The photo of the tag is quite deceiving because the tag is actually really solid/hard plastic and the leather strap seems pretty robust. The instructions to personalise your products are easy enough to follow on the site – you just upload your image/text and crop the picture to fit. And of course, the higher quality the photo, the better.


back to school


You can also personalise notebooks, which I initially thought would be great for Dexter, but in fact, a) he’s already been given books by school and b) I found two I had bought last year (that he hadn’t used!) So I cunningly personalised two notebooks for me instead! I used the blog name but had I been feeling more creative I could have put a really inspiring quote on it. But I wasn’t.


I’m not great at working out how big different sizes are though so one of the books ended up a small diary size, when I had thought it would be bigger, but that’s my fault really, I should have checked. I would advise just getting the tape measure out if you’re unsure.


back to school


And finally, Dexter has now been given his own front door key … God help me. It is therefore really REALLY important that he doesn’t do lose it so I chose this key ring for him, which I think suits him perfectly, because that’s pretty much is life.


Eat. Sleep. Game.


Anyway, it’s quirky and a little different and hopefully it will make him look after his keys. I don’t hold out much hope.


One thing you have to factor in when ordering is that the products come from the States, and so delivery time is a little slower than you’ve probably come to expect and my goods came in separate deliveries – I got a little lost as to what I had ordered! But if you’re looking for something that’s a little different, something bespoke, it’s a great site to have a look around. Dexter is really pleased with what I chose for him and can’t wait to take his wallet to school.


Keep an eye out for another Zazzle post to come, which is all about goodies for my new home!


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